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Express: PCB Fabrication // Assembly // Design
Professional: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // product development // Engineering
Low Cost: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // Design // Components Procurement

Turnkey Solution:
Customers just need to write ONE purchase order to China-PCB-sourcing for a complete engineering task that includes the following:
PCB Circuit Diagram Design/Layout
PCB Fabrication
Component Procurement
PCB Assembly
Our design services - PCB Layout, Electronic Projects Engineering, High Quality, Low costs & Fast Service, backed up by great support.

Design Capability:
The electronic design is called a schematic or circuit diagram. It is constructed in CAD format.At China-PCB-sourcing we use Protel, OrCAD, PADs,CAM350,Genisis... We have an experienced design house/ bureau be family with both military & commercial projects, can do many product Research and Development work(R&D).We have over 80 active accounts with major component manufacturers & distributors (most with Internet access & next day delivery). If the part you require is out there, we'll find it for you.

Express Electronics Manufacturing Services
We provide electronic manufacturing services:High quality Low cost bare PCB and PCBA;
(EMS) to customers requiring PCB fabrication and assembly,
sub-assembly, full turnkey box buildor precision mechanical assembly.
PCB Fabrication : 24 hours Express bare PCB manufacturing
PCB Assembly (PCBA), PTH PCB Assembly, SMT PCB Assembly

Turnkey solution
Expertise Description:
analog circuit expert

circuit design expert

electronic circuit expert

electronics design engineering expert

Expert has 40 years of experience designing analog circuits that perform a wide variety of functions, including wideband DC-coupled amplifiers for oscilloscope CRT vertical deflection; magnetic CRT deflection amplifiers; precision CRT scan generators; CRT video signal amplifiers; high voltage generation and control; sensor interface signal conditioning; linear power supplies; switch-mode power converters and regulators; magnetic amplifiers; precision pulse generators; optoelectronic display drivers; optoelectronic couplers; optoelectronic product testing; and audio signal generators and amplifiers.
DC-to-DC converter expert Company Mission

Go Technology Corporation develops innovative designs for customers needing new hardware and software systems ranging from prototype to production. Customers often need design engineering services but don't have available engineering staff or facilities. Go Technology clients enjoy access to a dedicated project engineering team, available as needed. custom specified electronic circuit design and product design/development services through which you can have circuits and electronic products designed as per custom specifications. We specialize in low cost electronics designs with minimal possible component count with carefully chosen, low cost, cheapest available components with great quality and support. The best reason why you should choose us is our low electronic design costs, fast turn around time & top notch quality. Our main aim is to design your product such that your profits are maximized.

Highlights of our design services - High Quality, Low costs & Fast Service, backed up by great support.

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Our expertise lies in all fields of electronics hardware, software, electrical circuits and projects including the designs for:

embedded systems design using microcontroller & microprocessors
analog electronics
digital electronics (logic systems design, microprocessors, microcontrollers, embedded system design)
communications, radio electronics & remote controls
industrial controllers
radio (RF) based control system design
telephone based electronic designs
lighting, display circuits
digital signal processing (DSP)
computer hardware & interfacing
microprocessor & microcontroller based designs
electronic security related circuits like burglar alarms using latest infrared & ultrasonic techniques for ranging, motion sensors (detection)
Complete software development for Windows and Linux platforms. We have expert programmers in C, C++, Visual Basic & Visual C++
Use our software development service to interface and control your custom designed electronics hardware using a PC.
turnkey project undertaking, electronic product development .... and more...
We have extensive experience using microcontrollers & processors from Microchip (PIC), Atmel (8051, 8052, AVR, AVRMega, Tiny), Intel (8085, 8086, 80386, 80486), Motorola (68HC11), Hitachi (H8), Holtek, Cypress etc.

We design circuits both big and small, be it for big industries or for small businesses. Some of the highlights of our service compared to the others are:

Cost: Perhaps the best reason you should choose us is because our pricing is a fraction of what other companies charge while we still offer top notch quality. We operate from Bangalore known as the "Silicon Valley" of India where we get affordable and extremely skilled professionals. US customers can expect their designs to be about 1/2 to 1/5th of the costs in U.S. in most cases.
Speed: Normally it takes us just a few weeks to complete a project of moderate complexity, whereas, other companies can take months. We take projects only up to our handling capacity and hence we are able to concentrate on each project. Beijing Per Design Company, Ltd., Beijing, China, +86 10 82890231
Benchmark Electronics Inc., Winona, MN, 507-452-8932
BIT 7 Inc., Madison, WI, USA, 608-224-0377
Brütsch Elektronik AG, Uhwiesen, Switzerland, +41 52 6475050
Burton Industries Inc., Ironwood, MI, USA, 906-932-5970
Calogic LLC, Fremont, CA, USA, 510-656-2900
Campus Micro Technologies GmbH, Bremen, Germany, +49 421 2020783
Cartel Electronics Inc., Placentia, CA, USA, 714-993-0270
Cat Technologies Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel, +972 2 5704005
CCC, Montevideo, Uruguay, +598 2 6007629
Celestica (Automated Mfg. Services), Ballybrit, Co. Galway, Ireland, +353 91 705000
Chase Scientific Co., Langley, WA, 360-221-8455
China Hyper Battery Company, Ltd., Shenzhen, China, +86 755 83220458
CMS Electronics GmbH, Klagenfurt, Austria, +43 463 3834205
Colorado MEDtech Inc., Boulder, CO, USA, 303-530-2660
CoMET EMS, Orange, MA, 978-301-4116 Narrow by
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Sponsored ResultsCleaning Chemistries
PCB cleaning. Cleaning evaluations available. Low cost of ownership.
EDADOC:PCB Layout,China
Top class PCB design & PCB layout Supplier of Intel,3com,Marvell,TI
GoDiagram Components
Add diagrams and graphics to your Java and .NET applications

