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Electronic Product PCB Assembly Shenzhen China CN,circuit board PCBA PCB assemblies,high quality low cost


Electronic PCB Assembly,EMS/OEM,SMT Production Line Contract Manufacturing Company In Shenzhen China,Turnkey Solutions PCBA Outsourcing Services
Express: PCB Fabrication // Assembly // Design
Professional: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // product development // Engineering
Low Cost: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // Design // Components Procurement
Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 for PCB and SMT quality control

Turnkey Solution:
Customers just need to write ONE purchase order to PCBSINO for a complete engineering task, we will do the project management includes:
PCB Circuit Diagram Design/Layout
PCB Fabrication
Component Procurement
PCB Assembly / PCBA / Pick and Place Surface Mount / Quality Manufacturing

PCBSINO (YISI) inc. is a contract offshore outsourcing manufacturer, offer outsourcing services, company locate in Shenzhen, CN China, focuses on the PCB prototype or mass production.
Design Capability:
The electronic design is called a schematic or circuit diagram. It is constructed in CAD format.At PCBSINO we use Protel, OrCAD, PADs,CAM350,Genisis... We have an experienced design house/ bureau be family with electronic projects, can do many product Research and Development work and PCB reverse engineering work. more . .

Express Electronics Manufacturing Services View assembly Line
We supply electronic manufacturing services(EMS): High quality Low cost bare PCB and PCBA to customers that requiring PCB fabrication and assembly.
PCB Assembly (PCBA) include through hole components PCB Assembly, SMT PCB Assembly,

----Electronics manufacturing have been the core business of PCBSINO from 2000.PCBSINO Sub-contract and Contract Electronic Manufacturing (CEM) Services also include part and full box build and testing, electronic design and component supply and kitting. Being a OEM electronics project supplier in Shenzhen, PCBSINO can procure the BEST and LOW Cost electronic components in Shenzhen,cn China for the customers, price much lower than Digi-key.

Our advantage: Sr. Engineer will go through the whole process: Design - component procure - PCB Fabrication - Assembly, we can make High Quality Data work, High Quality component,High Quality PCB, High Quality Assembly, and with these effort will come out High grade and reliable product.

.Rapid Prototype
.Express PCB
.PCB Assembly
.PCB Engineering
electronic assemblies,circuit board component PCBA assemblies,assembly,high quality low cost shenzhen,CN China

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from Shenzhen K-better Electrical Co., Ltd

[Related Keywords: pcba, circuit boad]

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Electronic Assembly
We provide PCB assembly service and electronic manufacturing service to companies which are looking to outsource electro...

| China

from Cachet Enterprise Limited

[Related Keywords: electronic assembly, pcb assembly service, electronic manufacturing services, pcb assembly]

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PCBs (Printed Circuit Board)


from long-xin industry(hongkong) co., ltd

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[Related Keywords: pcb, smt]

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4-Layer Flash Gold+Entek Board
?€€4-layer Flash gold+Entek board (RoHs) ?€€1. Minimum line width/distance: 5mil ?€€2. Minimum ...



[Related Keywords: printed circuit boards]

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4 Layer PCB
Our company is specialize in manufacturing of high-precision, high- density, high-reliability products. Product details...

China Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assemblies
Refined by: Geography: Phoenix, Arizona Sponsored Links
Printed Circuit Board Fab
Experts in high density/layer count PCB's, no job too difficult!

Pcb assembly
Find The Right Solutions For Your Business at the Virtual Trade Show!

News and Blogs Total : 6 View more ?
Suntron Corporation Awarded Contract From Awarepoint for the Real-time Awareness Solutions
www.morerfid.com | Jun 10, 2008
, (www.awarepoint.com) a leading provider of Real-time Location asset tracking systems and solutions. As part of the contract commitment, Suntron will manufacture Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA(s)) for Tags and Sensors in its Tijuana, Mexico facility.

Suntron: Suntron Corporation Awarded Contract From Awarepoint for the Real-time Awareness Solutions(R)
PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - June 5, 2008) - Suntron Corporation, a leading provider of integrated electronic manufacturing solutions and Computer Off-The-Shelf (COTS) design solutions with six (6) North American Facilities, announced today an agreement to manufacture complex (active RFID) systems

Suntron Corporation Awarded Contract from Celco for PCBA(s ... - Autochannel (press release)
www.theautochannel.com | Mar 4, 2008
PHOENIX--Suntron Corporation, a leading provider of integrated electronic manufacturing solutions with six (6) North American Facilities, announced today an agreement to manufacture complex Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA(s)) with Celco California Inc. (www.celco.jp), a leading provider of

Electronics Manufacturing News: March 22, 2005 Event Explores the Business of Innovation with
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Serving: Ohio - Northern
to Serving Ohio - Northern Located in Ohio

LeeMAH Electronics, Inc. - San Francisco, CA (Serving Ohio - Northern)
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9002 & ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies. Capabilities include surface mount technology, pin thru-hole, ball grid array, PCB testing equipment, technology transfer, functional & in-circuit testing, burn-in, conformal coating & RTV encapsulation....

