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electronic projects design house,electronic projects circuit board PCB development PCBA,high quality low cost,shenzhen cn China


Electronic PCB Assembly,EMS/OEM,SMT Production Line Contract Manufacturing Company In Shenzhen China,Turnkey Solutions PCBA Outsourcing Services
Express: PCB Fabrication // Assembly // Design
Professional: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // product development // Engineering
Low Cost: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // Design // Components Procurement
Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 for PCB and SMT quality control

Turnkey Solution:
Customers just need to write ONE purchase order to PCBSINO for a complete engineering task, we will do the project management includes:
PCB Circuit Diagram Design/Layout
PCB Fabrication
Component Procurement
PCB Assembly / PCBA / Pick and Place Surface Mount / Quality Manufacturing

PCBSINO (YISI) inc. is a contract offshore outsourcing manufacturer, offer outsourcing services, company locate in Shenzhen, CN China, focuses on the PCB prototype or mass production.
Design Capability:
The electronic design is called a schematic or circuit diagram. It is constructed in CAD format.At PCBSINO we use Protel, OrCAD, PADs,CAM350,Genisis... We have an experienced design house/ bureau be family with electronic projects, can do many product Research and Development work and PCB reverse engineering work. more . .

Express Electronics Manufacturing Services View assembly Line
We supply electronic manufacturing services(EMS): High quality Low cost bare PCB and PCBA to customers that requiring PCB fabrication and assembly.
PCB Assembly (PCBA) include through hole components PCB Assembly, SMT PCB Assembly,

----Electronics manufacturing have been the core business of PCBSINO from 2000.PCBSINO Sub-contract and Contract Electronic Manufacturing (CEM) Services also include part and full box build and testing, electronic design and component supply and kitting. Being a OEM electronics project supplier in Shenzhen, PCBSINO can procure the BEST and LOW Cost electronic components in Shenzhen,cn China for the customers, price much lower than Digi-key.

Our advantage: Sr. Engineer will go through the whole process: Design - component procure - PCB Fabrication - Assembly, we can make High Quality Data work, High Quality component,High Quality PCB, High Quality Assembly, and with these effort will come out High grade and reliable product.

.Rapid Prototype
.Express PCB
.PCB Assembly
.PCB Engineering
electronic projects design house,electronic projects circuit board PCB development PCBA,high quality low cost,shenzhen cn China
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Product Information
Project Design Services
We are capable of developing a wide range of electronic products, with all disciplines required for Turnkey development of Electronic products available in-house:

Analog Circuit Design
Digital Circuit Design
PCB Design & manufacture
SMD Pick and place
Infra Red Reflow
User Interface Design
Software Design
Firmware & Micro-code Programming
Design for EMI & EMC Compliance
Complete Solutions
We offer a one-stop solution for product development, including small to medium quantity in-house manufacture and large volume manufacture via strategic partnerships with sub-contractors in the far east..We use in-house PCB manufacturing and EMC test equipment to allow fast-track prototype services, we use the latest CAD/CAM software for PCB design and we have our own PIC and place machines for prototype and production of Surface mount and BGA work.

If required we can help the client define a CRS (customer requirement specification) we will offer offer advice on technologies and techniques that can enhance the product specification at little or no extra cost.

After evaluation of a project's requirements and entering into a commercial agreement with the cleint, we will, depending on the project and the customer's requirements, provide scheduled milestone dates, achievement goals and activities reports, giving the customer visibility of the project progress. On larger projects customers are actively encouraged to visit our premises to view projects as they develop.

We also offer Prototype PCB manufacture as a service. We can supply single or double side PCB's on a same day turnaround, or while you wait ( by proir arrnagement). We can also provide next day on multi layer boards upto 12 layers. On single or double sided boards and some four layer boards, CAM files received before 9am by email and paid for by credit card can be despatched as finished PCBs for delivery overnight to any destination on the UK mainland.

