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Circuit Board Assembly Shenzhen China cn,PCB circuit board assembly,electronic assembly,Low cost

Circuit Board Assembly Shenzhen China cn,PCB circuit board assembly , electronic assembly,Low cost
Express: PCB Fabrication // Assembly // Design
Professional: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // product development // Engineering
Low Cost: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // Design // Components Procurement

Turnkey Solution:
Customers just need to write ONE purchase order to China-low-cost-PCB for a complete engineering task that includes the following:
PCB Circuit Diagram Design/Layout
PCB Fabrication
Component Procurement
PCB Assembly
Our design services - PCB Layout, Electronic Projects Engineering, High Quality, Low costs & Fast Service, backed up by great support.

Design Capability:
The electronic design is called a schematic or circuit diagram. It is constructed in CAD format.At China-low-cost-PCB we use Protel, OrCAD, PADs,CAM350,Genisis... We have an experienced design house/ bureau be family with both military & commercial projects, can do many product Research and Development work(R&D).We have over 80 active accounts with major component manufacturers & distributors (most with Internet access & next day delivery). If the part you require is out there, we'll find it for you.

Express Electronics Manufacturing Services
We provide electronic manufacturing services:High quality Low cost bare PCB and PCBA;
(EMS) to customers requiring PCB fabrication and assembly,
sub-assembly, full turnkey box buildor precision mechanical assembly.
PCB Fabrication : 24 hours Express bare PCB manufacturing
PCB Assembly (PCBA), PTH PCB Assembly, SMT PCB Assembly

Turnkey solution
Circuit Board Assembly Shenzhen China cn,PCB circuit board assembly,electronic assembly,Low cost
Cir-Q-Tek - Bristol, PA
Manufacturer, Service Company
Manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCB). Production, quick turn & prototype printed circuit boards. Single sided, double sided & multi layer printed circuit boards. Single sided up to 40 layer multilayers. PCB's with lines & spacing down to .003 in./.003 in. mils. All boards can be made to...

SenDEC Corporation - CEM Group - Fairport, NY
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2000 certified contract printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services. PCB assembly services include single & double sided SMT (surface mount technology) board assembly, fine pitch component placement, BGA & micro-BGA (ball grid array), electromechanical assembly, box build assembly &...
Brand Names: Sendec Corp.
Badger Technologies, Inc. - Farmington, NY
Electronic manufacturing services for making electronic assemblies including Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assemblies. Workmanship meets requirements of IPC-610/620 Class 2 & Class 3. Soldering materials meet Belcor specification. Services are UL? & CSA? certified & ISO 9000 compliant.
Circom, Inc. - Bensenville, IL
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Manual assembly including component placement, system & subsystem, mechanical assemblies, modules & potted assemblies, conformal coating silicone, acrylic & polyutherane.
1 Source Electronic Components, Inc. - Port Jefferson Station, NY
Distributor, Service Company
U.S. based worldwide stocking distributor of electronic components, semiconductors, integrated circuits, discretes, actives, passives, transistors, resistors, capacitors, diodes, relays, switches, connectors. Broad line of hard-to-find, obsolete, as well as current products from many manufacturers....
NexLogic Technologies, Inc. - San Jose, CA
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
An ISO 9001 certified turnkey PCB manufacturer including PCB design, fabrication, assembly & procurement. PCB design includes schematic capture & layout with single sided & multilayer boards. PCB fabrication includes prototypes to production on FR4, Teflon? material. 1 through 40 layers with 3 mil....
OEM Services, LLC - Kansas City, MO
Manufacturer of PCB assemblies.
Key Electronics, Inc. - Jeffersonville, IN
Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2000 certified custom manufacturer of electronic assemblies & depot repair services. Electronic manufacturing services include contract manufacturing for printed circuit board assembly, design, schematic capture, board layout & prototyping. Capabilities include surface mount technology,...

