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PCB Assembly, Electronic product Contract Manufacturing Services, print circuit board Assembly Services, EMS/OEM Manufacturer, Electronic Assemblers, SMT House In Shenzhen China, PCBA Outsourcing Services, Electronic board soldering, Mass production EMS. www.pcbsino.org, quote & order 24 hour.

Professional : SMT BGA// Thru hole Wave soldering // PCB Assembly services //prototyping Engineering
High Quality Low Cost: PCB Manufacturing // Board SMT Assembly // Components Procurement
Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 for PCB and SMT

PCB Manufacturing , PCB Contract Manufacturing, Multilayer // double side //Flex PCB, High Density precision PCB, Impedance control PCB, Buried & Blind Via, Gold Finger, Lead free/ROHS/UL;
Gold Plating PCB,Immersion Gold/Silver surface, HASL surface.Heavy Copper PCB,
Rogers PCB, Rigid Flex PCB, High TG PCB(High Temperature), HF PCB(High Frequency);
Aluminum MCPCB(Al Metal Core),Ceramic base,UL certification;

Turnkey Solution:
Customers just need to write ONE purchase order to PCBSINO for a complete Manufacturing task, we will do the project management includes:
*PCB Fabrication
*Component Procurement / Electronic components purchase
*PCB Assembly / PCBA / Pick and Place Surface Mount soldering/ Qualified Manufacturing
*Board electronic Testing and Inspection;
*Customer allover North America(USA - United States, Canada),Europe(UK-United Kingdom. England, France, The Netherlands,Spain,Austria),India...

PCBSINO Design Engineering Department also can do many project Design Engineering work,Layout design development,electronics hardware, software,schematic circuit diagram,CAD services,;

Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Services - View assembly Line
Electronic manufacturing services(EMS): High quality Rapid Prototyping for both PCB and PCBA,
PCB Assembly (PCBA) include through hole components PCB soldering and SMT PCB Assembly. Quick Turn Proto Samples,

more . .

Our advantage: Sr. Engineer will go through the whole process: component procure - PCB Fabrication - Assembly,


Rapid Prototyping/Mass production,PCB Manufacturer,PCB assembly house services, PCBA Contract Manufacturing

EMS / Contract Electronic Manufacturing

I received your last quote, after you made the adjustment for few parts prices, and the total cost is totally way off
from the quote we had received earlier. Your quote originally was for 30,200.00 USD and now is at 52K USD.

That is a huge difference in the cost of the project. I have selected few pages of you last quote and pin pointed the
parts that have effected the increase , for you to review. I would like that you review your quote to make sure that
there is no misunderstandings, and if you last quotes costs are correct let me know as soon as possible.
Note : I have used only the most dense boards, to indicate the major difference in the cost.
We've recently discovered your website and would be curious to know if you can also offer PCB assembly services as well as final device assembly and injection molding for cases.
Here are the specs we would need:

- 0.8mm
- black soldermask
- white silkscreen
- microcontroller needs to be programmed before assembly, together with setting the fuses
- see attached pictures to make sure that all components are correctly close to the board
- please let me know if you have alternate components that could lower the BoM cost
- screen to be sent to you by another manufacturer

Functional test:
- video here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBnvivGrIMk
- bootloader part of the video doesn't apply as the microcontroller is programmed before
- Joystick part of the video doesn't apply, was removed
- functional test is therefore one minute long, requires a linux computer
in the market for AI/SMT spare parts.

We specialize in the SMT filed since 2007,with RGD less than 3%.

Mainly engaged in brand:

Scope of business:
feeder, motor , driver, filter, nozzle, valve ,and small parts for feeders...etc.

Repair Service:
Repair Laser , motor , Driver , Board …ect.

Our manufacturing capability is complemented by our partnership approach in providing comprehensive electronic design, production and technical support services for electronic manufacturing to optimize products' speed to market.

