Cable Wire Assembly China,Cable Wire Harness Assembly, Cable Wire Assembly Manufacturing, EMS/OEM Manufacturer

PCB Assembly, Electronic product Contract Manufacturing Services, print circuit board Assembly Services, EMS/OEM Manufacturer, Electronic Assemblers, SMT House In Shenzhen China, PCBA Outsourcing Services, Electronic board soldering, Mass production EMS., quote & order 24 hour.

Professional : SMT BGA// Thru hole Wave soldering // PCB Assembly services //prototyping Engineering
High Quality Low Cost: PCB Manufacturing // Board SMT Assembly // Components Procurement
Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 for PCB and SMT

PCB Manufacturing , PCB Contract Manufacturing, Multilayer // double side //Flex PCB, High Density precision PCB, Impedance control PCB, Buried & Blind Via, Gold Finger, Lead free/ROHS/UL;
Gold Plating PCB,Immersion Gold/Silver surface, HASL surface.Heavy Copper PCB,
Rogers PCB, Rigid Flex PCB, High TG PCB(High Temperature), HF PCB(High Frequency);
Aluminum MCPCB(Al Metal Core),Ceramic base,UL certification;

Turnkey Solution:
Customers just need to write ONE purchase order to PCBSINO for a complete Manufacturing task, we will do the project management includes:
*PCB Fabrication
*Component Procurement / Electronic components purchase
*PCB Assembly / PCBA / Pick and Place Surface Mount soldering/ Qualified Manufacturing
*Board electronic Testing and Inspection;
*Customer allover North America(USA - United States, Canada),Europe(UK-United Kingdom. England, France, The Netherlands,Spain,Austria),India...

PCBSINO Design Engineering Department also can do many project Design Engineering work,Layout design development,electronics hardware, software,schematic circuit diagram,CAD services,;

Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Services - View assembly Line
Electronic manufacturing services(EMS): High quality Rapid Prototyping for both PCB and PCBA,
PCB Assembly (PCBA) include through hole components PCB soldering and SMT PCB Assembly. Quick Turn Proto Samples,

more . .

Our advantage: Sr. Engineer will go through the whole process: component procure - PCB Fabrication - Assembly,


Cable Wire Assembly China,Cable Wire Harness Assembly, Cable Wire Assembly Manufacturing, EMS/OEM Manufacturer

1 Komax Gamma 333 Leadmaker
2 AMP K100 40T Leadmakers
2 Komax 40S Leadmakers
1 Schleuniger CS900 Cut & Strip
1 Schleuniger Power Strip 9500
1 Schleuniger strip/crimp 750
1 CCM 1200 Sleeve/Heatshrink
High quality interconnect products such as wire harnesses and point-to-point cables are essential to nearly all high technology products. Western Electronics has been building custom Cables and Wire-Harnesses for over 30 years, providing delivery on demand to low, medium, and high volume customer requirements. We offer a wide variety of custom solutions including molded cable assemblies, RF, Coaxial, wire-harnesses, and mold making and machining. If you have a custom cable or wire-harness, Western Electronics can respond on a quick-turn basis to your prototyping and volume production requirements.
Fully-automatic machines for connector application
Extensive tool inventory for medium to low volume applications
In-house overmolding capability
Twisted pair system
Wire harness assembly boards with integrated test
UL & CSA certified cable assembler
ANSI, MIL Std, and SCA specification complianceStrip/Terminate/Seal
9 AMP Bandolier crimping
6 JST Bandolier crimping
3 MECAL Bandolier crimping
2 MOLEX Bandolier crimping
4 WORCESTER 3T individual crimping
2 CLAYTON cable insert moulding
1 ESGO cable insert moulding
5 Soldering stations
2 Oscilloscopes 40 MHz
1 Wire twisting machineAssembly Services

ROHS Welcome to POWERsonic Industries –

Experts in the manufacture of custom cable assemblies,
wiring harnesses, electro-mechanical assemblies and more.

POWERsonic offers a wide range of manufacturing services including electronic, electrical, wireless connectivity and controls. Connectivity Solutions consist of wire harnesses, cable assemblies or custom controls for any power or data applications. We provide solutions such as designing, prototyping, small or large scale production runs, and functional/quality testing. Our workmanship and quality meets or exceeds the highest standards in the industry.