Cal Quality Electronics, Inc. - Santa Ana, CA
ISO 9001:2000 certified high mix electronics manufacturing Services including engineering, manufacturing, testing & supply chain management for OEMs & electronics companies. Products include printed circuit board assembly, surface mount technology assembly, through hole assembly, cable & harness...

Arc-Tronics, Inc. - Elk Grove Village, IL GlobalSpec..: Circuit Board Assembly
Provides database of suppliers for circuit board assembly. Includes catalogs, technical information, and supplier contact information.
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PCBA / PCB assembly, OEM and ODM welcomed.
www.China-low-cost-PCB.org......trueful...twFull range of PCBs
PCB manufacturer in Taiwan High quality and Low cost
www.China-low-cost-PCB.org......pcbxpcb..PCB Assembly, RoHS
Custom PCBs, Engineering support Taiwan maker

A-Z Circuit Board Assembly Provider Directory
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Adaptive Electronics
Manufacturer of burn-in boards and systems. Provider of burn-in testing services. Parent/holding company of high-tech unit involved in the manufacturing of electric connectors/packaging. Products and services are sold to the electronics indus...
www.China-low-cost-PCB.org......aadec.. Avcom SMT, Inc.
Provider of surface mount and through-hole printed circuit board assembly services and custom electronics design services. Services are provided to multiple industries.
Captron Corporation
Maryland-based contract manufacturer of conventional through-hole and surface mounted printed circuit board assemblies. Also specializes in the consignment and turnkey manufacture of zero defects electronics assemblies from prototype.
Electronic Specialties of Connecticut, Inc.
Specialist in printed circuit board assemblies, cable assemblies and related services.
www.China-low-cost-PCB.org......electronicspecialties.. Electronic Specialties of CT, Inc.
Provider of through-hole surface mount and mixed technology printed circuit board assembly services. Services include cable and harness assembly and testing. Services are provided to the electronics and other industries. This company was capi...
Flexible Circuit Boards
Specializes in flexible circuit applications with critical delivery schedules. Complete in-house design capabilities and manufacturing services.
Garland Service Co., Inc.
Manufacturer of special tooling for the placement and holding of components on circuit boards during the manufacturing process; and provider of custom special tooling manufacturing services. Products include dedicated and adjustable workboard h...
www.China-low-cost-PCB.org......garland-service.. GlobalSpec..: Circuit Board Assembly
Provides database of suppliers for circuit board assembly. Includes catalogs, technical information, and supplier contact information.
Hezel Elektronik GmbH
Designer and producer of electronic systems. Specialist in the assembled printed circuit board tester market.
www.China-low-cost-PCB.org......hezel.de Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services
Offers PCB assembly using fully automated pick and place machines for any size or difficulty of job, with BGA's X-rayed.
Circuit Board Assembly
Circuit board assembly for electronic components. SMT and PTH, BGA, micro BGA, and fine pitch. Shop now!
Metz Electronics Corporation (MEC)
New Hampshire-based manufacturer of printed circuit board assemblies.
www.China-low-cost-PCB.org......metzelectronics.. Microboard Processing, Inc.
Provider of electronic components and circuit board assembly services. Services are provided to the medical, test, consumer, telecommunications and computer industries. This company was capitalized by private investment.
Nextus Inc.
Manufacturer of electronic cables and printed circuit boards
PCI Limited
Singapore-based contract manufacturer of liquid crystal displays and user interface assemblies.
www.China-low-cost-PCB.org......pciltd.. PCB Assembly
Offers PCB's from 2-24 layers with same-day to five-day delivery time.
Contact Us
Scott Electrokrafts Inc.
Connecticut-based turnkey contract manufacturer specializing in printed circuit board assembly.
www.China-low-cost-PCB.org......scottelectro.. Scott Electrokrafts, Inc.
Manufacturer of printed circuit assemblies, cable and harness assemblies and control consoles. Products are sold to multiple industries.
www.China-low-cost-PCB.org......scottelectro.. SoPark Corporation
New York-based contract manufacturer of electronic products, including printed circuit board assembly, custom cables and wiring harnesses.
Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2000 certified assembly services for printed circuit board. Multi-layer & fine-pitch single-sided designing of products can be done. Capabilities include electronic system designing, CAD printed circuit board layout & CAD/CAM drawing. Testing capabilities include functional in-line...

