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electronics circuit PCB design engineering,Shenzhen China cn,pcb board design engineering,low cost


Electronic PCB Assembly,EMS/OEM,SMT Production Line Contract Manufacturing Company In Shenzhen China,Turnkey Solutions PCBA Outsourcing Services
Express: PCB Fabrication // Assembly // Design
Professional: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // product development // Engineering
Low Cost: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // Design // Components Procurement
Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 for PCB and SMT quality control

Turnkey Solution:
Customers just need to write ONE purchase order to PCBSINO for a complete engineering task, we will do the project management includes:
PCB Circuit Diagram Design/Layout
PCB Fabrication
Component Procurement
PCB Assembly / PCBA / Pick and Place Surface Mount / Quality Manufacturing

PCBSINO (YISI) inc. is a contract offshore outsourcing manufacturer, offer outsourcing services, company locate in Shenzhen, CN China, focuses on the PCB prototype or mass production.
Design Capability:
The electronic design is called a schematic or circuit diagram. It is constructed in CAD format.At PCBSINO we use Protel, OrCAD, PADs,CAM350,Genisis... We have an experienced design house/ bureau be family with electronic projects, can do many product Research and Development work and PCB reverse engineering work. more . .

Express Electronics Manufacturing Services View assembly Line
We supply electronic manufacturing services(EMS): High quality Low cost bare PCB and PCBA to customers that requiring PCB fabrication and assembly.
PCB Assembly (PCBA) include through hole components PCB Assembly, SMT PCB Assembly,

----Electronics manufacturing have been the core business of PCBSINO from 2000.PCBSINO Sub-contract and Contract Electronic Manufacturing (CEM) Services also include part and full box build and testing, electronic design and component supply and kitting. Being a OEM electronics project supplier in Shenzhen, PCBSINO can procure the BEST and LOW Cost electronic components in Shenzhen,cn China for the customers, price much lower than Digi-key.

Our advantage: Sr. Engineer will go through the whole process: Design - component procure - PCB Fabrication - Assembly, we can make High Quality Data work, High Quality component,High Quality PCB, High Quality Assembly, and with these effort will come out High grade and reliable product.

.Rapid Prototype
.Express PCB
.PCB Assembly
.PCB Engineering
electronics circuit PCB design engineering,Shenzhen China cn,pcb board design engineering,low cost
electronics circuit board design engineering,pcb board design engineering,low cost shenzhen,Cn china
millennium, GSPK Design Ltd was set up as a dedicated electronic design and low volume manufacturer.

Recognised as a new breed of company, each member of the team has a keen focus on customer service; concentrating on helping companies meet the ever increasing challenges they face within the manufacturing industry by providing a tailored service to deliver products to market faster, more cost effectively and efficiently.

Renowned within the marketplace for delivering a complete start to finish electronic design solution, GSPK Design is a specialist within the field of product reengineering, new product development and assisting companies with the life extension of products within customer's existing product portfolios.

Based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, we operate within a variety of industries and boast an extensive range of skills and expertise including:
Automate processes
Accelerate time to market and
Provide product life cycle management solutions
These factors provide essential company, product and brand differentiation, and as a result, provide companies with crucial competitive advantage.

Your local electronic design partner....

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PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Design
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Please Visit Our New Website At:

Product Development & Prototyping

PCB Layout Expertise

PCB Fab, Kitting & Assembly


Electronic Engineering

Circuit Design (Digital/Analog)

Design & Develop FPGAs & CPLDs

For more than a decade SunMan Engineering has provided Engineering Turnkey Services from Concept to Manufacturing. Many companies come to us with their schematics in hand and look to us for Prototyping including PCB Design and Layout expertise, Fabrication, and Assembly, as well as Circuit Design (Digital / Analog), FPGA and CPLD Design and Product Development.

SunMan Engineering has PCB Design and Layout Expertise in Digital & Analog, HiSpeed up to 10GHz, and RF at 2.4GHz applications. Our experience covers a wide range of industries including Wireless, Networks, Fiber Optics, Telecommunications and Semiconductors. We provide prototyping using FR4, Rogers, Nelco SI, Getek, Polyimide, and flex boards.