Cable Assemblies.
Wire Harnesses / Wiring Harnesses.
Electro-Mechanical Assemblies.
Box Build.
Battery, Battery Packs and Power Supply Assemblies.
Alarm, Surveillance and Security Assemblies.
Control Panels and Panel Wiring Assemblies.
Robotic, Cables, Controls, Panels and Assemblies.
Hotrunner & Mold Connectivity Solutions.
Power Cords.

Manufacturing custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses for a wide variety of industries, including: industrial controls, lighting, and power equipment manufacturers.

When quality and accuracy is your primary goal, find out how LOJO’s can complete your assemblies and projects with efficiency. Whether you have complex, multi-wire, multi-coupling assemblies or need high volume, let us be an extension of your business.


“Custom Work, Quality Service... A Pinner Tradition”Your Primary Choice for Custom Cable Assemblies and Wire HarnessesISO 9001:2008 Registered • UL/CSA Approved • IPC/WHMA-A-620 Compliant
World Class Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses

Meeting your full spectrum of needs – from Full Production Quantities to Service Parts and Prototypes for Defense, Aerospace, Telecom, Medical and more.

Laketronics is the leader in wire harnesses for customers, like you, with ongoing production needs and tough performance standards……that demand absolute perfection.

If you are not an ordinary manufacturer – but rather insist on exacting performance, dimensional and functionality requirements, and on time delivery, then rely on Laketronics.

Our broad manufacturing capabilities include:

Wires - from heavy cable to fine 32 gauge
(Laketronics is a small wire specialist)

Coax, Multi Conductor, and Ribbon Cables

Podding and other sealing capabilities

Micro Soldering eale Manufacturing is an ISO certified commercial and military wiring harness and cable manufacturer. We make electrical wiring harnesses, cable, and mechanical assemblies for anyone...anywhere...from scratch. Once we get together on the wishes, drawings, samples or spec's, we will do the rest. We'll get all the parts...sheet metal, fittings or whatever...and build fully tested assemblies for you at less cost than you can do it for yourself.

Some People We Work For Cable Assembly & Wire Harnesses
Canada & USA
Newark offer a variety of Single Wire Products – Tri-Rated Wire, Multicore Wire and Multipair Cable including Data & Communications Cable, Audio/Microphone Cable, Signal and Security Cable and Coaxial & Triaxial Cable. A wide range of accessories are available including Cable Ties, Mounts & Tools, Cable Glands, Heatshrink and Sleeving products, Cable Clips, Cable Markers & Printers, Trunking and Conduit.
Cable harness
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A cable laced wiring harness installed in a component of a Tesla coil

Harness of coaxial cables. to Wire Ropes Main Page

Python® Ultra when fabricated into a Uni-Loc® Cable Assembly
Assembly Specialty Products is the Industry Leader in the Design, Testing and Manufacturing of Swage Wire Rope Fittings and Custom Fabricated Wire Rope Assemblies

Swage Fittings
Swage Button Ferrules
Standard Threaded Studs
Large Shank Threaded Studs
Open Swage Sockets
Closed Swage Sockets
Threaded Sleeves
Fork Terminals
Pin Eye Terminals
Large Ring Eyes
Marine Eyes
Shank Hooks Stainless Steel Wire Rope Assemblies - Stainless Steel - Rigging Assemblies - 316 Grade - Rigging Services

Wire Rope Assemblies
Custom made stainless steel wire rope assemblies for many applications:

Fork and Fork Tensioner Wire Rope Assembly

Architectural Adjuster Fork System Assembly

Fork and Fork Wire Rope Assembly

Stud and Stud Wire Rope Assembly

Eye and Eye Wire Rope Assembly

Read more:
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MS Fittings
Plain Ball
Single Shank Ball
Double Shank Ball
Fork End
Eye End
Threaded Stud
Locking Threaded Stud
Turnbuckle Body
Strap Eyes
Strap Forks
Custom Wire Rope Assemblies

We offer our customers a wide range of standard and custom wire rope fitting end options to create a custom wire rope assembly specifically suited for your application. Our qualified personnel are ready to assist you step-by-step through the design process with testing and manufacturing conducted in our state-of-the-art facility.
Assembly Specialty Products, Inc. is a family owned and operated business providing excellence in Quality, Service, Reliability and Experience since 1971.
Industries served in the U.S. and abroad include:

Do NOT use Python® Ultra wire rope attached to a swivel. The rope WILL unlay resulting in an unsafe condition.