Odyssey Electronics - Livonia, MI (Serving Ohio - Northern)
Manufacturer of electronics assemblies for OEM markets: controls, instruments, special machines, medical & telecommunications.
Accuspec Electronic Services - McKean, PA (Serving Ohio - Northern)
Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001:2000 certified contract manufacturer of printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies. Pin in place, wave soldering & surface mount allows for a variety of printed circuit board assemblies. Design, assembly, and testing services. Turnaround prototyping, full-volume production in short or long...

Smart Sourcing, Inc. - Farmingdale, NY (Serving Ohio - Northern)
Manufacturer, Custom Manufacturer, Service Company
ISO 9001/2000 certified custom manufacturer of assemblies including circuit board assemblies, & printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies (offshore). PCB assembly products PCBA & heat sinks, & PCBAs. Services include custom packaging, product documentation, component procurement or consignment,...

Captor Corp. - Tipp City, OH
Manufacturer, Service Company
Contract manufacturer of low volume, high mix electronic & critical electrical assemblies. Capabilities include assembly of conventional through-hole circuit boards, surface mount, mixed mode technology, connector & wire harness assemblies. Magnetic products include manual & automated winding of...

Techtron Systems, Inc. - Mayfield Village, OH
Manufacturer, Service Company
Thru-Hole, Surface Mount, BGA Placement
Pannam - Cleveland, OH
ISO 9001:2000 certified custom manufacturer of printed circuit board assemblies. Printed circuit board assemblies include flexible circuits & elastomer rubber keyboards.
Inservco Inc. - La Grange, OH
Manufacturer, Service Company
Manufacturer Of Electronic Assemblies; Designing Service
CE Electronics - Bryan, OH
Position Indicators, Board Stuffing
Phonotronics, Inc. - Middlefield, OH
Manufacturer, Service Company
Electromechanical & Printed Circuit Board Assemblies
Macro International, Inc. - Warren, OH
Specialists In Collaborations For Technology Transfer, Joint Ventures & Contract Manufacturing Between Companies In India & USA For Electronic & Other Products
Instrumatics - Cleveland, OH
Printed Circuits Elevated track for support of signal lines on a printed circuit board assembly Document Type and Number:United States Patent 7301102
Abstract:A printed circuit board assembly utilizing an elevated track to support signal lines between components is disclosed. The track rests on a plurality of vertical supports, placed amid the components, such that the signal lines can be routed after the components are configured on the board. The vertical supports can be installed at grounding holes already present on the printed circuit board assembly. The track is sufficiently rigid to support bundles of signal lines over long spans between vertical supports. The track can be constructed of the same material as the board, to provide the same ESD and conductivity characteristics as the board, as well as ensure that the track does not contribute to the EMI signature of the board. Ads by Google
Nextek: PCB Assembly
PCBA, Advanced Electronics Assembly Design & Analytical Services
ODU Cable Assembly
Custom Cable Assemblies Including Watertight Encapsulation
Electronic Component
Free Technical Search Engine Search Thousands of Catalogs
Pro-Line Workbenches
Ergonomic, In Stock, Electronic ESD Packaging, Cleanroom, Modular, Lab
EMI Shielding Solutions
Circuit Board Shields, EMI Gaskets, Ferrites, RF Absorbers for EMI/RFI
Job Board Technology
Leading supplier of job board technology.
Portable Device Solutions
MEMS Microphones - "Zero Height", "Mini",RF Hardened, Digital and…Browse PCB & PCBAby Category

