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electronics circuit design consultancy,pcb board product design consultancy, years experience low cost shenzhen,cn China


Electronic PCB Assembly,EMS/OEM,SMT Production Line Contract Manufacturing Company In Shenzhen China,Turnkey Solutions PCBA Outsourcing Services
Express: PCB Fabrication // Assembly // Design
Professional: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // product development // Engineering
Low Cost: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // Design // Components Procurement
Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 for PCB and SMT quality control

Turnkey Solution:
Customers just need to write ONE purchase order to PCBSINO for a complete engineering task, we will do the project management includes:
PCB Circuit Diagram Design/Layout
PCB Fabrication
Component Procurement
PCB Assembly / PCBA / Pick and Place Surface Mount / Quality Manufacturing

PCBSINO (YISI) inc. is a contract offshore outsourcing manufacturer, offer outsourcing services, company locate in Shenzhen, CN China, focuses on the PCB prototype or mass production.
Design Capability:
The electronic design is called a schematic or circuit diagram. It is constructed in CAD format.At PCBSINO we use Protel, OrCAD, PADs,CAM350,Genisis... We have an experienced design house/ bureau be family with electronic projects, can do many product Research and Development work and PCB reverse engineering work. more . .

Express Electronics Manufacturing Services View assembly Line
We supply electronic manufacturing services(EMS): High quality Low cost bare PCB and PCBA to customers that requiring PCB fabrication and assembly.
PCB Assembly (PCBA) include through hole components PCB Assembly, SMT PCB Assembly,

----Electronics manufacturing have been the core business of PCBSINO from 2000.PCBSINO Sub-contract and Contract Electronic Manufacturing (CEM) Services also include part and full box build and testing, electronic design and component supply and kitting. Being a OEM electronics project supplier in Shenzhen, PCBSINO can procure the BEST and LOW Cost electronic components in Shenzhen,cn China for the customers, price much lower than Digi-key.

Our advantage: Sr. Engineer will go through the whole process: Design - component procure - PCB Fabrication - Assembly, we can make High Quality Data work, High Quality component,High Quality PCB, High Quality Assembly, and with these effort will come out High grade and reliable product.

.Rapid Prototype
.Express PCB
.PCB Assembly
.PCB Engineering
Design: PCB layout Circuit Diagram design consultancy
Description: Printed Circuit boards schematic diagram design
PCB board design consultancy
Design: Electronic Schematic design consultancy
Description: Printed Circuit boards schematic diagram design
PCB board design consultancy
Design: Circuit PCB board development consultancy
Description: Printed Circuit boards schematic diagram design
PCB board design consultancy
electronics circuit design consultancy,pcb board product design consultancy, years experience low cost shenzhen,cn China
pert in Analog Electronic Circuit or Subsystem Design Engineering

Available for your Consulting and Expert Witness Needs
California (CA)
Expert has 40 years of experience designing analog circuits that perform a wide variety of functions, including wideband DC-coupled amplifiers for oscilloscope CRT vertical deflection; magnetic CRT deflection amplifiers; precision CRT scan generators; CRT video signal amplifiers; high voltage generation and control; sensor interface signal conditioning; linear power supplies; switch-mode power converters and regulators; magnetic amplifiers; precision pulse generators; optoelectronic display drivers; optoelectronic couplers; optoelectronic product testing; and audio signal generators and amplifiers.
DC-to-DC converter expert

power-supply circuit expert

power electronics expert

He has designed many types of DC-to-DC converters, both with and without galvanic isolation, at power levels from fractional watt to more than 1 kilowatt. In most cases, the converters were required to meet an electrical and environmental specification at minimum manufacturing cost and occupied volume. He also has performed qualification testing of vendor-supplied modular power converters.
Show Secondary and Basic Areas of Expertise

Year Degree Subject Institution
1962 B.A. Physics, Math, and Electrical Engineering Linfield College, Oregon State University