Educational Pricing
With electronics now part of the curriculum, in many Science, Physics and Engineering Syllabus, students on these courses often need to construct printed circuit boards for their projects. In these cases, one off or multiple boards can be designed and manufactured to the individual specification. Reduced pricing can be offered if the manufacturing turn around is not urgent or if the PCB is not particularly complex.
ADX Electronics Limited - Consulting Services
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Note for clients of ADX Electronics Limited

ADX Electronics now tentatively open for business, following the early close on 1 November 2007.

No, it wasn't an early holiday! The recovery from my "7 days a week 4am mornings" workload to something more manageable is on track, kind of. I still have backed up work from 2006 which people still need completed, not good.

My advertised 'casual' rate has increased from $80 to $100 per hour beginning 2008.

This is the first increase since late 2004 (3 years). It WON'T affect existing projects or clients already paying a higher rate for ongoing work. It is simply a reality check for the flood of small / urgent jobs I do, often at historical rates of $40/hr or lower (too low to sustain business and project overheads).

And finally, I am trying to cement my position as a "freelance worker" rather than a "contracting firm".

This hasn't actually changed, but a perception had grown that I am a "firm" ready to quote on development jobs. This is not a planned goal for ADX Electronics. My goal is to concentrate on day job type work for larger clients on larger projects, at their site, and limit the small jobs to specific functions like PCB design, design reviews (that are typically seen as short-term hourly-paid jobs). I will add more information to this website so clients have a useful reference.

While I have enjoyed helping small clients and managing many and varied development projects from the ground up, understand that I am only one person, and I have far too many of these jobs on already (plus my own developments), so further growth in this area is not viable.

Executive summary of services
PCB layout, design for manufacture
electronics hardware design
embedded software design
project management
EMC design and precompliance testing
ATE specification and design
mechanical skills
Resources and facilities
I am the main engineering resource. If we need to hire additional resource to complete your project, we will keep you in the loop, and won't gouge you on price.

We have electronics design offices and the usual equipment and software (PCs, scopes, dataloggers, tools, CAD and development software etc). For larger projects, working from your site amongst your team is often a more efficient development method.

We do prototype manufacturing and assembly. For production quantities we will refer you to one of the many excellent local contract manufacturers (there is a very good range and quality of service).

We also have in-house mechanical prototyping facilities including 3-axis CNC router, workshop etc. We can build jigs, fixtures, production automation equipment, and even do component fabrication to get the ball rolling with your project.

Specialist PCB design
My most in-demand skill is as a specialist PCB designer. PCB design is convenient to contract out because it has a clearly defined start and stop, and as a result has become a significant area of my expertise.

I specialise in applications involving high current, switchmode, precision analogue, EMC problems, lack of space, and unusual mechanical requirements. The benefit of having a highly qualified and experienced electronic designer work on your board is that it is likely to; work first time, exceed performance requirements, and go straight into production or preproduction. A secondary benefit is sanity checking of circuit design, and the ability to suggest components based on function rather than generic specs. A tertiary benefit is understanding real manufacturing processes, rather than relying on outdated industry guidelines.

From initial concept to finished product, we will work with you to develop a viable electronic solution. Our in house design team, supported by a network of CAD designers and product stylists will help you through the key stages from concept and prototyping to volume production.

Existing designs and an in house facility for the design and production of rapid prototype PCB’s often means that Ramar can deliver quick solutions at competitive prices.

With links to external specialists, we can project manage elements of your product development process.

Our design and prototype services are used by clients in a range of sectors including:

Formula One Motorsport
Industrial process control
Medical diagnostic devices
Pharmaceutical equipment
Aerospace components
We welcome enquiries from one off projects to component sets.

At Ramar we are enthusiastic and professional in our approach to product development. Working in conjunction with external designers and product specialists we will develop solutions and assist in taking these to market.

For the independent, Product Designer we can provide support in the development and evaluation of new devices. As part of your virtual development team we can help produce prototype and demonstration devices.

With close links to University and commercial, research and development resources we can act as a focal point for your innovation and development projects.

Where required, we can assist with routes to market for branded products and assist in the development of a product supply chain.