As a result of continuous investment in people and equipment, we provide broad process and turnkey capabilities, flexibility, responsiveness to dynamic markets, shorter manufacturing lead-times and a commitment to total quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Services Include

New Product Design & Development (Electronic & Mechanical)

Prototyping and Pre-production?

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) & Ball Grid Array (BGA) Printed Circuit Assembly and System Assembly and Integration

Capital Electro-Circuits is your solution for complete Printed Circuit Assembly and Integration. We offer surface mount, through holes, cable assembly and box assembly services.

Surface Mount Technology
Capital Electro-Circuits provides assembly of surface mounted circuitry including:
Ability to place component up to 25 mil pitch.
Low to high volume production assembly.
Inventory control and secured storage area.
Component purchasing, thus offering a full turnkey solution.
PCB assembly of 100% SMT, mixed technology.
Entire area of assembly is ESD controlled.

Through Hole Assembly
Capital Electro-Circuits provides assembly of through holes circuitry including:
Full through hole assembly line.
Low to high volume production assembly.
Inventory control and secured storage area
Component purchasing, thus offering a full turnkey solution.
Entire area of assembly is ESD controlled.

Cable Assembly

Ribbon, power, network or harness cables.
Fast low to high volume production.
Inventory control and secured storage area.
Entire area of assembly is ESD controlled.
Box Assembly

Chassis assembly and system integration.
Low to high volume production.
Inventory control and secured storage area. PCB Manufacturing & Assembly Equipment

Page : 1 2

Dry Film Auto Cutting Laminator
Model No. Mach 630 up


Drilling & Routing Machines

UV Exposure System
Hardware purchasing, thus offering a full turnkey solution.

Capital Electro-Circuits is ready to respond to your manufacturing needs. Call (301) 977-0303 for immediate information, or send a copy of your RFQ. Include your drawing, bill of material and delivery requirements, Capital will quickly provide you with a complete quotation.

Capital Electro-Circuits maintains a high standard of quality workmanship resulting in very reliable products. This is something that Capital customers can continually count on.

Through Hole Assembly
PCB Manufacturing & Assembly
Coating and Potting

Casing Assembly / Complete Unit Assembly

In-circuit Testing, Functional Testing, and System Testing

Packaging and Distribution

PCB assembly forms a core part of our electronic manufacturing services (EMS). This capability can be utilized at all levels from the initial production of very low volume, rapid prototype products, through to the ongoing manufacture of complex, multi-technology PCB assemblies.

Given our capability in product innovation and development, we have the ability to offer prototype and rapid turn around PCB assembly for surface mount, mixed technology and conventional PCB assemblies.

BGA & Surface Mount PCB Assembly : Our automated surface mount PCB assembly processes are utilized throughout all stages of the manufacturing cycle to ensure consistent, sustained quality coupled with optimum manufacturing costs.
Mixed Technology & Through-Hole PCB Assembly : We have full capability for assembling both Through-Hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies and can also offer a number of peripheral services such as conformal coating and potting etc. In addition, we can also undertake device programming and the configuration of PCB assemblies prior to system integration before dispatch.
Design & Mfg. has an assembly option for you. Final test. Burn-in, and Probe Boards are just a few of our specialties. We also build cable harnesses for test machines and miniature cables compatible with today's electronics technology.

We are conveniently located in Mesa, AZ Single and double sided SMT/PTH
Large parts on both sides, BGA on both sides
Smallest Chips size
Min BGA and Micro BGA pitch and ball counts
0.008 in. (0.2mm) pitch, ball count greater than 1000
Min Leaded parts pitch
0.008 in. (0.2 mm)
Max Parts size assembly by machine
2.2 in. x 2.2 in. x 0.6 in.
Assembly surface mount connectors
Odd form parts:
Resistor and capacitor networks
Electrolytic capacitors
Variable resistors and capacitors (pots)
Yes,Assembly by hands
Wave soldering
Max PCB size
14.5 in. x 19.5 in.
Min PCB Thickness
Fiducial Marks
Preferred but not required
PCB Finish:
2.Electrolytic gold
3.Electroless gold
4.Electroless silver
5.Immersion gold
6.Immersion tin
PCB Shape
Panelized PCB
1.Tab routed
2.Breakaway tabs High-speed PCB Design Services

Customers can monitor project timelines, the design itself, and collaborate
in documentmanagement.POE will organize and manage a high performance
team to shorten the R&D cycle and reduce the cost of the project.

