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PCB replacement Circuit board USA,China, PCB relacement circuit board resistor,capacitor,PCB board Replace

1.5 TB WD Caviar Green hard drive that I'd like to try to fix by replacing the drive's PCB.

The drive was housed in an external enclosure. After a power cycle, neither the drive nor the enclosure would power up, and the computer would not recognize the drive as being connected. I tried it in a different enclosure, with the same results. I suspect that the 1st enclosure has damaged the drive's electronics (this is the second drive it's killed in this way) but the data on the platters is OK.

Here's the drive's information:Register for FREE now (click here) and you will get the following:CB, Panel and In-Line Wire Fuse Holders: Printed Circuit Board Fuse Holders

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Keep your fingers safe with ASI Printed Circuit Board Fuse Holders! They provide an efficient solution for PCB products and can be less expensive than a traditional fuse clip.
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Capacitors How to Troubleshoot a Circuit Board Capacitor
By J.T. Barett, eHow Contributor , last updated April 08, 2012

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How to Troubleshoot a Circuit Board Capacitor
While capacitors may last decades on a circuit board, they’re subject to age, manufacturing defects and damage from voltage spikes. Sometimes a bad capacitor will give visual clues you can spot with a careful look. If it appears to be good, you must still test it both in and out of the circuit. A defective or damaged capacitor will reveal itself when you check it with an oscilloscope or multimeter.
Switches Motor capacitor EXPLODED and took out PC board-new capacitor but blows PC boards
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07-21-12, 05:23 PM #1 bighank
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Oct 2008
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I want to replace swollen capacitors on a motherboard. Unfortunately, when removing one of them, a fragment of a pin has stuck in the PCB:

I tried to remove it using pliers, but it only made the situation worse.

EDIT: I’m more interested in methods that can be achieved using tools available in home.
Motor capacitor EXPLODED and took out PC board-new capacitor but blows PC boards
Replaced a defective Sears GDO with another similar unit. Cycled unit about 10 or 15 times setting the up and down stop limit switches. Then KABOOM. Motor capacitor exploded like a bomb. After letting it cool down I replaced it with another newer capacitor from another newer used unit. Still wouldn't work. Replaced PC board with a known good unit. When activating saw a huge spark which came from one of the 3 relays on the board. Took out the PC board and tried it on another similar GDO. The board is also fried. The components with the exception of the PC control board seem to be limited to the motor, limit switches, capacitor and interrupter infra red control at the end of the motor shaft. Don't see what could be causing the guts of the opener to destroy the PC board. If the motor windings are shorted out it might do that. Since no schematics are available I am asking if anyone else has been in this situation and what the cause was.

Read more: http://www.doityourself.com/forum/garages-garage-door-openers-breezeways-carports/475258-motor-capacitor-exploded-took-out-pc-board-new-capacitor-but-blows-pc-boards.html#ixzz2K2POUOed
Transformers, Ferrites & EMC
PCB Development
Fuses Asbestos Containing Fuse boards (Old BS3036 type)

The risks associated with asbestos are now widely known, thousands of people have reportedly been affected by the inhalation of asbestos fibres either directly or indirectly and sadly hundreds have already lost their lives as a result and many more sadly will.

The gestation period of asbestos related disease can be twenty or thirty years.

Large amounts of asbestos were used in new and refurbished buildings before 2000. Usage began to decline in the 1970s and blue asbestos (crocidolite) had a voluntary ban in 1970. Blue and brown (amosite) asbestos were banned by law in 1985. Uses of white asbestos (chrysotile) were banned in 1999. Everything else, and most secondhand supply (except for very high performance materials) was banned by 2000.

Legislation has forced all businesses to have asbestos surveys carried out, to hold a register of the findings and to take precautionary or remedial action where asbestos is found to control or remove the risks associated.
Fuse Wire
Household Fuses PCB Component Identification and replacement. i think its a fuse.?
I have an MS steering wheel for the xbox360 which will not work with the power supply(it works fine with batteries). I have tested the power supply which is working fine. I took the wheel apart, removed the PSU PCB, and tested each component. The power does not pass through a small white rectangle component with the following written on "3A 125V LF 459 FU J6" It is marked on the PCB as "F1" so im guessing its a fuse. I cant find a replacement anywhere.

Do you think it would be ok to replace it with something like this http://www.rapidonline.com/Electrical-Po… or do i need something more specific

3 years ago Report Abuse
Additional Details
Thanks everybody, You have all been very helpful. Yes Mark H that is exactly it, 0459003.UR is the part number. That is it on Digikey too but there postage is £12 for a £1 component lol. From what you said Jamshid, i can replace it with another fast acting, SMD, 3A, 125V fuse and it wont cause problems. its only a very simple circuit so i really want to try fixing it.
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5x20mm Horizontal Fuse Holder
PTF-76 5x20mm horizontal fuse holder, with two PCB contact pins, with mounting pins on 15mm centers, without centering pin
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How can I calculate fuse on PCB trace ?
How can calculate FUSE on PCB TRACE ?

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Thread: Seagate Replacement PCB
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13-08-2012 10:11 AM #1
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Join Date Emergi-Lite Replacement Circuit Boards
Emergi-Lite Replacement Circuit Board for TSC18-2

This Circuit Board is for use with the following Emergi-Lite Emergency and Exit Light models:
Featured Products Replacement Spa Circuit Boards - Balboa Direct

Balboa Water Group (BWG) is dedicated to providing only the highest quality replacement circuit boards to our customers. We created the first reliable electronic spa control system nearly twenty years ago and we have been the leader in the industry every since. Balboa only uses state of the art materials to provide the highest quality circuit boards possible. When we manufacture each Balboa replacement circuit board, it is to the same quality standards or higher as the original board shipped with the system. Our replacement boards incorporate all the original features and functionality; yet, Balboa is continuously incorporating improvements into the replacement boards with the intent to offer a better board than the original system. We also offer numerous generic circuit boards to replace or retrofit your old boards. Our advanced features and designs provide you with a reliable product that accommodates the most demanding new spa designs and advanced water temperature management on the market today.

You send us the photos , we give you the solution

Symptoms of bad PCB board

Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 Firmware Fix , repair tool, Support : Win7/Vista/XP

PCB BOARD for Seagate Barracuda ST2000DL002 100617465 100603204 100573971 100591286 with firmware transfer

WD Caviar WD800JB-00CRA1 WD800JB-OOCRA1 80GB 1102 7 IDE PCB Circuit Board

PCB BOARD for Maxtor DiamondMax 22 STM31000340AS 100466824 100468979 with firmware transfer

Emergi-Lite Replacement Circuit Boards
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009001-E Circuit Board Emergi-Lite Replacement Circuit Board for JCM27-2
WBB251315 $14.75
009003-E Circuit Board Emergi-Lite Replacement Circuit Board for TSC18-2
WBB251272 $
Jan 2009
Seagate Replacement PCB
Hey people,

I hope that someone might be able to help me. I have a Seagate Barracuda LP 2TB drive with a faulty circuit board. The drive is still under warranty, but I would prefer to get some of the data back before I send it in.

Does anyone perhaps know where I can source a replacement circuit board? Even if it's from a similar model that stopped working due to mechanical problems.

The data is NOT valuable enough to justify paying a company for data recovery.

From the top sticker:

Model : WD15EADS-00P8B0
WWN: 50014EE0AC71C1AC
DATE: 11 NOV 2009
LBA: 2930277168
5VDC: 0.70A
12VDC: 0.55A
R/N: 701640