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PCBSINO a leading Printed Circuit Board(PCB) Design Bureau,outsourcing company,locate in Shenzhen, China. We offer custom specified electronics design and product design / development services through which you can have circuits and electronic products designed as per custom specifications.We also help customer to get the new products from the idea stage to mass production.

PCBSINO specialize in electronics designs with minimal possible component count with very carefully chosen, low cost available components with great quality and support. The best reason why you should choose PCBSINO is our low electronics design costs, fast turn around time and top notch quality. Our main aim is to design your product such that your profits are maximized.

Our design services - PCB Layout, Electronic Projects Engineering, High Quality, Low costs & Fast Service, backed up by great support.

Our expertise lies in all fields of electronics hardware, software, electrical circuits projects.

Design business and company detail information:
design graphic: PADS,OrCAD,Protel,etc...
design company,design firm: Shenzhen, CN China
product development, schematic diagram design, engineering services, new product design engineering, product design, circuit diagram, circuit design, our design engineer can do the layout design, power design, project design,CAD design, PCB design. We also can do electrical design, electronic design, electronics engineering, electronic engineering, board design, analog design, PCB layout, RF design, electronics design,
we have about 30 electronic engineer in the company, product engineering,PCB board repair redesign, rebuilt is well done for our customer.
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board layout
product design development
industrial designers
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circuit layout
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schematic design
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PCBSINO Design House
Schematic Capture
Schematics drawn on paper or in a non preferred format can be entered in to any of our CAD system schematic capture tools. Unavailable schematic symbols can also be created where required.

PCB Design
Concept CADs expertise is in the design of leading edge Printed Circuit Boards. We have the ability to import most of the standard netlist formats in to our CAD tool. Footprint creation, though to complete fab and assembly pack output.

Please see the technology page for a thorough review of our capabilities

Fabrication and assembly packs can include the following:

Master design file
Fabrication documentation
PCB Gerber data
Drill data in Excellon format
IPC netlist
ODB/ODB++ data
Assembly drawings
DXF data
IDF data
Component X/Y data report
Custom outputs and reports are also available

Board Fabrication
A close working relationships with leading board fabricators keeps us up to date with the latest developments in the ever changing world of board fabrication. Engaging with the fabricator at the start of the design ensures that the board design is optimised for their capabilities.Clarydon - PCB Printed Circuit Boards - Clarydon Electronic Services Limited is a quality supplier of all types of Printed Circuit Boards, and PCB services. Our areas of expertise include the supply of Multi layer (up to 24 layer) Double sided and Single sided PCBs.

Accountants Preston, Blackburn, Wigan, Chorley, Leigh and Leyland - Harrison Salmon Associates are Registered Auditors and Chartered Certified Accountants.

Printed carrier bag, paper carrier bag, promotional carrier bag - PAC HS are suppliers of wholesale shopping bags, printed carrier bags, paper carrier bags, promotional carrier bags, wholesale gift bags.Pcb Board Service, Proto Pcb, And Smt Production
Providing pcb board service, smt production, and proto pcb

Strataflex To Launch Full Suite Of Flexible Pcb Design Services To Complement Production Expertise
Strataflex To Launch Full Suite Of Flexible Pcb Design Services To Complement Production Expertise

Great River Technology, Inc. - Pcb Design
Great River Technology, Inc. - Pcb Design

Electronic Components Supplier, Component Kitting Service - Turbo Electronics
Turbo Electronics is an authorized electronic part distributor and offers contract manufacturing services.

Seetrax - Ranger Pcb Cad Software And Pcb Manufacturing Equipment, Ranger Design Services.
Specialist suppliers of Ranger PCB CAD software, PCB Scoring machines, Separators/Depanellers, PCB Edge-finishers and Track welders for PCB track repairs

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Ep Board Design -- Your Ultimate Electronic Prototype Design Center!
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M&m Systems: A Hardware Design House For Cplds,fpgas And Printed Circuit Boards.
M&M Systems provides hardware design including CPLDs, FPGAs and PCB for any application and Microprocessor-based Embedded Systems Controls

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Our knowledge and experience of the capabilities of different board fabricators means that we can assign fabrication of each board to the most appropriate company. Choosing the correct fabricator to suit your circuit board ensures quality PCBs without paying for non-required capabilities. Allowing Concept CAD to manage board procurement can relieve customers of the associated technical issues and distractions of board fabrication.

Outsourcing board fabrication to Concept CAD can save you both time and money.

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