Work History:
Years Employer Department Title Responsibilities
1980 to 1984 Victor Technologies Engineering Senior Staff Engineer He designed most of the analog parts of the Victor 9000 PC, including audio processing, video, and disk-drive read/write. He was also responsible for qualifiying purchased power supplies and for qualifying the product for FCC certification.
1972 to 1980 Litronix, Inc., later Siemens Optoelectronics Div. Engineering, later Marketing Senior Staff Engineer, Product Marketing Manager He designed many of the company's optoelectronic products, including the world's first optoisolator with built in logic chip, and the first "intelligent LED display." Later, he marketed the "intelligent display" product line. When he left the company, it accounted for more than half the company's sales.
1969 to 1972 Develco, Inc. Engineering Senior Staff Engineer He was responsible for design engineering of advanced electronic systems. The company mainly developed systems under government contract. Areas of this design work included a radio navigation system and a cryogenic Josephson junction magnetometer.
1966 to 1969 Fairchild Camera and Instrument Company Counter/Timer Engineering Product Line Engineering Manager He served first as a technical liaison between Fairchild's semiconductor R&D and the small instruments operation. Later, he became manager of the development team responsible for time- and frequency-measuring instrument development.
1964 to 1966 Monsanto Company Central Research (in St. Louis) Senior Staff Engineer He designed electronic instruments, most notably a very fast (for then-current technology) pulse generator.
1962 to 1964 Tektronix, Inc. Design Engineering Staff Engineer He designed wideband linear amplifiers, for use as the vertical-channel amplifiers in oscilloscopes. (One was a "hybrid" -- partly transistor and partly vacuum tube!)
1961 to 1962 Field Emission Corporation Engineering Engineer He designed the analog high-voltage control circuitry for a lightweight X-ray machine being developed for the Army Medical Corps.

Career Accomplishments:
He is a member of the IEEE association, the Technical Alliance Bridge and the Professional and Technical Consultants Association (PATCA).

Publications and Patents
He is listed as an inventor on about six patents that are all owned by former employers or consulting clients.

Consulting Services:
He has operated the engineering services firm, Linear Development Lab since 1984, serving a long list of mostly "Silicon Valley" clients. Most recently developed a piezoelectric transducer driver and strain sensor, part of a fiber optic system.

Expert developed a very efficient DC-DC power converter for battery-operated handheld devices.

He developed a high-voltage, wideband, precision amplifier for an electron beam system.

Expert developed a high-voltage control circuitry for a time-of-flight mass spectrometer.

He developed an efficient 200-volt power converter for a micro-mechanical optical communications switch.

As a member of the Intota consultant network, Expert provides technical consulting to corporate, legal and government clients. Expert provides professional consulting as an Analog Electronic Circuit or Subsystem Design Engineering Consultant. Expert may consult as an independent consultant or as a member of a consultancy, consulting company, or consulting firm. Consultants service will be covered by a consulting contract. Ask an expert initial screening questions and ask the experts services particulars, by simply submitting an expert request.
SG Designs Welcome to Apex Circuit Design Ltd.
Apex Circuit Design is an internationally recognised motorsport circuit design and masterplanning consultancy. Our business activities are provided to clients worldwide either directly or through partnership associations.

SG Designs offers electronic design consultancy and advice to suit your project from one day to long term contracts.
SG Designs specialise in:-

Analogue design of all types including: low power design, precision, wideband, audio and HiFi circuit design, data acquisition and measurement systems
Power Electronics including: switched mode power conversion, DC/DC and AC/DC converters, LED drivers, battery technology and battery chargers
Low power RF and remote control systems
Sensor and actuator and motor controllers
Microprocessor and Digital electronics including: various microprocessor families, CPLD/FPGA design, digital design. Design for EMC and EMC consultancy

Expert Witness:
Intota experts can serve as expert witnesses or litigation consultants offering expert testimony, expert advice, litigation support, forensic services, and related expert witness services. Expert can serve as an expert witness or litigation consultant in intellectual property (patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright), product liability, and insurance matters. Expert may provide forensic expert witness testimony, litigation consulting services, forensic investigation, and forensic testing if appropriate in litigation areas as an Analog Electronic Circuit or Subsystem Design Engineering Expert Witness. Intota provides attorneys and legal professionals the opportunity to ask an expert initial screening questions and ask the experts services particulars by submitting an expert request.

Market Research:
Expert serves as a resource to Intota Market Research Services for customized marketing research in industries or areas related to Analog Electronic Circuit or Subsystem Design Engineering. Experts are an invaluable source of overall industry insight as well as insight into specific companies and firms for custom business to business (b2b) and industrial market research. Intota uses analyst and consultant resources from Guideline whose Research Directors manage the research and analysis of the qualitative and quantitative data as well as report writing for the custom studies. The methods and tools used by Intota market research combine the insights of technical experts and industry insiders with secondary research to provide the custom b2b and industrial market research you need. Providing the right solutions for your electronic design and manufacturing requirements.