Please contact us to discus your specific requirements.services

INTERNATIONAL SERVICES Vacuum Casting, we can dream up innovative solutions to any design dilemma. We combine conventional modelling methods with the latest, cutting edge techniques and technology, such as Rapid Prototyping and Laser Sintering, to bring you the ultimate model making solution. And, because we have the UK industry’s brightest model making talent on our team, we can offer you Model Making, Laser Sintering and Rapid Prototyping at its very best. more...
More detailsTrumeter Co. Ltd Manchester, UK
Based in Radcliffe Manchester with manufacturing at our new facility in Malaysia Trumeter is an electronic and mechanical design and manufacturing specialist. Our range includes electronic counters, electronic timers, process instrumentation, voltmeters, ammeters, digital panel meters and data loggers. Our mechanical range includes cable measuring, wire measuring, textile measuring specialist instrumentation and a wide range of mechanical counters. In addition to these business Trumeter also sells a range of measuring wheels designed for road measuring, land measuring, rail measuring and indoor measuring these are sold into the construction , surveying and utilities industries. Trumeter Technologies is a division involved in the design and manufacture of customer specific solutions, working with many blue chip companies we take either customer concepts and turn them into products or in some cases take existing designs and reduce manufacturing costs or add product improvements. more...
More detailsPolytronics Design Ltd Emsworth, Hampshire, UK
Polytronics is a professional Electronics Design Consultancy with an extensive range of expertise & services ranging from consultancy, through design & development, to manufacture. Since its formation in 1985 Polytronics has built an enviable reputation for innovative design achievement within time & cost targets. Skills include in-depth expertise in the multiple disciplines required to satisfy most design & development projects. These design services include electronics, embedded firmware, PC software & mechanical design as well as prototype manufacture & full production. Electronics skills embrace both analogue & digital design including microcontroller Microprocessor & Microcontroller based systems. 3D Mechanical Design & Production Engineering are often fundamental components of projects. Our customers include divisions of major PLC's including BT, Vickers & Schlumberger as well as smaller companies in diverse industries ranging from medical electronics to automotive products. more...
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Mass Consultants Ltd St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, UK
MASS is an independent UK systems house with a strong Defence & Aerospace market focus. Specialist business areas are: Electronic Warfare; Electronic Warfare Operational Support, provision of Managed IT Services; design and development of Specialist Electronics; embedded Software; High Security Information Assurance and Information Systems Architecture. MASS has specific strengths in Communications, Distributed Audio, Encryption, Modem, support of Legacy Systems and clearance of avionic equipment for Flight.. MASS has a growing expertise in Automotive Systems and is providing support to one of the successful teams in the UK FRES programme. MASS is able to provide Technical Consultancy and Technical Support over the full range of its specialist areas. MASS has 140 employees and a turnover of 19m and is based in Cambridgeshire with another facility in Lincoln. MASS is a Cohort plc company (CHRT) listed on the AIM. more...
More detailsMIRA Ltd Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK
Environmental testing provided by MIRA; leading design, development and testing provider to the automotive, defence and aerospace industries. Our specialist environmental test facilities in Essex and the Midlands offer Europe’s largest range of environmental test chambers. From component sized chambers to climatic wind tunnels capable of testing a bendy bus we provide environmental conditions to evaluate products against the most demanding test specifications. Our environmental test facilities provide controlled temperature, humidity, dust-ingress, multi-axis vibration, shock, thermal-shock, electrical loading, and mechanical actuation. ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, our environmental test engineers can work to customer test specifications, international standards or manage full product Design Verification (DV) / Product Validation (PV) test programmes. Whether you require a straightforward environmental test or sophisticated Key Life Test (KLT) programme, MIRA can save you time and money. more...
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Chasestead Ltd Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK
Chasestead Ltd specialise in sheet metal pressings and welded assemblies. We are able to offer a range of work varying from small metal brackets to complete prototype projects, marine fabrications and aerospace laser cutting. Our capabilities include press tool design, in-house press tool manufacture using our CNC machining centres, assembly fixture design and fixture manufacture. We can also provide design for manufacture input if required by our customers. To enable us to manufacture high quality, best value components all facilities are in-house including 5-axis laser cutting, 800-ton press capacity and automated Robotic welding cells. Fully skilled sheet metal workers operate all of these machines in order to supply technical feedback and ensure that customer's intended production processes are achieved as smoothly as possible. We are pleased to be involved in lightweight vehicle, hybrid vehicle and electric vehicle projects. more...
More detailsEdicon Ltd Watford, UK
Edicon Limited is a product design and development company that turns your ideas into products ready for manufacture. It acts as the bridge between you and the manufacturer by undertaking all aspects including Electronic Development, PCB Design and Embedded software. Then its expert staff source the parts and arrange the manufacture and electronic development. Whether you are an individual inventor or a big company wanting outsourcing with continuity, Edicon can help you with your electronic development,

