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Motor Parts PCB board,electronic circuit design engineering,project design company,electrical design shenzhen China

PCBSINO a leading Printed Circuit Board(PCB) Design Bureau,outsourcing company,locate in Shenzhen, China. We offer custom specified electronics design and product design / development services through which you can have circuits and electronic products designed as per custom specifications.We also help customer to get the new products from the idea stage to mass production.

PCBSINO specialize in electronics designs with minimal possible component count with very carefully chosen, low cost available components with great quality and support. The best reason why you should choose PCBSINO is our low electronics design costs, fast turn around time and top notch quality. Our main aim is to design your product such that your profits are maximized.

Our design services - PCB Layout, Electronic Projects Engineering, High Quality, Low costs & Fast Service, backed up by great support.

Our expertise lies in all fields of electronics hardware, software, electrical circuits projects.

Design business and company detail information:
design graphic: PADS,OrCAD,Protel,etc...
design company,design firm: Shenzhen, CN China
product development, schematic diagram design, engineering services, new product design engineering, product design, circuit diagram, circuit design, our design engineer can do the layout design, power design, project design,CAD design, PCB design. We also can do electrical design, electronic design, electronics engineering, electronic engineering, board design, analog design, PCB layout, RF design, electronics design,
we have about 30 electronic engineer in the company, product engineering,PCB board repair redesign, rebuilt is well done for our customer.
cad services
board layout
product design development
industrial designers
circuit board design
circuit layout
PCB designer
product designers
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schematic design
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PCBSINO Design House
Design: Motor Parts // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Motor Parts circuit board electric circuit engineering
Motor Parts PCB board design,prototyping
Design: Motor Parts // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Motor Parts circuit board electric circuit engineering
Motor Parts PCB board design,prototyping
Design: Motor Parts // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Motor Parts circuit board electric circuit engineering
Motor Parts PCB board design,prototyping
Design: Motor Parts // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Motor Parts circuit board electric circuit engineering
Motor Parts PCB board design,prototyping
Design: Motor Parts // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Motor Parts circuit board electric circuit engineering
Motor Parts PCB board design,prototyping
Design: PCB layout/ drafting // Circuit Diagram design
Description: Printed Circuit boards schematic diagram design
PCB board design engineering and PCB layout
PCBSINO forum:
Motor Parts PCB board,electronic circuit design engineering,project design company,electrical design shenzhen China
SUMILITE® ELC has good reputation for its reliability and extensive usage in various fields. CEM-3 in particular has take the lead in the world market by its excellent workability and outstanding cost performance.
• Environment friendly (Halogen-free) materials are also available.
• New plant in Macau started in production in July 2003, which constitutes another production base in our worldwide supply chain. Applications:
Consumer household electric appliances, Audio/video apparatus, Stationary DVD apparatus, mobile CD apparatus, personal computer peripherals, printers, CD-ROM apparatus, portable game players, and others, in-vehicle equipment, .PCB for power supply, etc.

Sumitomo Bakelite's company name originates from the brand name of the oldest plastic in history. Sumitomo Bakelite markets phenolic resin laminates and also epoxy resin laminates.
In addition to these traditional products Sumitomo Bakelite is also very actively working for the development of advanced new materials as well as value-added articles to cope with needs of a new era.
We are prepared to provide quality products at a reasonable price always bearing customers' needs in mind. Please don't hesitate to consult
RF Terminal
Electronic Enclosu ...
Other CategoriesCable Assemblies
Electric Cord
Electrical Connect ...
Fiber Optics
Plug, Jack & Socke ...
Wire Cable Assembl ...
Wiring Accessory

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This page contains pre-qualified Electrical Terminals products and their suppliers.
A1 Terminals
European Terminals
Gold-Plated & Chromium-Plated ...
Terminal Blocks
Terminal Blocks
D7 Terminals
RF Remote Control Subsystems
Assembly Barrier Terminal Blocks
Gold-Plated & Chromium-Plated ...
Speaker Terminals Verified Taiwan and China Electrical Terminals Manufacturers & Electrical Terminals Suppliers.