Block Twisting (Cabling) will occur when used exceeding certain lifting heights. Call for advice

Main Applications:
Super high strength wire rope mainly used for engineered cable assemblies, counterweight ropes, winch lines, boom pendants, extension- and retraction cables, etc. Overhead crane applications for sizes above 3/4" (19 mm) may require some restrictions as to fleet angle and lay direction. Call before you select this rope.

Rope Characteristic:
Python® Ultra is our highest strength rope available. It is fully swage compacted resulting in an extreme smooth outer rope surface and the removal of nearly all of the constructional stretch. This is an important feature if you require a low stretch rope for cables assemblies. Ultra is an 'all parallel' construction type meaning that there are no wire cross-overs within the rope body to ensure maximum fatigue life. Ultra provides a strength increase of up to 53% over regular 6-strand constructions. Refer to the conservatively calculated strength tables.

Python® Ultra requires corresponding drum grooving directions; e.g. use a right hand lay rope if the drum is left hand grooved. Large fleet angles may cause high strands or core protrusion because the rope will roll

Harness of car audio cables.
A cable harness, also known as a wire harness, cable assembly, wiring assembly or wiring loom, is an assembly of cables or wires which transmit signals or electrical power. The cables are bound together by straps, cable ties, cable lacing, sleeves, electrical tape, conduit, a weave of extruded string, or a combination thereof.
Commonly used in automobiles, as well as construction machinery, cable harnesses provide several advantages over loose wires and cables. For example, many aircraft, automobiles and spacecraft contain many masses of wires which would stretch over several kilometres if fully extended. By binding the many wires and cables into a cable harness, the wires and cables can be better secured against the adverse effects of vibrations, abrasions, and moisture. By constricting the wires into a non-flexing bundle, usage of space is optimized, and the risk of a short is decreased. Since the installer has only one harness to install (as opposed to multiple wires), installation time is decreased and the process can be easily standardized. Binding the wires into a flame-retardant sleeve also lowers the risk of electrical fires.
[edit]Production Cable Assembly Manufacturer
Saison Electronics Ltd

Saison - Custom Cable Assemblies
Custom cable manufacturer, Saison Electronics, supplies many clients worldwide with custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. Saison Electronics is a Japanese-owned and operated company with manufacturing facilities in Guangdong Province, China, one of the global centers of production of wiring components. Our headquarters and logistics are based in Hong Kong which allows us to accommodate the most demanding production schedules of our clients.
The company also supplies OEM cables and wire harnesses to major

Cable harnesses are usually designed according to geometric and electrical requirements. A diagram is then provided (either on paper or on a monitor) for the assembly preparation and assembly.
The wires are first cut to the desired length, usually using a special wire-cutting machine. The wires may also be printed on by a special machine during the cutting process or on a separate machine. After this, the ends of the wires are stripped to expose the metal (or core) of the wires, which are fitted with any required terminals or connector housings. The cables are assembled and clamped together on a special workbench, or onto a pin board (assembly board), according to the design specification, to form the cable harness. After fitting any protective sleeves, conduit, or extruded yarn, the harness is either fitted directly in the vehicle or shipped.
In spite of increasing automation, in general, cable harnesses continue to be manufactured by hand, and this will likely remain the case for the foreseeable future. In part, this is due to the many different processes involved, such as:
routing wires through sleeves,
taping with fabric tape, in particular on branch outs from wire strands,
crimping terminals onto wires, particularly for so-called multiple crimps (more than one wire into one terminal),
inserting one sleeve into another,
Cable, Wire, Assemblies and Accessories
Cable - Coaxial (911)
Cable - Fiber Optic (90)
Cable - Multiconductor Shielded (3036)
Cable - Multiconductor Unshielded (2375)
Cable - Multipaired Shielded (1758)
Cable - Multipaired Unshielded (585)
Cable - Ribbon Shielded (89)
Cable - Ribbon Unshielded (732)
Cable Accessories (11301)
Cable Assemblies (8854)
Wire - Single Conductor (7062)
More Cable, Wire & Assemblies (14244)
Featured Cable Assemblies, Electronic Cables & Wire Cable Products

Whether designed with specific customer requirements or for a special application, our custom cable assemblies can meet the challenge of required specifications and/or tolerances.