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Quantum CAD services and experience

PCB Layout Design
Pre-Design Studies
Full Product Design including hardware and software development
Electronic Design Project Management
PCB Fabrication, Assembly and Test
Rapid PCB Design and Prototyping
EMC Pre-Compliance Testing
Consultancy and Training
PCB Design Service

Our designers have many decades of PCB design experience between them, and are exposed to a wider variety of design problems in a year than many designers deal with in a career. They are experts in using all the main PCB design software packages on the market today and we ensure that we have all the latest versions and updates, so whatever package you use we will be able to fit seamlessly into your project. The PCB design packages we regularly use include:

* Zuken CR-5000, CADSTAR and VISULA
* Mentor Expedition, PADS and BoardStation
* Cadence Allegro and OrCAD Schematic Capture
* Powerlogic Schematic
* Altium Protel

For more information about our experience and technologies click here
Pre-design Studies
Our designers will assess the impact of new technologies and components on your draft designs, even before you start work on a schematic or layout, allowing you to avoid costly design modifications at a later stage. Using our pre-design study service will enable you to:

Reduce the number of prototypes
Reduce design time and costs
Reduce manufacturing costs by avoiding the need for costly ECOs
Reduce approval costs
read more about our Pre-Design Study Service

Full Product Design including hardware and software development
Perhaps you have a concept for a new product but lack the necessary in-house skills to execute the design

"The Quantum CAD team provided SMARTA with valuable technological input in developing requirement and design specifications in partnership with ourselves. Their in-depth knowledge of the various technologies involved helped us to better understand how they could be used, leading to a more feature rich and advanced product. They have consistently delivered work to the highest quality standard. They have always demonstrated a professional and knowledgeable approach and have kept us updated on progress throughout the projects. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others." Managing Director, SMARTA Systems

Electronic Design Project Management
With enormous experience of managing electronic and PCB design projects, Quantum CAD can either manage your project for you or help you to manage the project better yourself. From initial project planning including the introduction of appropriate methodologies, tools and process controls, through to seeing the project into manufacture, we can reduce your timescales to market, plus final cost per unit and therefore increase overall profitability.

Involving us at an early stage can bring the following benefits:

Increase control of product design change orders by 100%
Improve product design change cycle times by 50%
Reduce document approval time by 20%
Reduce product design process stages by 10%
Increase revenues per design by 25%
PCB Fabrication, Assembly and Test
Our service does not stop at PCB design; we also manage PCB manufacturing and full product assembly, test and distribution via our relationships with small and large contract manufacturers in the UK and overseas.

We will look after all the problems of getting your product into manufacture, ensuring it meets your quality requirements, be delivered to the right location on time and at the right price.

Rapid PCB Design and Prototyping
While we always seek to provide rapid results for all our projects, sometimes our clients require a rapid design and prototyping service. By allocating the right level of resources to a project, including project management and our web-enabled design service, we are able to turn-round PCB designs in a very short timescale. Also, as a result of our relationships with local contract PCB manufacturers, we can give you very rapid turnaround times for initial prototype boards and then small quantities for beta testing or product launches.

Our rapid design and prototyping service covers all aspects of a project from the assessment and planning phases through to materials management, assembly, test and product distribution.read more

EMC Pre-Compliance Testing
Since 1996 when almost all varieties of electronic products became subject to the EMC Directive, Quantum CAD have gained years of experience in design techniques that take into account the various steps required to produce compliant products.