Simple products only.Surface Mount Technology

POE all products follow IPC2 standards.With 18 years experience of placing BGA, UBGA, CSP and small profile passives down to and including 0201, POE offers a cost effective high yield solution to any SMT requirement.

Pin Through Hole

Capabilities to place tape and reeled radial components sizes. Maximum PCB size is 40" x 40". Placement rates reach 15000 pieces per hour with an accuracy of 99% minimizing component loss.

RoHS Regulations

POE have 2 kinds of solutions. Leadfree and leaded soldering process.
Each solutions room are divided into 2 seperated places. so there is no mix up.

Selective Wave Solder

Having the Selective Wave soldering machines, POE achieves consistent quality and process control when assembling boards having multiple ground and power planes, high-current connectors or A-typical distribution of components. All AOI tested before QC.IPQC.

Conformal coating

Both dip-coating and vertical spray coating is available. Protecting non conductive dielectric layer that is applied onto the printed circuit board assembly to protect the electronic assembly from damage due to contamination, salt spray, moisture, fungus, dust and corrosion caused by harsh or extreme environments. When coated, it is clearly visible as a clear and shiny material.

Complete box build

Complete 'Box Build' solutions including materials management of all components, electromechanical parts, plastics, casings and print & packaging material

Inspection Methods

AOI Testing

•Checks for solder paste
•Checks for components down to 0201"
•Checks for missing components, offset, incorrect parts, polarity

X-Ray Inspection

X-Ray provides high-resolution inspection of:
•Micro BGAs
•Chip scale packages LED driver PCBA
The main SMT production line consists of automated
high-precision state-of-the-art equipments from
PanasonIC,Sumsung, Japan total 6 lines
(Smallest SMT components size can reach to 0201
capable of 0.6mm*0.3mm ~ 50mm*50mmQFP, 0.15mm gap, ±0.05 accuracy )
Daily capacity can reach to 11,000,000 millions components
Main products: P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 P10 PCBA, Full color SMD LEDS,OEM outside box
And cables, screws, sender card and receiver card.

LED driver PCBA P5 PCB and Electronics Industry

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Solder paste glue liquid auto HG dispenser for SMD PCB BRAND NEW Ship From US

Time left:17d 4h left2/20, 2AM
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Solder paste glue liquid auto HG dispenser for SMD PCB BRAND NEW Ship From US

Time left:15h leftSunday, 1PM
0 bids TI Electronic Llc. has 20 years of experience in PCB Assemblyand the services and technologies in connection with PCB Assembly.

Our capacity enables us a customer-specific production in small or big volumes.

PCB Assembly is one of the company’s main activities. We are able to undertake a high-quality Printed Circuit Board Assembly on favourable prices and flexible conditions. Within PCB Assembly we are applying most of the assembly technologies: Thru-Hole axial, radial assembly, manual assembly, SMT assembly (01005-45mm x 45mm, BGA, uBGA), Reflow, Dispense technologies.

Reasons for choosing EMS services from TI-Electronic:
We offer all types of assembly technologies
We are able to mount parts of all usual sizes (01005 to 45 mm x 45 mm – BGA, μBGA, Flip Chips, CSP, Connectors – Long Connectors 100 mm)
We also offer manual assembly and wawe soldering
We undertake production in small and high volumes as well Manufacturing Process

Hua Xing PCBA Limited provide completely assembled and tested serivce. it includes Surface Mount Assembly (SMT), Through Hole/Mixed Technology Assembly, Box Build and System Integration, Prototype & Pre-Production runs, and Specialized Rework. The production department also features complete inspection and testing services including Microscope, AOI, 3D X-Ray, ICT, Functional, Flying Probe, Burn in, HiPot, and Box Build Test etc. to meet manufacturing standards and to ensure overall customer satisfaction.

