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board layout,pcb board design layout services,PWB board layout,low cost shenzhen,cn China

Express: PCB Fabrication // Assembly // Design
Professional: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // product development // Engineering
Low Cost: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // Design // Components Procurement

Turnkey Solution:
Customers just need to write ONE purchase order to Cn China-PCB-sourcing for a complete engineering task that includes the following:
PCB Circuit Diagram Design/Layout
PCB Fabrication
Component Procurement
PCB Assembly
Our design services - PCB Layout, Electronic Projects Engineering, High Quality, Low costs & Fast Service, backed up by great support.

Design Capability:
The electronic design is called a schematic or circuit diagram. It is constructed in CAD format.At China-PCB-sourcing we use Protel, OrCAD, PADs,CAM350,Genisis... We have an experienced design house/ bureau be family with both military & commercial projects, can do many product Research and Development work(R&D).We have over 80 active accounts with major component manufacturers & distributors (most with Internet access & next day delivery). If the part you require is out there, we'll find it for you.

Express electronic Manufacturing Services
We provide electronic manufacturing services:High quality Low cost bare PCB and PCBA;
(EMS) to customers requiring PCB fabrication and assembly,
sub-assembly, full turnkey box buildor precision mechanical assembly.
PCB Fabrication : 24 hours Express bare PCB manufacturing
PCB Assembly (PCBA), PTH PCB Assembly, SMT PCB Assembly

Turnkey solution

board layout,pcb board design layout services,PWB board layout,low cost shenzhen,cn China
layout services in China, professional shenzhen



P.D.C. provides total Printed Circuit Board Layout and PCB design services.
Dedicated to meeting your individual requirements using the latest Orcad design tools.

Providing all phases of PCB design from original schematic creation to final design of the PCB layout.
Providing complete fabrication and assembly documentation.

P.D.C. specializes in the design of state-of-the-art printed circuit boards for the electronics industry.

Over 25 years experience providing electronic and printed circuit designs.

PCB Layout done by an experienced Electronics Engineers.

Offload your valuable engineers from the PCB layout task

We are knowledgeable about DFM (Design for Manufacturing), fabrication and assembly procedures.

Manufacturability is built into every design. PCB Design and Layout Services
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PCB design and layout services generate schematics and computer aided design (CAD) files for printed circuit boards (PCBs). They produce industry-standard Gerber files and provide fabrication and assembly drawings that depict board dimensions, hole sizes, board thickness, multi-layer stack-up, and part placement. PCB design and layout services also set the footprints or pads where parts are soldered to the board. Some PCB design and layout services help customers to re-evaluate, redesign or modernize existing board layouts to increase performance and reduce manufacturing costs. Others offer rapid prototyping or perform simulated testing. PCB design and layout services that perform PCB fabrication are also available. There are two basic assembly methods. Surface mount technology (SMT) solders a component’s leads or terminals to the top surface of the board. Through hole technology (THT) mounts components by inserting component leads through holes in the board and then soldering the leads in place on the opposite side of the board.

We are very flexible and easy to work with.

We are fast, efficient, customer oriented and are equipped with state-of-the-art software and hardware tools.

We will work from your schematics or from any netlist.

P.D.C. offers a full range of printed circuit layout services for new boards as well as changes to existing boards

Layouts/Schematics using the most popular latest version CAD software

Cadence OrCAD PCB Technology

Cadence OrCAD Layout
Cadence SPECCTRA for OrCAD
Cadence OrCAD Capture CIS (schematic design entry)
Cadence PSPICE

Cadence Allegro platform technology
Cadence Allegro PCB Editor
Cadence Allegro PCB SI
Cadence Allegro PCB Router
Cadence Allegro Design Entry HDL
Cadence Allegro Design Entry CIS
Cadence Allegro AMS Simulator

Mentor Graphics total solution for all of your Engineering & Production needs. Our staff is comprised of a group of well versed individuals that balance into a well rounded globe of intelligence and experience. We have introduced numerous PCB products into the market place with huge success from Research to Power Circuitry to digital high speed as well as wireless communications and military applications and medical.
Working closely with your staff of personnel and your standards we will produce usable documentation and production worthy manufacturing information for your fabricator and manufacturer or ours with end results that will take your Company beyond the competition with cost effectiveness in mind.

MV Circuit Design, your printed circuit board solution.

Expedition PCB Enterprise
latest PADS SE Suite
legacy Innoveda PADS
PADS Logic schematic design entry
PADS Layout
PADS AutoRouter

Altium Protel

Altium Designer 6
Altium Protel 99 PCB design support

Printed Circuit Board Layout Services Offered
PCB Layout Services for Analog, Digital, High-Speed, and power applications.

PCB Layout using latest most popular software.

Auto Routing combined with Manual Routing.

Analog, Digital, high density, SMT, BGA's, uBGA's, PGA, etc.

Custom Footprint Library Creation.

Thru-Hole, Surface mount and mixed technology.

Multi-Layer Printed Circuit Boards (Split-Plane Design) or simple single/double sided

Proven DFM (Design For Manufacturing).

Working from your schematics to produce Printed Circuit Boards for your designs.

Panelizing multiple boards for lower manufacturing costs.

Back-Annotation between PCB Layout and Schematic.

Generation of complete manufacturing documentation.

Multi-level designs.

EMI and Crosstalk Control, specialized routing.©2002 MV Circuit Design Inc.
All Rights Reserved

PCB Printed Circuit Board Design Layout Engineering
Schematic Entry
PCB Layout
Power Circuit Design
EMI and UL Knowledge
Surface Mount, Thru-Hole, Mixed Technology, Flex Circuitry
Library PCB and SD Footprints built to IPC Standards or yours
Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Stencil Maker for Surface Mount
ATE Test Fixtures
FDA Approved Assembly House for manufacturing Medical Equipment
Intel Product Distributor for all OEM needs
MV Circuit Design Inc is the

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board layout,pcb board design layout services,PWB board layout,low cost shenzhen,cn China