Employing sound EMC design practices reduces the need for costly rework or even redesign at the point of production. However, for complete peace of mind and to further enforce our mantra of "right first time", we are able to offer EMC pre-compliance testing of prototype products. This enables us to quickly identify and correct any issues should they arise before the final design is approved. Full compliance testing of pre-production samples can also be provided if required.

Consultancy and Training
Our familiarity with all the leading PCB design packages on the market today puts us in a prime position to advise our clients on the best products for them to purchase and use. As well as offering advice we can install the software, set up the component libraries and provide full training both in general PCB design and in the specific packages our clients purchase.

Whatever your need for electronic and PCB design, Quantum CAD is your ideal partner.
Contact us for further information or to discuss your requirements.Description
This project involves updating the schematics and PCB layout of an existing reference design to include a new touch Keypad interface. The PCB and schematics is from Luminary micro and is an Altium/Protel design. We would like to contract minor changes to the existing design including:
- adding a section for interfacing with a touch matrix IC(Qprox QT60240 - http://www.China-low-cost-PCB.org//www.China-low-cost-PCB.org....projects.qprox.com/products/Page-16051/Page-16387.html )
- Adding an LED matrix for keypad backlighting.
- Design of the Keypad electrode matrix connected to the QT60240
A simple project estimated to few hours once the requirements fully understood.

- Schematic capture (Altium format)
- BOM Excel format
- PCB layout design files
- Final board house gerber files
- Final assembly documentation
- And anything else required for us to manufacture of a prototype

Interested bidders should contact us with:
- Reference projects,
- Related experience with embedded Ethernet products
- Project cost estimate and a realistic time frame

Finally, we have lots of other projects in the pipeline and we are looking for serious bidders willing to build on a business relationship. So please specify your Firmware development experience as this project could expand to more work if you have the right skills.

You may not start working in this and any project before your bid is accepted. Any user who violates this policy may have their account permanently suspended. Electronics Prototype Development > UK

Electronics Prototype Development Suppliers - UKAlso Known As: Electronic Prototype Development
Did you know that Ogle Models and Prototypes Ltd, are responsible for producing some of the UK’s most outstanding models and prototypes? Using modern Model Making, Laser Sintering, Rapid Prototyping, Sterolithography, CNC Machining and PCB Design and Embedded software. Edicon is available at an hourly rate, monthly fee or at a fixed price. It has significant experience in security, communications and defence and consumer industries to ensure you get the best solutions. It holds expertise in application software and firmware development, PCB design, Embedded System and SA design - and can take on the full product cycle project management. more...
More detailsS2S Electronics Huddersfield, UK
Having been established for over 25 years S2S Electronics have a proven pedigree in electronic design and manufacture. Working from a 10,000 sq. ft. premises in Huddersfield with a team of IPC-A-610 trained staff we can offer experienced PCB assembly, design and most of all support and response to your manufacturing needs. S2S offer a unique closed loop solution to your electrical and electronic requirements. Thus being much more than a subcontract electronic manufacturer, S2S offer competitive services including electronic design, manufacture, box build and recycling for end-of-life electronic products. S2S Electronics' manufacturing competences include offering total conventional and SMT (Surface Mount) production lines for the rapid assembly of prototypes, small batch trials, through to medium volume production for single sided and multi-layer PCBs. Please visit our website www.China-low-cost-PCB.org//www.China-low-cost-PCB.org....projects.s2s.uk.com for further information. component kits include electronic & mechanical components such as resistors, capacitors, LEDs, semiconductors, switches, screws, and gears. more...
Graybons Ltd Newport, Gwent, UK
Recycle electronic, test & computer equipment. Manufacture test jigs & fixtures. Prototype electronic PCBs & equipment. We also repair computer & audio equipment.
Intrex Ltd Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK
Electronics design & development company. Design from concept or from existing product. PCB layout facilities. PCB assembly for both conventional and surface mount circuit boards
PIC Engineering Ltd Dingwall, Highlands, UK
Electronic engineering, microprocessor & RF based products, PIC programming in Assembler, Pig detection & tracking systems, Oil & Gas Pipeline Monitoring Systems, industrial controls. Working for ISO9000 & ISO14000. more...
Quantek Limited Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, UK
Electronic design engineering, analogue, digital, and embedded software. Schematic and PCB layout. Manufacturing of rapid prototype PCB by CNC machining. Design and manufacture of test fixtures.
Speeder Electronic Solutions Ltd. BRIXHAM, Devon, UK
We supply all forms of payment solutions for vending, laundry, amusements and parking. Cash, token and card based systems available. We also undertake electronic product design and sub contract manufacture. more...
STI Alliance Hook, Hampshire, UK circuit design service
Electronics design & consulting service, custom electronic designs & engineering services, consultants for product development