All customers can request free samples when mass production for approval, all this will cost free. And also you can only make prototypes only for your design service.

Our building products experience range:industrial elevator system, digital video record (DVR) system, medical, computing, storage, instrumentation, traffic, industrial power, fire alarm, wireless communication, telecommunication, networking and house controller

PCBA Manufacturing & Test

With more than 15 years of experience working in partnership with industry-leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s), HUA XING PCBA LIMITED has been a pioneer in surface mount technology (SMT), fiber optic assembly, and lead-free materials processing. Printed circuit board assembly and testing is at the heart of our manufacturing services, and we offer the latest in materials, board sizes and finishes to improve performance. Our complete range of electrical and mechanical testing for cables, harnesses, PCBAs, subassemblies and systems are designed to meet our customer’s requirements and specifications. We cover the entire life cycle of electronic products – from prototype development and NPI, through to growth and maturity and end-of-life phases.

Engineered Prototyping and New Product Introduction (NPI)

Prototyping is an integral part of the system design process. Our OEM customers take advantage of our on-site, rapid prototyping services to verify functionality and manufacturability. Early visibility of the prototype can identify problems and minimize risk, while increasing output, reducing development costs, and accelerating development cycles. HUA XING PCBA LIMITED’s New Product Introduction (NPI) is a vital cross-functional business process which enables new products to be manufactured and addresses their entire lifecycle – from conception to end-of-life. HUA XING PCBA LIMITED provides intelligent solutions that give customers a competitive edge.

Functional Testing Capabilities PCB Assembly
Shera Technology's PCB Assembly line includes the latest process in SMT and wave soldering along with SIP, AOI, X-Ray, ICT and functional testing. Our SMT capabilities include mounting up to 275 different components at the same time, smallest component down to 0201 and fastest speed to 0.09 second per component.

In order to satisfy needs of customers, we are flexible to manufacture single and dual side assemblies as well as mixed technology PCBAs. Our PCB assembly team is managed and run by a team of highly experienced professionals, and we are ready to handle all aspects of manufacturing from small pre-productions to mass production orders.

Our PCB assembly services include:
Reverse engineering and short run PCB manufacturing

Armistead Technologies can reverse engineer and manufacture anything from one-off PCB prototypes to small quantities of printed circuit boards. This turnkey service is particularly valuable when you need to:

Replace broken or worn-out printed circuit boards
Test and evaluate an updated replacement circuit board design
Assemble up to 10,000 PC boards per month
We can take on all the PCB manufacturing headaches including assembling the circuit board, electrical testing, quality control, and even labeling and packaging. And, we offer quick turnaround.

Got questions? Just give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss your PCB manufacturing project with you.

PC board manufacturing and assembly capabilities

Layers: 1-4 layers typical; up to 8 layers available
Maximum PC board size: 18 inches x 24 inches (for multiple boards on one panel, allow one inch all around for tabs). Tab routing and scoring are available.
Materials: FR-4 typical. Others available including G10, CEM-1, CEM-2, Rodgers 4000, Polyimide, Teflon, Duroid.
Thickness: 0.062 inches, typical. Others available and utilized for multi-layer boards include: 0.005, 0.010, 0.031, 0.040, 0.093, 0.125 inches.
Copper thickness (weight): 1.0 oz typical. Available: 0.5 oz and 2.0 oz.
Solder mask: Liquid photo-imageable, SR1000 wet.
Surface finish: SMOBC, Tin/Lead, white tin body gold.
Minimum hole size: 12 mil (0.32mm)
Minimum track width: 5 mil (0.12mm)Overview
PCBA Samples
Industrial Control PCBA
LED driver PCBA
Medical Equipment PCBA Factory View
POE has 6 SMT line, 3 Dip Line , 2 Testing and repair line and 2 OEM and final QC line...Here show some of them……

