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PCB Assembly, Electronic product Contract Manufacturing Services, print circuit board Assembly Services, EMS/OEM Manufacturer, Electronic Assemblers, SMT House In Shenzhen China, PCBA Outsourcing Services, Electronic board soldering, Mass production EMS., quote & order 24 hour.

Professional : SMT BGA// Thru hole Wave soldering // PCB Assembly services //prototyping Engineering
High Quality Low Cost: PCB Manufacturing // Board SMT Assembly // Components Procurement
Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 for PCB and SMT

PCB Manufacturing , PCB Contract Manufacturing, Multilayer // double side //Flex PCB, High Density precision PCB, Impedance control PCB, Buried & Blind Via, Gold Finger, Lead free/ROHS/UL;
Gold Plating PCB,Immersion Gold/Silver surface, HASL surface.Heavy Copper PCB,
Rogers PCB, Rigid Flex PCB, High TG PCB(High Temperature), HF PCB(High Frequency);
Aluminum MCPCB(Al Metal Core),Ceramic base,UL certification;

Turnkey Solution:
Customers just need to write ONE purchase order to PCBSINO for a complete Manufacturing task, we will do the project management includes:
*PCB Fabrication
*Component Procurement / Electronic components purchase
*PCB Assembly / PCBA / Pick and Place Surface Mount soldering/ Qualified Manufacturing
*Board electronic Testing and Inspection;
*Customer allover North America(USA - United States, Canada),Europe(UK-United Kingdom. England, France, The Netherlands,Spain,Austria),India...

PCBSINO Design Engineering Department also can do many project Design Engineering work,Layout design development,electronics hardware, software,schematic circuit diagram,CAD services,;

Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Services - View assembly Line
Electronic manufacturing services(EMS): High quality Rapid Prototyping for both PCB and PCBA,
PCB Assembly (PCBA) include through hole components PCB soldering and SMT PCB Assembly. Quick Turn Proto Samples,

more . .

Our advantage: Sr. Engineer will go through the whole process: component procure - PCB Fabrication - Assembly,


Mount PCB board,USA,CHina,Mount PCB Enclosure,Mount PCB box,wire connector

PCB Mount Connectors carries PCB Mount Connectors. Some of the PCB Mount Connectors available include RJ45 PCB Jacks, Mini Din PCB Connectors, and DSub PCB Connectors. These are perfect for your printed circuit board applications. If you need a PCB Mount Connector not listed here, and/or pinout drawing identified call us at 800-931-3133 or email a request and any documents to
PCB Mount Modular Jacks
PCB Side Entry Fully Flanged Jacks
PCB Side Entry Space Saver Jacks
PCB Side Entry Panel Stop Jacks
PCB Side Entry Slim Size Jacks
PCB Top Entry Panel Stop Jacks
PCB Side Entry Low Profile Jacks populate a surface mount PCB

October 13, 2009 By Mike Szczys 19 Comments PCB / PCB Connectors
Solutions for Board-to-Board and Board-to-Cable Connections
Rosenberger provides a wide range of RF coaxial connectors for PCB applications. A wide range of installation variants are available. The range incorporates straight and angled connections of all innovative coaxial series such as P-SMP, Longwipe-SMP, SMP, FMC, Mini-SMP and Micro-RF. Rosenberger also offers optimum PCB connectors for many common standard RF series such as SMA, QMA, SMB, MCX and Mini-Coax as well as for automotive or test and measurement technology applications.

In addition to small board-to-board distances, essential characteristics are equalization of radial and axial misalignments, the different holding forces and a fast and cost-effective assembly design. The surface-mount technology facilitates very good transmission characteristics and automatic installation using the special tape & reel packaging.
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PCB Basics

Customized Footprints – Layout Recommendations

The quality of surface mount connections is dependent on several parameters, such as substrate thickness and board-stack-up.
Rosenberger offers tailor-made footprints and layout recommendations for customized applications.

Elastic Board-to-Board Connection EIC


Our global manufacturing footprint enables Sanmina to provide complete end-to-end solutions of complex, multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs). We’re committed to providing customers with the right global footprint, technologies and resources proven to lower costs and improve quality.

Our commitment to outstanding PCB service and support is particularly evident in the following:

Design for Manufacturability (DFM): We analyze your PCB design to ensure conformance to best-in-class manufacturing standards.

Quickturn Prototyping: We quickly produce prototypes and short-run pre-production boards to meet your time-to-market requirements.

New Product Introduction (NPI): We establish PCB design rules that support a seamless transition to volume production.

High-volume Production: Get the local, regional and global manufacturing support you need. We have global PCB manufacturing facilities strategically located in North America, Asia and Europe.

Advanced Technology: We use cutting-edge technologies and processes to create cost-effective solutions that address your unique requirements.