With 17 years Engineering and Management experience in the Electronics Industry, I provide specialised Consultancy services to businesses in the technology industry. Working in partnership with clients, I add value by creating leading edge, top quality electronic products with minimal costs, time to market and risk.

Major areas of technical excellence include high speed circuit design with particular skills in Digital Video technology. Typical product areas: Set Top Boxes, Information Appliances, Digital television, Multimedia, PC Hardware and Consumer Electronics.

Project size can vary, from simple designs to complete products covering initial specifications and concepts through to full production. Engagements can cover entire projects, or a particular facet requiring specialist expertise.

Extensive knowledge of design for manufacture and manufacturing in the Far East, gained through frequent working visits, means I can offer you access to world class manufacturers and "project manage" new product introductions resulting in substantial cost savings.

Mission Statement

To assist Electronics Technology Companies to excel by providing best in class expertise in Electronic Design and Product Manufacturing ensuring improved product specification whilst reducing product cost, time to market and risk. Integrated Circuit (IC) Consultancy or Design or Production Services > UK

Integrated Circuit (IC) Consultancy or Design or Production Services Suppliers - UK
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Page: 1 2 Go to page: of 2 Industrial Brushware Ltd Halesowen, West Midlands, UK
A wide range of specialised industrial brushes manufactured and available in the following materials: Steel wire, nylon, polypropylene, polyester, silicon carbide, natural fibres, animal hair & bristle. Also products for wire brushes, strip brushes, rotary brushes, twist knot, twisted wire. Special application products include brushes for the pharmaceutical, dental, food, oil & gas, construction & roofing, brick making, printing, foundry, ceramic, tyre, battery, shipping, nuclear and mining industries. more...
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Broadband Technology 2000 Ltd St. Albans, Hertfordshire, UK
Broadband Technology 2000 Ltd provides innovative electronic components for leading edge applications as follows:- Accelerometers (Dual & Tri-Axis) Audio & Video Processing Automotive Battery Powered (Low Power) Bridging & Peripherals (PCI, IDE, CE-ATA, etc) Cable, Satellite & Broadcast Cellular (GSM,G3,CDMA) Compute Intensive Processing Datacom (Ethernet, GigE & 10GigE) EMI Reduction FPGAs & ASICs Frequency Control, Clocks & Buffers GPS & Telematics Satellite Navigation External Antennas Handheld Computing Hi-Reliability LCD Displays (Gamma Correction) LED Drivers Magnetometer Military/Aerospace Mobile Phones Network Processors Optoelectronics Power Management RF/Microwave Telecom Transformers Voice over IP (VoIP) Wireless (WLAN,WiMax) Wireline Broadband Technology has been providing a unique service to our customers since our foundation in 1995. Arguably the first technical representative of our type we specialise in understanding our customer products and markets more...
More detailsGE Aviation Systems Ltd Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK
Design and manufacture of custom electronic modules for the aerospace, automotive, communications, industrial, medical and military markets. Products include ASICs (analogue, digital and mixed signal for new and obsolete applications), FPGA to ASIC conversion, thick film hybrid circuits, chip on board, chip on flexi, solid state power switches, ruggedised displays and MEMS packaging. Standard products include Mil-Std-1553, ARINC 429 databus chips and nuclear event detectors. MCE, now part of GE Aviation Systems, has facilities at Newmarket in Suffolk (Tel 01638 663381) and Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire (01684 297777). more...
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T U V Product Service Fareham, Hampshire, UK
Testing & assessment for: EMC, Tempest, climatic, mechanical, safety, radio & telecommunications type approvals. As well as formal testing, we also provide pre-compliance & confidence testing
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Crombie Anderson Edinburgh, UK