Electronic Circuits page

Electronic Circuit design Service

Electronic circuits
Electronic kits
Circuit diagrams

We offer custom specified electronic circuit design and product design/development services through which you can have circuits and electronic products designed as per custom specifications. We specialize in low cost electronics designs with minimal possible component count with carefully chosen, low cost, cheapest available components with great quality and support. The best reason why you should choose us is our low electronic design costs, fast turn around time & top notch quality. Our main aim is to design your product such that your profits are maximized.

Highlights of our design services - High Quality, Low costs & Fast Service, backed up by great support.

[Fill out the form at the end of this page to get a quick free quotation]

Our expertise lies in all fields of electronics hardware, software, electrical circuits and projects including the designs for:

embedded systems design using microcontroller & microprocessors
analog electronics
digital electronics (logic systems design, microprocessors, microcontrollers, embedded system design)
communications, radio electronics & remote controls
industrial controllers
radio (RF) based control system design
telephone based electronic designs
lighting, display circuits
digital signal processing (DSP)
computer hardware & interfacing
microprocessor & microcontroller based designs
electronic security related circuits like burglar alarms using latest infrared & ultrasonic techniques for ranging, motion sensors (detection)
Complete software development for Windows and Linux platforms. We have expert programmers in C, C++, Visual Basic & Visual C++
Use our software development service to interface and control your custom designed electronics hardware using a PC.
turnkey project undertaking, electronic product development .... and more...
We have extensive experience using microcontrollers & processors from Microchip (PIC), Atmel (8051, 8052, AVR, AVRMega, Tiny), Intel (8085, 8086, 80386, 80486), Motorola (68HC11), Hitachi (H8), Holtek, Cypress etc.

We design circuits both big and small, be it for big industries or for small businesses. Some of the highlights of our service compared to the others are:

Cost: Perhaps the best reason you should choose us is because our pricing is a fraction of what other companies charge while we still offer top notch quality. We operate from Bangalore known as the "Silicon Valley" of India where we get affordable and extremely skilled professionals. US customers can expect their designs to be about 1/2 to 1/5th of the costs in U.S. in most cases.
Speed: Normally it takes us just a few weeks to complete a project of moderate complexity, whereas, other companies can take months. We take projects only up to our handling capacity and hence we are able to concentrate on each project.
Efficiency & profit maximizing: Our designs are simple, uses minimum possible number of components and very cost-effective to manufacture. We normally use parts that are widely available across the world, unless it's a special case. When we design a product, we carefully choose the parts that are the cheapest so that your profit is maximized, with no compromise in quality. We have been approached and have done several re-designs of existing products to many companies just to maximize their profits, successfully. With our designs, your competitors will be soon out of business!
Support: All these come with great support from our team. We provide free email and phone support. Most of the problems we have seen are due to misuse/wrong usage of the designed product.
Reliability: All the designs will be built in our LABs as prototypes and tested completely before sending them to you. So the product is guaranteed to work when mass produced.
PCB layout design: We also design printed circuit boards (PCB). Our strength lies in high density, small size, low cost board design. We have successfully designed double sided (two layer) circuit boards as large as 17" x 10" containing over 750 parts. Our PCB design/layout service can be used as a standalone service for your existing schematics. We can also fabricate the PCBs for you at very low costs, both for production line as well as for prototyping. We offer very good quality PCB fabrication (SMOBC with silkscreen legend) for costs as low as $0.2 per square inch (example for 100 boards with board size of 3"x4" each) . For higher quantities, the cost reduces

