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Motors driver board,high current MOSFET driver PCB board design engineering services,low cost company China

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Design: Motors driver board // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Motors driver board electric circuit engineering
Motors driver PCB board design,prototyping
Design: Motors driver board // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Motors driver board electric circuit engineering
Motors driver PCB board design,prototyping
Design: Motors driver board // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Motors driver board electric circuit engineering
Motors driver PCB board design,prototyping
Design: Motors driver board // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Motors driver board electric circuit engineering
Motors driver PCB board design,prototyping
Design: Motors driver board // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Motors driver board electric circuit engineering
Motors driver PCB board design,prototyping
Design: Motors driver board // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Motors driver board electric circuit engineering
Motors driver PCB board design,prototyping
Design: Motors driver board // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Motors driver board electric circuit engineering
Motors driver PCB board design,prototyping
Design: PCB layout/ drafting // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Printed Circuit boards schematic diagram design
PCB board design engineering and PCB layout
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Motors driver board,high current MOSFET driver PCB board design engineering services,low cost company China
Mini line follower Robot
Construct it yourself at home!
By Ibrahim Kamal
Last update: 15/4/08 Table of content:

Overall design
The chassis
The wheels
Motors and power transmission
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the main board of the robot, where some supports for the wheels - also made of small parts of copper boards - are soldered to it. All the motors, and the skids are mounted on the main PCB. For an electronics hobbyist, PCB manufacturing is a skill that will

be learnt sooner or later, so this design lets you use your experience in PCB manufacturing to design a high precision chassis for your robot. Sensorless Stepper Motors Driver ICs - AMIS-30521 and AMIS-30522
Posted in Actuator, Motor & Motion Control
On Tuesday, June 19, 2007
AMI Semiconductor announced AMIS-30521 and AMIS-30522 stepper motor drivers ICs. The new motor drivers eliminate the need for switches, flyback diodes, Hall sensors, and many passive components, reducing component count and cost in dynamic motion applications. Application of this stepper motor drivers ranging from headlamp positioning systems and surveillance cameras to automated pick-and-place systems, textile machines, vending machines and stage lights.

Guido Remmerie, AMIS, stated: anyone do you have a schematic for tv signal amplifier that does not use bfr or bfw transisitors

JVL has developed the smallest step motor driver to date, SMD73. The Driver measures only 52.4 x 52.4 mm and can be directly mounted on the motor. It fits onto most types of high-torque motor, and can of course also be mounted on a surface.
The PCB is equipped with an 8-pin connector. 4 terminals are used for the motor connection, 2 for the external power supply, and 2 are used to control the motor via step-pulse and direction signals. The Driver supplies 2.6A RMS in each phase, and current is automatically regulated to 0.8A when the motor is not receiving step pulses. The Driver controls the motor in half-step mode, which results in 400 steps/rev. The Driver can handle up to 20 ksteps/sec and a "half-step" current regulation ensures that the current is increased by a factor of 1.4 every second step in order to yield maximum motor torque.
The Driver can be powered from 15-28VDC up to 5A. It is equipped with a green LED which indicates that power is on, and a red LED which indicates an error condi-tion.
For other applications, the Driver is available with step resolutions of 1/1, 1/4, 1/8 steps/rev., and with selectable motor current.

Stepper motor driver JVL

A wide range of step and ministep motor drivers for every application. JVL´s Step Motor Drivers are available as basic models controlled by external step-pulse and direction signals, and extended models with built-in step generator.
The range of drivers covers motor currents from 0 to 12A/phase and driver voltages from 15V to 160V.
All drivers can be directly connected to PLC´s equipped with step motor capabilities.

Clock source internal or external

Control inputs to inhibit internal clock, inhibit motor current, exchange direction

• Bipolar step motor driver
• Potentiometer set phase current from
0.25 to 1.4 Amp RMS (2.0 Amp peak)
• Selectable step resolution from full step
to 8X microsteps
• Optically isolated step direction,
and disable/enable inputs
• Automatic current reduction with disable switch
• Low power dissipation
• Efficient current control
• Quiet operation
• Thermal shutdown, under-volt protection
Step Resolutions from Full to 256 microstepping
Hold current reduction capability with adjustable current and timeout settings
Three optically isolated control inputs and one optically isolated control output
Pole Damping™ Technology

R325I & R325IE additional features
Configuration parameters stored in non-volatile memory
Multiple module control through software assigned single character addresses
Built-in control routines for trapezoidal position and velocity moves

What is Pole Damping™ Technology?