Crombie Anderson is a multidisciplinary product design consultancy. Our team of highly experienced designers, engineers and technologists will help you take your product from a blank sheet of paper through to management of tooling, batch build, testing and launch. While many of our loyal clients value our expertise in medical and laboratory applications, our capabilities extend far further. We adapt to match your needs and all elements of our turnkey capability are accessible to you as stand alone services. Strategic planning Industrial design Mechanical design and Mechatronics Electronic design Design for manufacture Value engineering Prototyping CE marking and FDA compliance Crombie Anderson has one of the most experienced and competitive development teams in the business. If you have a new product development project underway or are about to commence a new project, please do not hesitate to contact us. more...
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CorePD design tools & services Glasgow, UK
CorePD deliver design tools & services to creative businesses. Our consulting provides fresh thinking and
IT reseller & electronic component distributors
C C Electronics Europe Winsford, Cheshire, UK
Printed circuit board manufrs
Cadence Design Systems Ltd Bracknell, Berkshire, UK
Electronic design automation products & services
Cheshire Circuits Ltd Winsford, Cheshire, UK
Printed circuit manufrs
Consumer Micro circuits Ltd Maldon, Essex, UK
Integrated circuit design & manufrs
Dukosi Ltd Penicuik, Midlothian, UK
Design consultancy
European Circuits Ltd Clydebank, Dunbartonshire, UK
PCB manufacture & Contract Assembly.
Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe GmbH Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK
G X Design Engineers Usk, Gwent, UK
Product design engineers
GIGA Systems Ltd Coventry, UK
GIGA System provides cost effective Design solutions in RF/microwave and Mechanical Engineerig using microstrip, MMIC and waveguide technologies for space, defence and commercial applications. We provide considerable experience of design with modern computer computer aided engineering packages. more...
Hale Instruments Ltd Altrincham, Cheshire, UK
Hale Instruments are the sole UK distributor for the products of Ducati energia of Italy. These products include motor capacitors, motor run capacitors and motor start capacitors, lighting capacitors, microwave and power-factor correction capacitors. We also stock a number of Energy Management devices, Panel Meters, Control and Display Relays and Analyzers for the measurement and control of power consumption and cost. These Panel Meters are available for stand-alone or networked systems. We also specialise in stocking and sourcing obsolete, difficult to obtain and state of the art electronic components, also sensortechnics pressure sensors and cogema chokes and with any problems call me on 0161 941 4540 more...
Hansatech Poole Ltd Poole, Dorset, UK
Electronic contract manufacturing & assembly services
Ibex Geo-tech Ltd Halesowen, W. Midlands, UK
Standard and Intelligent pigging systems; oil, water and gas industries; Data collection, monitoring and results analysis; well head operations from down hole cleaning through to reservoir and tank inspection; cathodic production of underground pipelines. more...
IDT Europe Leatherhead, Surrey, UK
Integrated circuit manufrs
Integrated Micro Systems Ltd Rochester, Kent, UK
Integrated circuit designers & suppliers
Integrated Technologies Ltd Ashford, Kent, UK
Designed & manufactured medical, diagnostic & analytical instruments
Interconics Ltd Melksham, Wiltshire, UK
Printed circuit manufrs
Justin Bayliss Ltd London, UK
Justin Bayliss Ltd based in London is a product development company offering product design and Pro/engineer services to a broad range of markets.
Matrics Ltd Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK
Silicon chip designers
MCE Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK TruetekWorld offer consultancy in electronic project (circuit design) and quality engineering for electronic product manufacturers. Our expert area include embedded system, pic microcontroller, dc-dc converter, smps, battery charger, invertor, ups, motor control, automation etc. We also undertake printed circuit board (pcb) artwork design and supply gerber file and color laser print. Having years of practical experience in design and Quality Assurance, we specialize in new circuit design and design verification for quality / reliability. Also design optimization is done for cost reduction eliminating 'over design'!