Double-Sided PCB (485) FPC (424) Multilayer PCB (894) Rigid PCB (1580) Single-Sided PCB (138) Other PCB & PCBA (888) Double-Sided PCB (485) FPC (424) Multilayer PCB (894) Rigid PCB (1580) Single-Sided PCB (138) Other PCB & PCBA (888)
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Printed Circuit Boards-Quick Turnaround
Online Quote / Order
Quick turn proto types
1-2 layers Same Day
Multilayer 24 hours
Quick turn Productions
1-2 layers 24 hour...
Online Electronics Inc.
United States Offline Copper Clad Laminated Sheet
Copper Clad Laminated Sheet...
Shiv Engineering Works
India Offline Backplane / Chassis / Rack
VME 64Extension backplane; 5 / 7 / 10 / 12 / 20 / 21 slot;...
Shanghai Getie Trade Co., Ltd
Min. Order: 1 PieceOffline PCB Assembly / Turn Key / Consignment / Electronics Components
MicroEast designs, builds and manage an excellent end to end supply chain which allowing customer reduce excess cost / inventory...
Microeast Electronics Sdn Bhd
Malaysia Offline

3 Matching ResultsPrinted Circuits Board (PCB)
We are one of the india's leading PCB manufacturer & Our company is ISO / UL Certified....
Meena Circuits Pvt.Ltd.
India Offline Printed Circuit Board
We manufacture single sided Printed Cricuit Board....
National Enterprises
Min. Order: 10000 PiecesOffline PCB
Dear Sir: We can provide you the good PCB with low price. Our ability is from single side to 32 sides PCB for you....
Beijing KingTitan Technology Corp. Ltd.,
China Offline Printed Circuit Board
All kinds of Printed circuit board...
South Korea Offline
PCB Assembly
PCB, PCBA, OEM / ODM assembly, active / passive components searching serive
Shimmer Enterprise Co., Ltd.
US$500~30000Offline Printed Circuit Board PCB
We are one of the largest PCB manufacturer in western India with UL and ISO certification.
We supply PCBs all over the world....
Meena Circuits Private Limited
India Offline PCB Board
PCB boards from photocopiers and printers etc....
CEI Worldwide
United States Offline Main PCB
Main board EF 870 for computer embroidery machines...
fly computer embroidery equipment When companies are faced with the challenge of manufacturing an undocumented and partially obsolete printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) with only the PCBA as the starting point, the reverse engineering process can be a useful tool for reconstructing the design and production determine some or all of the values for the components on the board. A system such as ScanCad can be used to regenerate the Gerber files for each layer of the board. X-ray imaging can also help clarify point to point connections. These tools are essential for efficient reverse engineering.

Conformal coating of the PCBA can complicate the task. The type of coating and how to remove it without damaging the board assembly will determine the overall level of difficulty for the reverse engineering process. If the type of conformal coating is not known, observation and testing will help identify the type of coating and the process required for removal. Several removal techniques are available, including using solvents, peeling, thermal, grinding and scraping, and micro-blasting. After removing any conformal coating, component removal can begin. Great care must be taken to insure that the underlying board remains sufficiently intact. Proper use of the right tools and equipment will save the board from damage and preserve it for any remaining analysis.

Up to this point, a list of components on the PCBA should be available from the BOM. Information gathered from an in-circuit tester and/or x-ray machine will be used to develop the design schematic. With this data and the BOM, one can use any of a number of computer aided design (CAD) software packages capable of circuit design and layout to generate the Gerber file, which is the machine code for circuit artwork. This may not replicate the same layout as the original PCBA and depending on the end application, further design work on the PCBA may be necessary to create the replacement design.

Many printed circuit board (PCB) fabricators and vendors claim that there is no easy way to take a PCB apart, layer by layer. Most boards are made of prepreg with an epoxy resin, a copper-clad surface etched for the circuitry design, patterned solder mask, a silkscreen print of the reference designators, and a finish plating on the exposed copper. These materials are designed to keep the PCB intact and to prevent separation, and to conform to strict commercial standards (designed to ensure PCB quality and reliability) but do make the task of separating the layers very difficult.
Worldwide Electronic Parts & Components Directory