Winland Electronics , Inc. (AMEX: WEX) Mankato, MN

Winland Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures custom electronic controls and assemblies primarily for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers, providing services from early concept studies through complete product realization. Revenues from OEM customers provided 91.3% of the... more

Advanced Circuits Inc Aurora, CO

Advanced Circuits is a printed circuit board manufacturer producing high quality, low cost barebones pcb's and prototype printed circuit boards.

Trompeter Electronics Inc. Mesa, AZ

Trompeter, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stratos International, is a best-in-class producer of RF interconnect products, including RF connectors, patchjacks, cable assemblies and related tools for the Telecommunications, Military/Aerospace, Broadcast and Instrumentation markets worldwide.... more

Coretec Inc. Scarborough, ON, Canada

Coretec Inc. - A leading designer and manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCBs) for the prototype and quick-turn production segments of North American and Europe

Sparton Corporation (NYSE: SPA) Jackson, MI

Sparton Corporation (Sparton) provides design and electronic manufacturing services, which include a range of engineering, pre-manufacturing and post-manufacturing services. The Company is engaged in the electronic manufacturing services (EMS). Sparton Corporation also designs and... more

MEC Companies Canby, OR

MEC, Milwaukee Electronics Companies, with Product Development, Rapid Prototyping, Contract Manufacturing, PCB Design, PCB Layout and PCB Assembly operations in Wisconsin, Oregon, and Mexico, manufactures and tests custom electronic assemblies and components

SMTEK International , Inc. (NASDAQ: SMTI) Moorpark, CA

SMTEK International, Inc. is an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the medical, industrial instrumentation, telecommunications, security, financial services automation and aerospace, and defense industries, including integrated... more

Firan Technology Group Corporation (TSE: FTG) Toronto, ON, Canada

Firan Technology Group Corp. (FTG) is a supplier of aerospace and defense electronic products and sub systems for the North American marketplace. With facilities in Canada and the United States, the Company provides integrated design assistance, prototype development and manufacturing... more

Coronis Systems, Montpellier, France, +33 467 226670
Corscience GmbH & Co. KG, Erlangen, Germany, +49 9131 97798646
Creatone Inc., Mountainside, NJ, USA, 908-789-8700
Crouse Consulting, Nashua, NH, USA, 603-888-6973
CSTS Inc., Anaheim, CA, USA, 714-961-2787
CTS Corp., Londonderry, NH, USA, 603-421-3104
Danam Philippines Inc., Cavite, Philippines, +63 46 4372861
dataCon, Burlington, MA, USA, 781-273-5800
Datalink Electronics, Loughborough, Leics, UK, +44 1509 231023
DCI Inc., Lenexa, KS, USA, 888-824-9412
DEL Manufacturing Ltd., , Hong Kong, +852 28975603
Design & Evaluation Inc., Laurel Springs, NJ, 856-228-3800
Devices for the Future LLC, Bellaire, TX, 713-664-6775
Devicix LLC, Eden Prairie, MN, 952-368-0073
Digico Electronic Manufacturing Inc., Laval, QC, Canada, 450-967-7100
DTMagnetics, Dover, NH, 603-742-4375
Efficiency & profit maximizing: Our designs are simple, uses minimum possible number of components and very cost-effective to manufacture. We normally use parts that are widely available across the world, unless it's a special case. When we design a product, we carefully choose the parts that are the cheapest so that your profit is maximized, with no compromise in quality. We have been approached and have done several re-designs of existing products to many companies just to maximize their profits, successfully. With our designs, your competitors will be soon out of business!
Support: All these come with great support from our team. We provide free email and phone support. Most of the problems we have seen are due to misuse/wrong usage of the designed product.
Reliability: All the designs will be built in our LABs as prototypes and tested completely before sending them to you.

Clients find value in the quality of work performed, project management, rapid development times and reasonable rates. Go Technology Corporation maintains its own hardware and software development labs, outfitted with test equipment necessary for the product development process. Company strengths include analog and digital circuit designs (including FPGA and microcontroller development), sensor interfaces, data acquisition and control, real time embedded software development in C and assembly, Ethernet and USB interfaces, plus project management to make it all happen.

Our engineering pool includes a number of electrical and software engineers, all outstanding professionals in their fields. In addition, Go Technology has strong relationships with companies and individuals with expertise in PC side software, optics, mathematics, industrial design, market analysis and mechanical engineering.

power-supply circuit expert

power electronics expert

He has designed many types of DC-to-DC converters, both with and without galvanic isolation, at power levels from fractional watt to more than 1 kilowatt. In most cases, the converters were required to meet an electrical and environmental specification at minimum manufacturing cost and occupied volume. He also has performed qualification testing of vendor-supplied modular power converters.

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