POE PCB factory building

POE Front desk


testing shelf moulding

SMT line control engineer manager desk

SMT LINE components engineering


reflow machine

POE Meeting room
Meter PCBA
Power Control PCBA
RF radio
6layer pcb assembly-1
4layer pcb assembly2
10layer PCBA assembly
Pcba Capability
Equipment List
Factory View
Trace Current Carrying Capacity Chart
Electrical testing is available.
Need just a few PCBs made? Click here for information about our prototyping services..

Depends on customer's request, we have many kinds of programmer tools such as ALL-100, SUPERPRO/500, Beehive4+ to program all kinds of NOR, NAND flash and EEPROM. We also have many kinds of emulators that can finish ISP (In System Program) for all kinds PLD (program logical device), such as Xilinx, Cypress and DSP.
Our surface mount PCB assembly capabilities include BGA, uBGA and flip chip assembly. Automated assembly processes are utilized throughout all stages of the manufacturing cycle to ensure consistent, sustained quality coupled with optimum manufacturing costs.

Comprehensive testing applied throughout new product development saves customers money while reducing manufacturing downtime. At the earliest stages, in-circuit testing, automated optical inspection (AOI) and Agilent 5DX inspection provide vital feedback that facilitates timely adjustments. Then functional and application testing are performed to individual customer specifications before rigorous environmental stress screening verifies product reliability. When it comes to introducing a new product, HUA XING PCBA LIMITED suite of functional and testing capabilities ensures that building it right the first time, and delivering a solution that exceeds expectations.
Our defective fraction is lower than 0, 15 %
Our special mounting solutions: programming, varnish cover, coating, draining, labelling
We undertake the development of printed circuits and the production of prototypes as well
We are producing the smaller plastic parts in our own factory for plastic injection moulding
Numerous testing methods are available
We undertake the purchasing of parts, quality insurance, packaging, logistics
At least 1 year guarantee for all of our products
Our products are available on favourable prices
Cost-minimizing solutions
Flexible and fast delivery
Buy It Now PCB Assembly – Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Newly listedJUKI - ZEVATECH NF081E 8mm (8x4) TAPE FEEDER (OEM)

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One-day shipping available

PCB Rework
Manufacturer of BGA/PCB rework stations, BGA repair systems and soldering equipment, forced convection reflow ovens and pick and place systems
DirectoryElectronic.com links to Electronic directory resources and information websites
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IndustryCommunity Industrial virtual community
Milwaukee Electronics Milwaukee Electronics, your source for printed circuit boards, pcb design, layout and assembly

LED driver PCBA P6

LED driver PCBA P7

LED driver PCBA P8

LED driver PCBA P20

•Bare boards

In-Circuit Testing

In-Circuit Testing is commonly used in conjunction with AOI minimizing functional defects caused by component problems.
•Power-up Test
•Advanced Function Test
•Flash Device Programming
•Functional testing
4.Routed+ V scored
1.X-ray analysis
2.Microscope to 20X
1.BGA removal and replacement station
2.SMT IR rework station
3.Thru-hole rework station
Our Box Build Assembly solutions typically focus on complex products which require high degrees of configuration and system integration prior to dispatch.
We have considerable expertise in electronic product manufacture with the bulk of product supplied as completed turnkey solutions.
We also design and build test jigs for your in house specific, stand alone, or PC based functional testing of the finished product. We understand the importance of test, at both PCB Assembly level and Finished Product level.

While we have strong and close business partners in our suppliers network to provide us Plastic Injection Molding, Sheet Metal Chassis, and Wire Bonding Technology etc to support our full range manufacturing services to our customers.