As a part of 'share knowledge' program, technical guidance to the budding engineers and other technical students is offered against their (student) engineering project in electronics. We focus on electronics fundas and aid to trigger the logical skill of the student for design, quality, problem solving and systematic trouble shooting relevant to industry practice. Hence the student can gain for viva or interview. The airconditioned lab uses necessary test and measuring instruments and eda tools and the electronic project consultant has years of industry experience. Free guidance is offered for poor students selected at our discretion and subject to conditions. We also offer class / seminar on electronic subjects and computer hardware with exposure on industry practice.Infotech Enterprises Ltd (BOM: 532175) Hyderabad, India

InfoTech Enterprises Limited is an India-based information technology (IT) consulting, services and business ut and design, component engineering and offshore software development in India.

Electronics Design Group , Inc. Piscataway, NJ

Electronics Design group is New Jersey's premier installer of High-end Audio, Video, Home Automation, and Custom Installation, located in Piscataway, NJ

Embedded Labs Ltd.
Embedded Labs is an embedded systems design consultancy based in Waterford Ireland. We specialise in providing electronic design services in the embedded systems sector of the design services market and have the capability of providing both hardware design and software development.

MANDEX , Inc. Fairfax, VA

MANDEX's corporate commitment to the highest professional standards ensures quality, innovation, timely delivery of products, and cost effectiveness. MANDEX's corporate organization is summarized in the chart below. MANDEX is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (See NAICS... more

Control Systems Research Inc Valparaiso, FL

Control Systems Research Inc. (CSR), a general corporation headquartered at 368 Adams Avenue, Valparaiso, Florida formed in November 1994. CSR reorganized as a minority owned and controlled company in 1997. CSR was granted 8(a) status by the SBA 26 May 1999. CSR will remain an 8(a)... more

Interra , Inc. San Jose, CA

Interra is a high growth, diversified software company that provides products and services to the high technology industry Headquartered in San Jose, California, Interra's affiliated companies focus on Electronic Design Automation (EDA), digital video applications (MPEG/DVD), Information... more Page: 1 2 Go to page: of 2 Bartlett Technologies Bernardston, MA, USA
Sensors, Analog Circuit Design, Design Services, Information Services, Power Electronics Consulting, Spectrum Analyzers, Programing Software available from Bartlett Technologies based in Bernardston, MA. Click the links below to visit our website or contact us via our profile page. More...
Carbis New Castle, PA, USA
Safety Training, Management Training, Business Funding Auditing, Training, Health and Safety Training, Accountancy and Taxation Services, Accountancy Services, Auditing, Income Tax Return Services, Accounting Personnel Recruitment Agencies or Consultancy or Services, Computer Software Training Services, Computer Training, Pigging or Pipeline Isolation Consulting and Investigation, Financial Services, Accounting Data, Regular, Information Services, Power Electronics Consulting, Legal Services for Private Customers, Materials Advisory and Consulting Services, Computer Software Training, Health Training available from Carbis based in New Castle, PA. Click the links below to visit our website or contact us via our profile page. More...
CellStream Incorporated Plano, TX, USA
Business Development Consultancy or Services, Consulting Engineers or Designers, Text Documentation Reproduction, Electrical Consultancy or Consulting Engineers, Information Services, Power Electronics Consulting, Product Design, Telecommunication Consultancy or Design, Telecommunication Systems or Equipment Information Services available from CellStream Incorporated based in Plano, TX. Click the links below to visit our website or contact us via our profile page. More...
CI Spectrum White Plains, NY, USA
computer & information technology consulting firm focusing on the legal, financial and professional services Safety Management Consultancy, Market Research, Products Testing available from J. P. Freeman Co., Inc. based in Newtown, CT. Click the links below to visit our website or contact us via our profile page. More...
Larsen & Toubro Infotech Atlanta, GA, USA
Application development, application system maintenance & support & help desk support activities
Lewis Edge &Associates, Inc. Princeton, NJ, USA
Direct Mail, Audio Device Design, Emblems or Logos, Information Services, Power Electronics Consulting, Market Research, Foil Twisted Pair (FTP) Network Cabling, Competitiveness Self Help Business Skill Training available from Lewis Edge &Associates, Inc. based in Princeton, NJ. Click the links below to visit our website or contact us via our profile page. More...
LEXCO, Inc Fairfield, CT, USA
Alarm Systems, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Video Loss Alarms, Automotive Antenna Systems, Structured Wiring Network Systems, Control Systems, Access, Information Services, Power Electronics Consulting, Telephone Internal Systems, Digital Voice Recording Systems, Plant Wiring Contractors, Explosion Proof Intercom Systems available from LEXCO, Inc based in Fairfield, CT. Click the links below to visit our website or contact us via our profile page. More...
Liaison International, Inc. Watertown, MA, USA
Training, Education and Training Software, Computer Software Development, Information Services, Power Electronics Consulting, Healthcare Product Packaging, Product Assembly Software available from Liaison International, Inc. based in Watertown, MA. Click the links below to visit our website or contact us via our profile page. More...
McCann International Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
Information Services, Power Electronics Consulting, Technical Information Services available from McCann International based in Poughkeepsie, NY. Click the links below to visit our website or contact us via our profile page. More...
net works, Inc. NJ, USA
Information Services, Power Electronics Consulting, Web Site Design or Creation Services, Web Site Hosting, Hosted Site Single Page Web Site Creation Services, Interactive Web Site Design available from net works, Inc. based in NJ. Click the links below to visit our website or contact us via our profile page. More...
Niagara Transformer Corp. Buffalo, NY, USA
Magnetic Float Liquid Level Gages, Information Services, Power Electronics Consulting, Automatic Transformers, Filter Reactors, Liquid Filled Transformers available from Niagara Transformer Corp. based in Buffalo, NY. Click the links below to visit our website or contact us via our profile page. More...
Power Technologies, Inc Schenectady, NY, USA
Engineering Design Software, Network Modeling Software, Power Systems Analysis Software, Information Services, Power Electronics Consulting, Microprocessor Systems Consultancy or Design, Power Analysis Systems, Data Management Software, Power Generation Software, Power Distribution Analysis Software, Circuit Analysis Software, Electric Utilities Software, Protective Device Coordination Software, Electrical System Analysis Software, Fault Analysis Software, Construction One Line Diagram Computer Software, Power Factor Software, Power Flow Analysis Software, Short Circuit Calculation Software, Transmission Line Analysis Software, Voltage Drop Calculation Software available from Power Technologies, Inc based in Schenectady, NY. Click the links below to visit our website or contact us via our profile page. More...
Propriety Solutions, LLC. Nashua, NH, USA
Electronic Mail (email) Services or Bureau Services, Antistatic Flooring, Information Services, Power Electronics Consulting, Internet Domain Name Registration, Web Site Hosting, Wireless Networking available from Propriety Solutions, LLC. based in Nashua, NH. Click the links below to visit our website or contact us via our profile page. More...
PTF Consulting Avon Lake, OH, USA
PTF Consuling offers global supply chain solutions to manufactures & distributors
PurlSoft Solutions Woodbridge, NJ, USA 5 patents (sole named inventor). All my designs that I have taken through to production have been successful and those at Westinghouse and later have had fully detailed analysis documents to support the design. I have had a Railtrack PTS. I am familiar with VHDL, DSP, the latest SM PSU techniques, embedded modems and DAA, and low power radio.