Please note: All reference materials are in PDF format.

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Odyssey Electronics - Livonia, MI
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer
ISO 9001:2008 certified contract manufacturer of single sided, double-sided & multi layer printed circuit boards (PCBs). Hard drive I/O boards, video boards, servo motor, lighting & tool controllers, plastic & metal cables, sensors, vision systems, video cards & data acquisition instruments are also available. Capabilities include prototyping, surface mount technology (SMT) assembling, through hole assembling with VCD axial insertion, wave & reflow soldering, box build assembling, turnkey building, installation, ball grid array (BGA) inspection, automatic optical inspection (AOI), in-circuit & functional testing & packaging. RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances) compliant.
Hughes Electronics Products Corp. - Livonia, MI
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9002:2000, QS 9000 & ISO 14001 certified custom manufacturer of printed circuit boards. PCBs feature 1 to 8 layers, materials including FR-4, FR-5, FR-6 CEM & flex, min plated holes of .009 in. & thicknesses of .005 in. to .125 in. Electro-mechanical, sub-assembly & prototype assembly capabilities include automated laser surface-mount placement, screen printing, double-sided SMT, thru-hole assembly, parts procurement, wave soldering, cable & harness assembly & kit builds.
Bral Corporation - Warren, OH (Serving Michigan)
Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2008 registered custom manufacturer of metal stamping products including printed circuit boards (PCB) with thickness up to 3/8 in. Materials include aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon steel, cobalt steel, copper, stainless steel & steel. Various features include coated, countersunk, cruciform, embossed, enameled, flat, heat treated, ornamental, strain relief, tapped & threaded. Production capabilities include bulk, complex, heavy gauge, high strength, intricate, medium-to-large, micro, microminiature, miniature, small, subminiature, thin gage & thin wall. Other capabilities include assembly, consulting, deburring, design, heat treating, plating, packaging, powder coating, stress relieving, swaging, tapping, trimming & welding. Various industries served include aerospace, agricultural, automotive, communications, construction, electrical, electronics, medical, military & semiconductor. JIT shipping.Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) Suppliers serving Upstate New York
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Upstate New York Located in
Upstate New York
Scott Electrokrafts, Inc. - Andover, CT (Serving Upstate New York)
Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100B certified custom contract manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCB) including prototype & plated-through-hole (PTH) circuit boards. Products are available from prototype to high volume production runs & include electromechanical & electronic assemblies, PC board assemblies, cables & control chassis. Services include design assistance, assembly, system integration & functionality testing. All assemblies are inspected to IPC610 Class 2 or 3 requirements. Special packaging is also available. ISO 13485 compliant.
Standard Printed Circuits, Inc. - Sherburne, NY
Custom Manufacturer
ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100C certified custom manufacturer of printed circuit boards 1-14 layers utilizing standard FR4. Manufactured using advanced dielectrics including PTFE, ceramic loaded PTFE, TMM, polyimide, polyphenylene oxide, as well as multi-functional FR4s and phenolic resin systems. Providing a wide variety of final finishes including RoHS compliant lead free finishes.
Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) Capabilities:
Custom Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Through-hole technology
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Through-hole (leaded) resistors

Through-hole devices mounted on the circuit board of a mid-1980s home computer.
Through-hole technology, also spelled "thru-hole", refers to the mounting scheme used for electronic components that involves the use of leads on the components that are inserted into holes drilled in printed circuit boards (PCB) and soldered to pads on the opposite side either by manual assembly by hand placement or by the use of automated insertion mount machines.[1]
Contents [hide] Update: Added locations of mounting holes. Fixed minor error in I2C paragraph. Clarified expected use of P5 connector.

Update: A lot of people are asking when revision 2.0 boards will appear in the wild. They’ll be filtering out over the next month as the last stocks of the revision 1.0 at each distributor and in each geography are exhausted. I’m aware of at least one person who has received a revision 2.0 board already (from Farnell, in the UK).

We don’t believe that the changes are large enough to make it worth “holding on” for revision 2.0, unless you have a specific requirement to add an audio codec or you need mounting holes for some industrial application.Home >> Electronic Design >> Enclosures >> Plastic

7.12 Length Model A-42 Enclosure

A-42-BK: Specialty Enclosure PCB Boss Mounts

Jameco Part no. 373456
Manufacturer no. A-42-BK
RoHS compliant
Catalog 131 , page 145

Data Sheet (current) [55 KB ]

Pricing & Availability

# of Unit Price
1+ $13.95
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100+ $10.95
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Mounting Arduino on custom PCB?
« on: July 06, 2012, 05:54:48 AM »
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We are experts in thru-hole and surface mount technology PCBA's, backplanes, modules and box-builds. Complete pre- and post engineering services for layout, design and test development are provided.