LeeMAH Electronics, Inc. - San Francisco, CA
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9002 & ISO 9001:2000 certified printed circuit board (PCB) assembly & testing services. Capabilities include surface mount technology, pin thru-hole, ball grid array, PCB & testing equipment, technology transfer, functional & in-circuit testing, burn-in, conformal coating & RTV encapsulation....

Avcom SMT, Inc. - Westerville, OH
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2000 certified contract manufacturer of electronic, through-hole, surface mount & mixed technology printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services including BGAs. Capabilities include conformal coating of PCB assemblies, full turnkey assembly or working with supplied parts kits & functional...

Proto-Pac Engineering - Wilmington, MA
Service Company
Assembly services including surface mount & through-hole assembly for printed circuit boards (PCB). Assembly services include automated optical inspection, semi-automatic & hand insertion & wave & hand soldering. RoHS compliant.

Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2000, ISO/TS 16949, QS-9000, & AS-9100 certified electronic research & development services, program management services, printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services, internal testing & compliance services, & global testing & compliance services. Technologies used include through-hole,...

Della Systems, Inc. - Ronkonkoma, NY
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service CompanyTurn-Key
There's just no time! Let us order parts and/or PCBs, assemble it all and ship it back to you. Cool.
Standard Kitted
Send us the parts and pc boards. We'll build it all and return the pcb fully assembled.
Prototype pc board assembly for you as quickly as 24 hours.
Short–run / Quick-turn prototype assembly — as few as one board!
For PCB fab, go to Sunstone.., our pcb fab partner.
Important Downloads
Sample Kitted BOM Excel format
Kitted order checklist PDF document
Sample Turn-key BOM Excel format

News and Press
See the latest pcb prototype assembly news and events.
Screaming Blog
Featured Blog Post! Read our post about moisture sensitive components. Avoid moisture-caused pcb assembly delays.
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RoHS Lead-Free PCB Assembly
We built our first RoHS pcb prototype assembly way back in 2005. Lead-Free assembly / RoHS assembly is old-news for us. We can answer your RoHS pcb assembly and RoHS pcb fab questions and build quality RoHS compliant electronic prototype and short-run assemblies.

Printed circuit board assembly services. PCB assemblies, ISO 9002 certified. Electronic contract manufacturer OEM products; printed circuit board designs & assemblies, SMT & through-hole & mixed technologies, in-house testing

Integratech Solutions Corp. - Hudson, MA
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2000 certified & RoHS Compliant precision assembly services for printed circuit boards. Printed circuit boards include surface mount & plated through hole boards. PCB assembly services include testing & design services. Capabilities include in-circuit testing, x- ray inspection, functional... PCB, is used to mechanically support and provides electronic contract manufacturing services specializing in both PCB assembly and cable assembly.

PCB Assembly
Through Hole Technology (THT)
Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
Mixed Technology
Cable, Ribbon, and Harness Assembly
Cut-to-length, Stripping and Thermal Stripping
Terminated Wires
Ground Wire
Cables with Various Connector Assemblies
Ribbon Cables with Various Connector Assemblies electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, or traces, etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. Alternative names are printed wiring board (PWB),and etched wiring board. A PCB populated with electronic components is a printed circuit assembly (PCA), also known as a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA).

PCBs are rugged, inexpensive, and can be highly reliable. They require much more layout effort and higher initial cost than either wire-wrapped or point-to-point constructed circuits, but are much cheaper and faster for high-volume production. Much of the electronics industry's PCB design, assembly, and quality control needs are set by standards that are published by the IPC organization.

Vorhies Technologies, Inc. - Ramona, CA
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Contract electronics manufacturer specializing in prototypes, small to medium production runs, prototype & printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services

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Circuit Board Assembly Shenzhen China cn,PCB circuit board assembly,electronic assembly,Low cost