BCM Electronics Corp. - Manufacturer Of PCB Assemblies and Other Electronic Components & EMS Solutions
Youhen (Beijing) Silicon & Germanium Ltd - Manufacturer of Silicon, Germanium & Semiconductor Materials For The Electronics Industry
MEPOS Electronics Ltd. - Supplier of Industrial Power Supply Equipment, Accessories & Power Supply Solutions For Industry
Shenzhen Huaxin Precision Ceramics Co., Ltd - Manufacturer Of Electronic Ceramic Insulators, Alumina Ceramics & Other Industrial Ceramics
Dasing Technology Industrial Co., Ltd - Manufacturers Electrical/Electronic Assembly Equipments, SMD/BGA Rework Equipment & Telecom/Electronic Testing Instruments
Better-Power Electronic, Ltd. - Manufacturer of Various Batteries, Battery Packs, Rechargeable Battery Charger & Allied Products
Hawkwin Electroincs Tech Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) Offering Complete PCBA Services & Solutions
Shenzhen Zhongzhentong Optical Communication Tech Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer Of Fiber Optics Such As Adapters, Patch Cords, Attenuators & Other Fiber Optic Products
Dalian Jafeng Electronics Co., Ltd - Manufacturer & Exporter of Die Bonders For LED, ICs and Transistor Applications
Zoomtak Electronics Co., Ltd - Specializing In PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Production Service, PCBA and Double-Sided PCB
ADV-Engineering - Manufacturer of Thermoelectric Cooling Modules, Generating Materials & Semiconductor Materials
Qingdao Japan Powerful Electronics Co., Ltd - Manufacturer & Exporter of Thermal Fuse For Various Applications
Mainhouse (Xiamen) Electronic Co., Ltd - Manufactuer of Energy Saving Light Lamps & Bulbs, Electronic Ballast & Other Electrical Equipment
Zonkas Electronic Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of Electrolytic Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitor, Film Capacitors & Allied Products
Remarkable mask Technology Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of High-End Photomask (Photo-Masks) For Microelectronics Industry
Kete Microwawve Electronics Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of RF Microwave Components, Chip Capacitors & Other Electronic Components
Dongguan Jingjie Electronic Co., Ltd. - Manufacturer of Electronic Connectors Such As PGA, IC Sockets, PLCC, USB Sockets & Allied Products
Pricol Technologies Ltd - Offers Electronics Contract Manufactuing, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical & Mechatronics Solutions
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering - Manufacturer of Custom Extensometers, Signal Conditioners & Other Electronic Instrumentation
Vin Solutions - Manufacturer of PCBs, Transistors, Printed Circuit Boards, Capacitors, Resistors & Allied Products
Ningbo Polsun Electronic Co., Ltd - Designer, Manufacturer & Exporter of Custom & Standard Pneumatic Fittings For All Applications
True Power International Ltd. - Manufacturer & Supplier of Electronic Components Such As Inverters & Allied Products
Rishikesh Electromatic Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer & Exporter of Knitted Mesh (Knit Mesh) For Mist Eliminators and Other Applications
GreenMil International - Printed Circuit Board Contract Manufacturer Specializing In PCBA, PCB Design, Fabrication & Assembly
Vinsolutions - Electronics Distributor of Semiconductors, Transistors, Capacitors & Other Electronic Components
Shanghai TN Tech Co., Ltd - Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer, Electronic Design and PCB Assembly
Hope Hing Electronics - Manufacturer Of Electro-Luminescent (EL) Panel & EL Products
Ice Point Electronics Technology Co., Ltd - Manufacturer of digital thermometer, solar-cell digital thermometer & microcomputer temperature controller
FuZhou ChinaSimba Electronics Co., Ltd - Engaged in the development, production and service OEM & ODM Electronic Supply Products. PCB ( 9 ) All Companies Found.

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Printed Circuit Boards Egypt (PCB< . . . . [Manufacturer]
Products: PCB & PCBA, Electronics & Electrical, PCB
[ Bangladesh ]

elecsound electronic company limited
Products: Capacitors, Transformers, PCB & PCBA, LED Backlight, Semiconductors, Electronic Component, Electric Power Tools, Electronics & Electrical, capacitor, Trimming Potentiometer, LE . . . .

Description: Elecsound is a manufacturer of high quality, high reliability electronic components, formed in January of 1996. We currently offer a broad range of capacitors, as well as a full line of LED, Cermet . . . .
[ China ]

Topscom Electronics Co Ltd [Manufacturer]
Products: Lighting Accessories , Electronics & Electrical, Computer, PCB & PCBA, HARDWARE COMPONENTS, Lighting Transformer, ELECTRONIC DATA SYSTEMS, printed circuit board, PCB, PCBA, components

Description: We (Topscom Electronics Topscom Precision Industry ) are a China big manufacturer Group for circuit boards and circuit boards assembly OEM EMS field. Now our 4 factory have the high employees over 380 . . . .
[ China ]

Xiamen Song Jiang I and E Co [Manufacturer]
Products: Electronics & Electrical, Relays, relays, relay, SSR, power relay, PCB relay, timer

Description: We are a professional exporter of various relays. The relays is consisted of 9 classifications, more than 70 series, more than 14,000 specifications, including general purpose relays, power relays, au . . . .
[ China ]

Gaurang Electronic Industries [Manufacturer]
Products: Telecommunications, Power Supplies , Wires, Cables, Cable Assemblies , Electronics & Electrical, Electronic Component, Electronic Instrument, Connectors and Terminals, Cable Accessories, Wi . . . .