SunMan Engineering has the experience to help you with your PCB Design and Layout needs, as we've had the opportunity to work on projects with more than 200 well known companies here in the Silicon Valley and our services have proven themselves to have continuously achieved our primary strategy, which is to help you get what you need done quickly and with a successful outcome.

SunMan's full range of engineering services includes:

Product Development and Prototyping
FPGA & CPLD design and development
RF and Digital / Analog circuit design
PCB Design and Layout
Electronic Schematic capture, Custom Printed Circuit Board, DFM etc
Printed Circuit Board Fabrication, Assembly and Kitting
Complete Turnkey Services, Quickturn Prototypes
Testing / Verification
Control Impedance, PCB Net List

Quantum CAD The most respected PCB Design brand in the UK!

At Quantum CAD we offer a complete, unique electronic and PCB design experience. At the forefront of the PCB design community we are committed to offering a comprehensive range of design services for almost any type of electronic product, from initial concept through to manufacturing. So whether you need assistance with:

Predesign/Feasibility study
Technically complex design issues
Unexpected peaks in design demands
Entire programme or project management

click here to see the list of our services
“...In terms of quality and service I truly believe that Quantum CAD will not be beaten.」
Zarlink Semiconductor

PCB design is rarely simple or easy, particularly when each new project demands shorter project times, reduced unit costs or greater design complexity. Therefore Quantum CAD's experience and expertise can prove invaluable in meeting these challenges. Over the years we have successfully completed hundreds of PCB design projects for some of the world’s most demanding and largest electronics manufacturers in the following sectors:

Consumer electronics
Allowing a business to focus on core activities
Quantifying task costs
Increasing capacity for growth
Making the company more flexible to change ...read more
We can work with PCB design and engineering managers based anywhere in the world and are used to handling multiteam, multinational projects.

Handling so many projects each year, there is almost no design or engineering problem we have not come across before, so whatever your needs, please contact us or click on the Services section of our website for further information.

now to find out how we can help you with your designs!

Quantum CAD NewsQuantum CAD puts on a display at airshow
Quantum CAD expansion sparks deployment of eCollaboration technology
Quantum CAD awarded Investor in People (IIP) in record time and commended by Assembly Member Dr Brian Gibbons Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design
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Printed Circuit Board Fab
Experts in high density/layer count PCB's, no job too difficult!

EDADOC:PCB Layout,China
Top class PCB design & PCB layout Supplier of Intel,3com,Marvell,TI

Companies listed for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design 4th Dimension PCB
Sunrise, Florida
4th Dimension PCB, Inc. provides PCB Design services / circuit board design services to engineering companies that develop or manufacture electronic products for automotive, military, aerospace / avionics, telecommunications, computer hardware, consumer electronics, and medical device

Company details

TEL: +1 954 2403600 FAX: +1

Problems? Suggestions? We'd love to hear from you! Complete the Contact Information form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Be sure to tell us if you prefer to be contacted by email or telephone.

Company details http://www.China-low-cost-PCB.org///www.China-low-cost-PCB.org.....avcomtec.com/contactus.sc

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SMART Group announces a packed programme of events for the remainder of this year, including an exciting series of seminars with leading technology experts during the EKTN event 'Technology Breakthroughs – Bending the Design Rules' to be held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.


Dawn VME Products
Dawn VME Products is a premier privatelyheld manufacturer of embedded packaging solutions. Founded in 1985, Dawn is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of products based on the VITATM and PICMG? architectures.

Thermal Considerations for TMS320DM64xx, TMS320DM64x, and TMS320C6000 Devices
As integrated circuit (IC) components become more complex, the challenge of producing an end product with superior thermal performance increases. Thermal performance is a systemlevel concern, impacted by IC packaging as well as by printed circuit board (PCB) design. This application report

EDA and Intellectual Property (IP) News | Electronics Weekly
Electronics design automation (EDA) reviews and intellectual property business news. Find new electronics products and design from Electronics Weekly


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Info on hardware, software, tools services and valuable articles

Nextek: PCB Assembly
PCBA, Advanced Electronics Assembly Design & Analytical Services