Manufacturers: electronic components & parts- terminal, Terminals, plug insert, plug inserts, crimping machine, crimping machines, electric plug Terminals, Electrical plug terminal, insulating plug inserts, receptacles Terminals, wire terminal, electric plugs, plug blades & housings, electric & motor parts Terminals, electronics & communication
•Thinner gauge paper
phenolics: Switches, volumes.
•Thicker gauge paper
phenolics: Terminal boards, distributor boards, jigs.
SUMILITE®TFP is a film-like printed wiring board which Sumitomo Bakelite manufactures and markets with many years of research and development, Sumitomo Bakelite has become a pioneer of this tyoe of product in Japan. It plays an important role as an indispensable
substrate for compact size electronic apparatus as well as for mobile communication devices.
We will additionally make various proposals customer's usage. Applications:
PCs., peripheral equipment and devices of PCs., HDDs., PDAs., optical memory storage devices like CDs-RW• DVDs., wiring and interconnections of cell-phones and LCDs. Related Topics : Electronic Websites : Electronic Solutions
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Offers PCB's from 2-24 layers with same-day to five-day delivery time.

Advanced Electronics & Solutions

« Previous « PreviousNext » Next »View GalleryADVERTISEMENTPublished Date: 29 August 2008
By Staff Copy
NORTH Yorkshire printed circuits manufacturer Kelan Circuits Ltd has acquired an electronics motor components supplier in a deal that will create new jobs at the Boroughbridge-based firm.
Kelan Circuits, which has customers throughout the UK, has acquired the assets of MI Watson (Electric) Ltd, Coalville, Leicestershire, for a significant but undisclosed sum in the deal advised by York-based lawyers Denison Till.

Ian Watson, former owner of the family business, has been retained by Kelan Circuits to provide product and operational advice during the first 12 months’ trading.

The small business acquisition is the third by Kelan since the company was acquired in a management buy-out eight years ago by managing director Mike Bannard, operations director Roger Howard and technical director Lindsay Edgar.

Liquid epoxy resin is used for insulation sealing of such Electronic components as relays, condensers, sensors.
We are working for developing SUMIMAC®ECR/ECH Grades to meet customer's requirements for high density JISSO as well as for ecological considerations. Applications:


Connectors & Terminals (28,570) H1
Generators (25,065) H2
Power Supplies (21,686) H3
Chargers (20,597) H4
Electric Power Tools (16,319) H5
Diesel Generators (16,716) H6
Motors driver board(15,334) H7
Switches (16,503) H8
Battery Packs (11,640) H9
Solar Cells, Solar Panel (11,328) H10
Mobile Phone Chargers (9,487) H11
AC/DC Adapters (8,630) H12
Circuit Breakers (7,745) H13
Mobile Phone Batteries (6,030) H14
Rechargeable Batteries (7,198) H15
Professional Audio, Video & Lighting (5,282) H16
Gasoline Generators (4,255) H17
Inverters & Converters (4,615) H18
Switching Power Supply (3,101) H19
Car Chargers (2,437) H20
Other Electrical Equipment (2,403) H21
Motor Parts (2,130) H22
Storage Batteries (2,581) H23
Voltage Regulators/Stabilizers (2,616) H24
Solar Chargers (1,839) H25
Fuse Components (1,836) H26
Power Distribution Equipment (1,735) H27
Radio & TV Broadcasting Equipment (1,780) H28
Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) (1,394) H29
Remote Control Switches (431) H30
Filters (427) H31
Integrated Circuits (1,337) H32
Oscillators (70) H33
Rectifiers (1,319) H34
Resonators (187) H35
Sensors (2,999) H36
Thyristors (402) H37
EL Products (2,199) H38
Electrical Ceramics (511) H39
Keypads & Keyboards (3,447) H40
Electronic Data Systems (248) H41
Electronic Signs (1,926) H42
Electronics Production Machinery (431) H43
Electronics Projects (99) H44
Optoelectronic Displays (18,100) H45
LCD Modules (1,982) H46
LED Displays (15,997) H47
Potentiometers (1,474) H48

IO Card H49
IC Card H50
LCD Display LCD PC H51
Network Device H52
Peripherals Card Readers H54
Digital Cameras H55
Earphone & Headphone H56
Joysticks & Game Controllers H57
Memory Cards H59
Modems H60
Monitors & Displays H61
Mouse H62
Multimedia Speakers H63
PC Camera Webcam H64
Printers & Scanners H65
Server & WorkStation H66
USB Card H69
Hard Drive H70
Video Cards H71
Flash Cards H72
USB Disk H73
Energy Projects (116) H74
Petroleum & Natural Gas (3,938) H75
Solar Energy Products (38,933) H76
UPS & Power Supply (831) H83

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Motor Parts PCB board,electronic circuit design engineering,project design company,electrical design shenzhen China