Pole Damping™ Technology (PDT) enhances step motor performance by dampening each full step in order to create a more accurate and smooth motion profile. Microstepping the step motor will optimize Pole Damping™ Technology. PDT outputs the correct amount of run and hold currents to the motor. Thus, it will overcome the step motor’s natural tendency to want to forcefully pull towards the full step ON position.

Currently, the Silverpak 23D integrated motor + drive and the R325 Microstepping Driver contain Pole Damping Technology.
· programmable mode with host
· manual mode with Joystick
· ASCII command interpreter
· On Board macro commands
· Closed Loop interface RS422 or 1Vpp
· Digital Input/Output
· Position synchronous output (PSO)
· event controlled point of interest memory
· Analog output
· RS-232 Interface
· Ethernet Interface 10/100
· IEEE 488 Interface
· Position display
· 19 inch cabinet available
· Windows User Interface (WinPos)

Stepper motor driver RTA

GMH is the name of a series of ministep bipolar chopper drives, suitable for driving two-phase stepping motors, with four, six or eight terminals.
GMH drives are realized in single EUROPA format cards (100 x 160 mm.) and are equipped with a 32 pole, DIN 41612 form D connector. They are therefore designed to be assembled inside a RACK, complete with motherboard, that could be supplied as an option by R.T.A.

Power stages are used in the driver unit to produce a current signal out of a directional signal and a clock signal. This sets the stepper motor in the desired rotation.

Linear Stepper Motor Power Stage with Variable Current Profile
SINCOS is a linear stepper motor power stage particularly developed for applications which require high step resolution, such as: measuring tables, machine tools, graphic instruments, etc.

Technical Details
* Linear power stage for two-phase stepper motors, with 4,6 or 8 leads
* Maximum phase current: 2.5A (with cooling), 1.5A (without cooling)
* Drive and stop current continuously adjustable from 0 to 100%
* Selectable phase current profiles: sine-shaped, triangular or trapezoidal
* Supply voltage +20VDC and -20VDC
* Step resolution selectable from full step to 1 / 20 step
* Inputs TTL: Control pulses, Motor direction, Motor stop, Motor current OFF, Select, Reset

The 160V driver, SMD42 is physically similar to the popular SMD41 mini-step driver, but is intended for high-velocity, high-torque applications. The SMD42 can be powered by a 160VDC supply (compared to 80VDC for the SMD41). This yields up to double the torque at velocities over 500RPM. Heat generation is kept to an absolute minimum through the use of the latest MOSFET technology.

Together with JVL step motor MST 340-342, the 160 V version, SMD42, achieves a remarkable torque of 7-8Nm even at high velocities.
am engineering student working on a single phase full bridge converter to operate in 4 modes namely: dc to dc, ac to ac, ac to dc and dc to ac using IGBTs. input voltage 230v ac and 120v DC and output 0 to 250V ac and 0 to 250v DC.I shall be be very greatful if i can get help from anyone Thanks

A growing number of processing, automotive, security, and building automation applications rely on stepper motors to deliver dynamic motion…
In case you're not familiar with line following algorithms, it is recommended that you read that tutorial about line tracking sensors and algorithms before reading this article.
2 Front skid
3 Free Wheel, shaped as a pulley
4 Plastic pulley
5 Battery holder
6 Pipe clamp use to hold the motors
7 Ni-Cd 7.2V battery pack
8 1200 rpm 6V motor

It is clear that the drive train of this robot is differential type, meaning the two rear wheels are responsible of moving the robot forward and backward, but are also used to turn the robot in any required direction depending the difference of speed between the right and left wheels.

The first thing that need some explanation is the fact that there are only 2 wheels, Well, while not being the best thing to do, a caster wheel can sometimes be replaced with a skid, when the robot weight and size are not important, and when the robot is designed for indoor environment, where the robot can move on relatively smooth surfaces, where friction wont be a serious problem.

It may seem strange that the battery was placed on the top of the robot, and it is actually an important mistake, as a battery at that height totally destabilize the robot because it raises the center of gravity, increasing the moment of inertia. For more information about robot stability and moment of inertial read this tutorial. For this size of robot, a smaller li-ion battery, placed beneath the robot, would have given much better results.


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