Contract Manufacturing
Microelectronic Design and Assembly From Prototype to Production

Circuit & PCB Design
Analog+digital, RF, VHDL, MCU, SMPS & video tutorials. Download now!

pcba pcba

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Applications Engineer Hardware, Mobile Handset Development
Industrial Engineering

Hole Sizes = 0.031」(~0.8mm), 0.0394」(~0.89mm), 0.051.2"(~1.3mm), 0.0630」(~1.6mm), 0.0787」(~2mm), 0.125」(~3.18mm)
(NOTE: 0.0394」 is the standard, if you have holes that are not listed we will drill them as 0.0394"))

PCB SoftwareEasyPc Pro 8 Full version unlimited board size (current version V8.0.12)This is a Very good package, which can be used to design your schematics and PCB layouts.
It has extensive libraries containing all the components used in the laboratory and more including SMT components. It can be used to make any type of circuit from though hole to surface mount and multilayer boards. The program is extremely easy to use and is the most popular among students for final year projects, The software allows quick and easy board design and export functions to transfer design pictures into other packages such as MS word, also it is capable of importing from other pakages such as autocad and eagle.
EasyPC is installed on 4 computers at the rear of the lab.
Eagle PCB Version Lite (limite on board size 10cm x 6cm)
This is a basic PCB design tool and can be used to generate your pcb designs. It is the freeware version and can be downloaded for home use from the cadsoft web site.
It has many features that are the same as easypc but there is a limit on board size because it is the free version.
Eagle is installed on the terminals in the teaching lab and eagle be exported into easypc if needed.
Eagle Tutorial Click Here
Eagle Manuel Click Here

What We RequireThe DesignFor Best results use a minimum of 4 layers e.g. Top Side, Bottom Side, Edge and Silk Screen.
Make sure that the minimum and maximum rules above have not been broken or there could be complications when making the board.
You will need to convert the pcb design into a Gerber format for copper tracks and silk screen and NCDrill Excellon format for drill holes.
A Gerber format produces a number of different files depending on the layers used in the design. (sometimes an aperture file is required depending on package)
The NCDrill / Excellon Format, This produces 2 or more drill files suppling the tool data in one file and hole placement data in the other.
All pcb designs and files must be given on disk to us (recommended) or sent via email and you must hand in a 1:1 print out of the circuit showing drill hole sizes incase of import and conversion problems.

MaterialNormally you have to supply the board.
Standard board (Fr4 Epoxy glass) can be purchased from Farnell or RS, if your design is high frequency I would recommend Rogers RT/duroid which is a very good supplier of material. www.China-low-cost-PCB.org///www.China-low-cost-PCB.org.....rogerscorp.com.
All PCB Material used must NOT be layered with photo resist, if your board comes with it make sure you remove the resist first.
The we keep a small stock of FR4 ( Data Sheet ) Single sided and Double sided, you can use this board for your project depending if it will fit your design, if not you will have to purchase some from farnell, rs or maplin.
Things To Avoid Printed Circuit Board Design for RealWorld EMI Control(Electromagnetic Compatibility is NOT Magic!)

Next dates to be confirmed
Send me an email when the next dates are confirmed.

This course is part of Oxford University's HighSpeed Digital Engineering Week

Planning to attend more than one course during HighSpeed Digital Engineering Week? Click here for discount details.

"Good broad outline of EMI control, not just focused on PCB"
Imran Ali, Development Engineer, CITEL Technologies
"Very coherent, good practical examples, pitched at the right level"
Martin Twigg, Applications Engineer, Wolfson Microelectronics
"Informal and informative... informal and entertaining"
Alan Bate, Senior Hardware Engineer, Pace Micro Technology
"Very good. Questions were fully answered, tireless delivery style. Will enable me to make better informed decisions."
Tim Rombach, R&D Engineer, Westinghouse Rail Systems
"Has turned upsidedown my understanding of EMC design. As the EMC design/test focal point in the company PCB engineering will be changing for the better."
Graham Blissett, Senior EMC Engineer, AWE Plc

About the Course
Proper EMC design for printed circuit boards

correlation re.
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