You can get a free quotation by filling out the form below. Enter the details of the design work and please provide as much details as possible. We will get back to you with a price estimation usually within 24 hours, sometimes it can take upto 2 - 3 working days if the volume of enquiries is large. While Elektrotek is a small company, it has access to a full range of design resources both internal and external, that can be applied in a quick and flexible manner to give a fast response to most enquires. From an initial contact and discussion of requirements, we can give a quick estimate of cost and time scale, thus enabling our customers to reach a quick decision regarding a project's directions and feasibility.

Electronic/Electrical Design
Elektrotek provides circuit design and schematic generation for products ranging from simple relay boards to complex microprocessor and RF boards.

PCB Layout
The CAD system used is Power PCB We have a facility whereby the PCB designer's computer screen can be linked to the customer's PC via the net, this provides live interaction between the PCB designer and design engineer such that the design can proceed as if they were sitting in front of the same screen.

Mechanical Design
2D designs we do in house, more complex 3D drawings and rendering we subcontract out to a design company that we have a long association with. The finished design can be delivered with a viewer so that it can be reviewed without having to have access to the appropriate CAD package.

Firmware/Software Development
Again some projects are done in house and some are done using subcontractors. The primary contractor used is Ardlee Ltd. who have wide experience in the development of software and firmware ranging from business process applications to product or machine controls. www.China-low-cost-PCB.org//www.China-low-cost-PCB.org....projects.ardlee.com manchester
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Analogue Design Engineer
Manchester, Lancashire

Company: TPA Recruitment Ltd
Salary: £27,500

My client is currently looking for an exciting opportunity for an Analogue Design engineer to join the team. You will br capable of the following: Design from concept, through schematic creation, PCB layout, prototyping, troubleshooting, documentation and on to production support of specific development projects. This is a fantastic opportunity for a motivated individual to join a succesful team. Excellent salary £25k - £30k based in Oldham.
Contract: Permanent
3 weeks, 5 days ago in Reed Save
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Embedded C Electronics Engineer Job

Salary: £30,000

Embedded C Electronics Engineer / C++ / C / Manchester A leading and highly successful international organisation is... familiar with high speed digital circuit design and analogue design, have previous experience of FPGA design using Xilinx FPGA... server, ensuring all the circuits and PCB layouts are designed correctly and ensuring all products meet EMC and CE requirements... Engineer / Manchester Circle Recruitment is acting as an Employment Agency in relation to this vacancy.
Contract: Permanent
08/03/2008 in CareerJobs Save
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Embedded C Electronics Engineer Job

Salary: £28,000

real time systems, C and assembly language programming experience, be familiar with high speed digital circuit design and analogue design, have previous experience of FPGA design using Xilinx FPGA, whilst having a knowledge of DSP hardware and... safety systems, Interfacing embedded systems to their online web server, ensuring all the circuits and PCB layouts are...
Contract: Permanent
29/02/2008 in CareerJobs Save
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Electronics Engineer

Company: Red River Resourcing Ltd
Salary: Salary Negotiable

discrete analog and digital PCB's. Key Tasks: * Design and document test procedures to provide new test capabilities...Based in Manchester, this industrial electronics company is urgently seeking a qualified and experienced Electronics Engineer to develop test procedures along with necessary test related software and fixtures. These procedures will be used by Repair... whole products. * Design necessary test hardware, fixtures, and cables to support test and software development. * Provide direct...
Contract: Permanent
22/05/2008 in BritishJobs Save
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Senior Electrical and Controls Engineer
Manchester North West

Company: Premier Technical Recruitment
Salary: £40,000

system types, (eg. PC based, PLC based, PCB design, control panel design, etc.) with the ability to select the most... and Controls Engineer to compliment their existing team of design professionals. To be considered for this challenging and... required. You will become extensively involved in undertaking Concept design and cost estimation, Design and build project management via in house or subcontract resources, the design and production of electrical layout and schematic drawings using...

correlation re.
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