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New Product from Bud Industries: PCB for Din Rail Mount Multi-Board Box

We’re excited to share info on a new product from one of our manufacturers – Bud Industries. They are introducing the PCB for Din Rail Mount Multi-Board Box …

The PCB is designed to fit circuit board location ‘A’ of the Din Rail Mount Multi-Board boxes. Its 0.1” hole spacing is designed to accommodate a variety of components for prototyping. We do have 5 sizes available. like some tips and advice for my Arduino project;

I have made a working prototype and now I'm thinking about taking the next step, which would be to produce a DIY kit, which I want to be as low cost as possible.

1.27mm Pitch MICRO Straight PCB Mount IDC Box Header

1.27mm x 1,27mm cross pitch IDC Header
RoHS Compliant
Mates with IDC Cables & Sockets A32-xx-CGB1-G (1.27mm Pitch IDC MICRO Cable Sockets) & TC7-xx-x-xxxMM-x-G (1.27mm Pitch Micro IDC Cable Assemblies)
Download datasheet here
Part No Stock Quantity* 1+ 50+ 250+ 1000+ Quantity
6 position (2x3)
436 £1.070 £0.830 £0.710 £0.480
As you see the amount of cables for all the buttons is totally horrible, so I need to make a custom PCB to mount the components.

So I've been looking at different options for this, like Express PCB. So far not much of a deal...

The buttons and LEDS will be mounted on my custom PCB which is mounted to the front panel. This is nice because then the enclosure can be pretty much anything, so I would prefer not to have to mount the arduino board somewhere else in the enclosure.

So, I'm thinking, can I make a PCB where I mount for example an Arduino Nano? Is that a good idea? Or are there better solutions? I think it can be nice to have the USB port so that the users can upgrade the software...

Related Products
Specification Value
Product Type ENCLOSURE The TS-1741F is available with

Cover screws directly into base
2 optional mounting bosses in cover
Surface mounting flanges
Black ABS
Assembly includes base, cover, and 4 enclosure screws
For this case with no mounting flanges, click here.
Family CASE
Dimensions 7.12"x5.0"x1.62" Mounting sensitively placed PCB in wood enclosure
I need to mount my PCB in a wood enclosure. The enclosure is made of 1/4" miter cut wood, with just enough room to fit the PCB. The PCB will have nixie tubes attached to it so it needs to be mounted this way, with some amount of distance between it and the top of the enclosure. The exact distance is variable because I haven't attached the tubes yet. There was only just enough room on the PCB to make room for screws at the very corners.

Basically I figure it needs to hang from screws that are attached to the top (or blocks glued into the corners of the walls but this might be tricky when putting it together). My main concern is how to attach either screws hanging from the top, or nuts for the screws to screw in to. The only thing I could think of was to glue nuts right onto the bottom of the top piece, but that seems messy and unreliable. Also that large blank spot on one side may need to be cut out to make room for controls at the front of the enclosure.

Is there a system specially suited for this?
Specification Value

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In the six months since we launched Raspberry Pi, we’ve received a lot of feedback about the original board design. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be gradually rolling out a new revision 2.0 PCB which incorporates some of the most popular suggestions. You can determine which board revision you have by typing cat /proc/cpuinfo at the command line and looking up the hardware revision code in the following table:

Model and revision Code(s)
Model B Revision 1.0 2
Model B Revision 1.0 + ECN0001 (no fuses, D14 removed) 3
Model B Revision 2.0 4, 5, 6
There has been a small change to the GPIO pin out of revision 2.0, to add ARM JTAG support and to present a different I2C peripheral from that which is (heavily) used on the camera interface. Users wishing to produce portable GPIO code should either avoid using the these pins, or add code to check the board revision and behave appropriately.
1 History
2 Characteristics
3 See also
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Through-hole technology almost completely replaced earlier electronics assembly techniques such as point-to-point construction. From the second generation of computers in the 1950s until surface-mount technology (SMT) became popular in the late 1980s, every component on a typical PCB was a through-hole component. PCBs initially had tracks printed on one side only, later both sides, then multi-layer boards were in use. Through holes became plated-through holes (PTH) in order for the components to make contact with the required layers. Plated-through holes are no longer required with SMT boards for making the component connections but are still used for making interconnections between the layers and in this role are more usually called vias.
Custom Manufacturing of Multilayer FR4 PCB for the Industrial Controls Industry
Custom Manufacturing of Multilayer Mixed Dielectric PCB for the Aerospace/Defense Industry
More Info
SenDEC Corporation - CEM Group - Fairport, NY
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2008 certified & ITAR registered contract manufacturer for printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies including single-sided, double-sided & multi-layer printed circuit boards. Capabilities include design engineering, PCB layout, rapid prototyping, DFM/DFT analysis, supply chain management, PCB & electromechanical assembly, test engineering & rework. PCB assembly capabilities include SMT (surface mount technology) & mixed technology (SMT + PTH) with expertise in BGA/micro-BGA & fine pitch placement. Box-build assembly capabilities include electromechanical assembly, housing/enclosure/cabling, integration & test, labeling & bar coding, kitting & packaging. Testing capabilities include in-circuit testing, functional testing, DFT (design for test) analysis, automatic optical inspection & X-ray inspection of components. Meet IPC, ANSI & Military specifications. UL listed. RoHS compliant.
Brand Names: Sendec
Malibu Technologies - Chesterfield Township, MI
Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
Printed circuit board assemblies design and layout. Capabilities include advanced packaging, optimal penalization, BOM validation, CAD driven documentation, manufacturing equipment programming, mechanical enclosure and engineering constraint driven designing, contract engineering, prototyping, assembly, screen printing, soldering, inspection and testing. Lean manufacturing capable. Six Sigma certified. On-time delivery.
ADCO Circuits Inc. - Rochester Hills, MI
Owego, New York
Wuxi, China
Costa Mesa, California
Design for Manufacturability

