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PCB SMT Assembly Shenzhen China cn,OEM, SMT Assembly Line PCBA Assembly services,low cost

PCB SMT Assembly Shenzhen China cn,OEM, SMT Assembly Line PCBA Assembly services,low cost
Express: PCB Fabrication // Assembly // Design
Professional: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // product development // Engineering
Low Cost: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // Design // Components Procurement

Turnkey Solution:
Customers just need to write ONE purchase order to Cn China-PCB-sourcing for a complete engineering task that includes the following:
PCB Circuit Diagram Design/Layout
PCB Fabrication
Component Procurement
PCB Assembly
Our design services - PCB Layout, Electronic Projects Engineering, High Quality, Low costs & Fast Service, backed up by great support.

Design Capability:
The electronic design is called a schematic or circuit diagram. It is constructed in CAD format.At China-PCB-sourcing we use Protel, OrCAD, PADs,CAM350,Genisis... We have an experienced design house/ bureau be family with both military & commercial projects, can do many product Research and Development work(R&D).We have over 80 active accounts with major component manufacturers & distributors (most with Internet access & next day delivery). If the part you require is out there, we'll find it for you.

Express electronic Manufacturing Services
We provide electronic manufacturing services:High quality Low cost bare PCB and PCBA;
(EMS) to customers requiring PCB fabrication and assembly,
sub-assembly, full turnkey box buildor precision mechanical assembly.
PCB Fabrication : 24 hours Express bare PCB manufacturing
PCB Assembly (PCBA), PTH PCB Assembly, SMT PCB Assembly

Turnkey solution

PCB SMT Assembly Shenzhen China cn,OEM, SMT Assembly Line PCBA Assembly services,low cost
SMT assembly,PCB board SMT assembly PCBA services,low cost shenzhen China
circuit product PCb assembly manufacturer, electronic circuit board PCB PCBA service, shenzhen, cn China,professional Low Cost,High quality.

Place of origin: China Guangdong
Fob Price: FOB Shenzhen USD 1~50
Port: Shenzhen
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
Minimum Order Quantity: 300 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability: 20000 Square Meter per Month
Package: vacuum
Delivery Time: 10days
Brand Name: HCC

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Features Specifications: reasonable price PCBA/printed circuit board assembly/ SMT assembly

Layer:1-40 Layer
Material: FR-4

CEM 1 & 2

High Tg

Metal Core

Soldermask : Green, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black etc.

Board Thickness: 0.21-7.0mm

Cooper Size: 0.5OZ-7OZ

Max. width of conductor trace line: 3mil Add to Product favorites

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SMT Assembly and ICT testing for PCBA

Trademark: ONLITEX
Origin: China

Min. Space of conductor trace line: 3mile

Test: 100% E-test, high-pressure Test, Impedance Measurement, Resistor of hole Test, Microsection Analysis etc.

The area of PCB in every month: 25000SM shenzhen bqc electronic co.,ltd

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PCBA&PCB,OEM,ODM,PCBA Board,Electronic Appliance,PCB assembly
PCB Assembly Specification:
1. Automatic SMT PCB assembly (PCBA) lines in purified workshop
2. Hole through PCB assembly (PCBA) lines
3. RoHS compliant.
4. Equipments: Lead-free Reflow oven.
5.VDE and UL certified
6.100% burning test
1.Design and product engineering, OEM and ODM orders are accepted
2.Any PCBA in high quality and competitive price, SMT, final assembly vertical integrated manufacturing solutions are accepted
3.Bare PCB fabrication
4.Component procurement
5.Stock control and warehousing
6.Quality control and test
7.Packaging and dispatch
8.Added benefits to using a turnkey solution:
9.Facilities marketing objectives
10.Reduces inventory
12.Just-in-time (JIT) delivery

Finish: HASL, Immersion Gold ,Immersion Tin ,OSP ,Ni Au Plating ,Gold Finger ,Carbon Ink ,Flash Gold

Special Technology: Blind Buried Via, Thicker PCB board, Buried Resistors ,Laser Drill HDI , Heavy Copper PCB, Mix Material PCB, Impedance Control


Printed circuit board

Printed circuit board assembly

Flexible printed circuit board


ISO9000 SMT Assembly and ICT testing for PCBA
Product Description

* Complete products contract PCB assembly and manufacturing services
* Circuit boards 1 to 22 layers PCB layout, fabrication, PCB assembly and box build
* Active and passive components source is directly from original manufacturer
* Enclosure cabinet case plastic injection molding, metal stamping, manufacture and assembly
* High-precision 0201 size components SMT technology and lead-free
* RoHS technology SMT process
* IC pre-program
* High-precision E-Testing include: ICT in circuit, BGA repaire device, etc.
* We quote the price for clients within 4 working days, and reply E-mail within 6 hours


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PCB SMT Assembly Shenzhen China cn,OEM, SMT Assembly Line PCBA Assembly services,low cost