M.I.S. Electronics has the design capability and practical experience to build cable assemblies that require any number of connectors, styles of termination or types of cable.

Sophisticated Cable Assemblies
Custom Cable Harness Assemblies
Multi-Conductor Cable Applications
Chassis Wiring and Assembly
RF Broadband Cables
Semi-Rigid and Semi-flexible Cables
Coaxial Cables
Control Panels

We work with commercial/military equipment manufacturers, brokers, contractors, distributors, and military refurbishers around the world.

Commercial & OEM: On the commercial side - and unlike most companies - we look forward to working on projects with build quantities ranging from prototype singles to the thousands required for high volume production. We specialize in quick turn-around. Depending on quantity and complexity, sometimes we can even get a harness turned around the day it was ordered.

Military: With an archive of over 1,000,000 drawings and microfiche of wiring harnesses and cable assemblies, we regularly work with wire and cable that ranges from 22 AWG up to 4/0 gauge multi-conductor cable. This wide range of capabilities along with our extensive experience and technical information, also allows us to make many of the hard-to-get electrical assemblies no longer generally available. For some of our military and government customers, for example, we make the sealed magneto and ignition cables used on vehicles that may have to operate submerged on occasion.

All Military, Telecom and Aerospace Wiring

Prototypes and Service Parts on demand are all part of the program:

Laketronics flexible manufacturing processes mean you can place one time orders with confidence.

Custom Cable Assemblies and Wire Harnesses
Pinner Wire & Cable is an ISO9001:2008 registered manufacturer. Since 1991 we have manufactured the highest quality custom cable and wire harness assemblies for all types of industry customers. We will work with you to meet your design requirements – from prints, drawings, schematics or sample prototypes. Our years of experience allow us to build your product to the highest workmanship standards.

We Make Ordering Easy
At Pinner Wire & Cable, our goal is to deliver quality custom wire and cable assemblies to you on time and to your specifications. We make ordering as easy as possible. Just send us your specs and we will take care of the rest. Simply follow the steps below and let us take care of your custom wire and cable assemblies today!

Warehouse Services
Collating & Mailing Services
Heat Shrink Packaging
Package Rework & Salvage
Blister Packaging
Medical Component Assembly & Packaging
Product Packaging
Product Rework and Salvage
Mechanical Assembly in Central NY
Printed Circuit Board Assembly
Wire Preparation
Cable and Wire Harness Assembly
E-Waste Recycling Electronics
Bakery at Alternatives

Medical Equipment Cables, harnesses and assemblies.
Custom Video & Audio Cables and Assemblies.
Machine, Automation Connectivity Solutions.
PCB and PCB Assemblies.
Molding and Overmolding.
Custom Fabrication Services.
Turnkey Solution & Contract Manufacturing.
Engineering and Designing Support.
Just-in-time(JIT), Kanban and VMI.
POWERsonic prides itself with total business and industry diversification. Providing our manufacturing services to clients in all industrial and business segments.
SMT Surface Mount Technology
Chip on Board Hybrid
Through Hole Assembly Selective Solder
Conformal Coating & Potting
Box Build
Cable & Wire Harness
Cable and Wire Harness Assembly
Most printed circuit board assemblies are an integrated portion of a “next higher” assembly and the means to move the signals and data between assemblies will most often be a cable or wire harness assembly.

We recognize our customer’s needs and have partnered with three local cable and wire harness assembly manufacturers that can respond to our most basic and most elaborate wiring assembly needs. As is true with your printed circuit board assemblies, the cable assemblies and wire harness assemblies are built to your very specific requirements, are stocked and delivered when they are needed.Electrical wiring, connections, & components
Complete harness/loom assemblies
Harness wiring/cable harness assembly
PCB & added value electronic assembly
Electro-mechanical assembly
Insert moulding for cabling
Box washing facility
Ultrasonic cleaning facilities