Backdrilling Signal Integrity
Buried Capacitance® & Embedded Passives

FaradFlex™ Presentation
Buried Capacitance® Licensed Fabricators
Buried Capacitance® Licensed Laminate Suppliers
Buried Capacitance® Technical Overview

Rosenberger developed a innovative elastic board-to-board connection EIC (Elastic Interface Coax) for reliable RF connections between PCBs or other subunits. The EIC can be implemented quickly and easily. Additional manual assembly of individual components is not necessary.

Product Features
Frequency range up to 10 GHz
Power handling 130 W @ 2.7 GHz
EMI shielding 85 dB @ 2.7 GHz
Axial misalignment 1 mm
Radial misalignment +/- 0.6 mm
Board-to-board distance min. 7 mm
Pitch 12.4 mm

Let’s face it friends, everything is moving toward surface mount components. We’ve seen quite a few features here that cover using stencils to populate boards and using ovens to reflow. [Oleg] has put together a tutorial on the process he uses to populate and reflow his own boards.

[Oleg] is the creator of the USB Isolator and therefore has a need to frequently populate the same board. He’s using an acrylic frame that fits the PCB perfectly to hold it in place so that paste and be applied right up to the edges of the board. He ordered a laser cut Kapton stencil for applying the solder. The paste is squeegeed into the stencil holes, the stencil is removed, and parts are placed with tweezers and a steady hand. For the final step, the boards go into an old toaster oven for reflow.

[Oleg] uses temperature marker on his boards to monitor the progress of the reflow. This marker is basically a crayon that begins to melt at a specific temperature. When the board has cooled, the melted mark can be scraped away or removed with alcohol.
PCB Top Entry Shielded Jacks
PCB Side Entry Shielded Jacks
PCB Side Entry Gang Jacks
PCB Top Entry Gang Jacks

PCB Mount Mini Din Connectors
PCB Single Shielded Mini Din Connectors
PCB Double Shielded Mini Din Connectors
PCB Mount DSub Connectors
PCB Straight DSub Connectors
PCB Right Angle .318 DSub Connectors
PCB Right Angle .380 DSub Connectors
PCB Right Angle .590 DSub Connectors
PCB Straight High Density DSub Connectors
PCB Right Angle .350 High Density DSub Connectors
PCB Right Angle Centronic Connectors
PCB Straight Centronic Connectors

PCB Mount Boxed Headers
PCB Right Angle .1x.1 Boxed Headers
PCB Straight .1x.1 Boxed Headers
PCB Surface Mount 2.00mm Boxed Headers
PCB Straight 2.00mm Boxed Headers
PCB Mount Firewire Connectors
PCB Mount Firewire Connectors
PCB Mount TNC Connectors
PCB Straight TNC Connectors PCB Right Angle TNC Connectors
PCB Mount BNC Connectors
PCB Straight BNC Connectors PCB Right Angle BNC Connectors
PCB Mount Power Plugs
PCB Straight Power Plugs PCB Right Angle Power Plugs
PCB Mount Connectors
Part Number Description Click Picture for Specs Price / Qty
Soldering Iron
400-140 48 Watt Soldering Station

Serial ATA PCB Mount
SAT-SM-PCB Serial ATA, PCB, Mount Signal (50 Pack)

PCB Mount Modular Jacks
Side Entry, Full Flanged PCB Modular Jacks
PT-J242-6X4 PCB Side Entry Full Flanged RJ11 Jack 50 Pack

PT-J243-8C PCB Side Entry Full Flanged RJ45 Jack 50 Pack