Employer: Full Circuit Ltd, Chippenham, Wiltshire
Business: Contract Design (my company)
Period: August 1996 to date

Project Technically Responsible for :-

Pwr Ctrl 2004. PIC based interface. Inputs: switches and signals. Outputs: relay drives and signals. Software State Machine with switch debounce, timing functions and watchdog for robust operation. Power usage minimised.
PPAM 2004. High frequency Class B power amplifier (0dB 1MHz). Tuned loop load via up to 2.5km of cable. Stable under all conditions. Design achieved distortion well below 0.01% specification.
LMM 2003. FSK Loop modem. Designed with filters using Gyrator and NFDR versions of LC ladders for stability, defined characteristics, and long available life expectancy. CPLD used for FSK generation and decoding. CPLD also for VME interface.
ACOL PSU 2003. 115V 400Hz and 28Vdc PSU for LED Anti-Collision light. Energy storage to spread flash surge. Constant current output regulation. Extremely accurate flash time to ensure synchronisation between separate units.

O Levels: 5 English, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry & Biology
A Levels: 3 Physics, Applied Mathematics & Pure Mathematics
B.Sc. (Hons) Electronic Physics, University of London
City & Guilds: 2 C Programming II and C++ Programming III (refreshers)
Memberships: The Institution of Electrical Engineers, Chartered Engineer
The Institute of Railway Signal Engineers

Analogue Design. Digital Design. Simulation. Innovation. Fail-Safe & Safety Design. Switch-Mode PSUs. Filter, Transformer & Inductor Design. Embedded Processors. EM Immunity. Track Circuits & Railway simulation. Design for Industrial Environments (Temperature, Vibration, EMI etc.). VHDL, SPICE, Assembler, C.

Computer Languages: C++, C, Visual Basic, Pascal, Delphi, HTML, Javascript, JSD, Assembler for 186, 8086, 6800, 6502, 9995, PIC.
Computer Applications: Word 6/7/97, Pspice, MathCAD, Timing Designer, Power Point, Excel, OrCAD, Mentor Expedition.
Procedures: Familiar with ISO9001, QMS, EDM, ENVs on EMI, FMECA, FTA.
General: 5 patents (sole named inventor). All my designs that I have taken through to production have been successful and those at Westinghouse and later have had fully detailed analysis documents to support the design. I have had a Railtrack PTS. I am familiar with VHDL, DSP, the latest SM PSU techniques, embedded modems and DAA, and low power radio.

correlation re.
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