Description: Gaurang Electronic Industries is manufacturer of Electrical and Electronic components. GAURANG brand name is known for quality, innovative product, prompt delivery and excellent customer support in In . . . .
[ India ]

jin xiu electonics co.,ltd (shenzhen of . . . .
Products: Photography & Optics , Office Supplies, Electronics & Electrical, Calculator, PCB & PCBA, Radio & TV Equipment, Electronics Stocks, Professional Audio, Video & Lighting, Electronic Component . . . .

Description: Dear my good friend: Jinxiu lndustrail co.,ltd is a integrate company .we professionally engage in imports,exports,deputize and sell IC and TR which produced by international name brand factories .we . . . .
[ China ] PCB assemblies(PCBA, EMS, SMT, OEM)
Detailed Product Description
ShenZhen YiShi Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd electronic company is professional manufacturer and exporter of PCBs, Which offer OEM/ODM Electronic Card Assembly, Print circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) including sourcing of components, welding, assembly and testing. We have our own R&D department and modern SMT plant which could meet all our clients requirements whether the order is sizable Or small Or prototype. In addition, the company has put network system in operation for design assessment, material supply, manufacture and product distribution. Quality approvals, prompt delivery, competitive price, good service is always our promise. When I have received your gerber, we are happy to give superior quality products at a competitive price and offer Samples for your testing ASAP.
We have rich experience in providing Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and a good reputation in PCB assembly, especially in DVR cards, PCI cards, cameras, wireless network , RF modules, telephone, wireless modem, remote control products. We provide PCBA Vertical Integrated Manufacturing Solution:
- Circuit boards 1 to 28 layers PCB layout, fabrication, PCB assembly;
- Active and passive components source is directly from original manufacturer;
- Enclosure cabinet case plastic injection molding, metal stamping, manufacture and assembly;
- High-precision 0201 size components SMT technology and lead-free or lead;
- IC pre-program;
- High-precision Testing and repair;
- We quote the price for clients within 3-10 working days.

Other Products Showcase
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(ASK Module)USB telephone
recording box
systemData radio
(10km wireless
(YS-360D)Radio module
See All Leads (5), Products from Shanghai Pu Chun Electronics Co., Ltd [China]

6 Matching Results Sell PCBA Jul 24, 2008
Sumko electronics Co., ltd who's a specialized manufacutere of PCBs & PCBAs product. We can design and copy the electronic circuit board and PCB assembly for our cumstomer. Single-sided board assembly Material:.....
PCB Assembling Jun 28, 2008
1)Power supply PCB production and PCB Assembling, including components purchasing, test, packing and quick delivery. 2)Two-layer PCB manufacture: Material: FR-4; Surface treatment: immersion gold; Minimum hole diameter: 6mil; Line space.....
See All Leads (2), Products from IBE Electronics Co., Ltd. [China]
ET LIMITED PCB Assembly Manufacturer Jun 20, 2008
PCB assembly conform to RoHS.Suntech is a manufacturer of Printed Circuit Boards assembly over years. We specialize in Audio, computer, medical, calculator , remote control and consumer products etc. We are Hongkong person invested enterprises.There.....
See All Leads (3), Products from ET LTD [China]

4 Matching Results Pcb , Fpc , Pwb Assembly Directly Produce From China Jun 13, 2008
Main business scope: 1. Turnkey electronic contract manufacturing 2. Complete electronic assembly 3. Single- and double-sided PCB assembly 4. Cable assembly 5. Wireless harness assembly 6. Supply chain management 7. Surface mount (SMT), .....
See All Leads (8), Products from Shen Zhen BQC Electronics Co.ltd [China]
PCB ASSEMBLY May 20, 2008
Through-hole technology Available in various specifications One-stop station EMS services provider PCB design, layout, fabrication, assembly and function test 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1210 and 2512 placement QFP: 0.35mm Minimum BGA precision:.....
See All Leads (3) from Litevo Electronics Co., Limited [China] Your Recent Searches:electronic contract assembly, PCB Production, Electronic Pcba, PCB
Home > Buy > Electronic Components & Supplies > Passive Components > PCB & PCBA 4,412 Products
You may also want: electronic "assemblies" circuit board component PCBA
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Double-Sided PCB (485) FPC (424) Multilayer PCB (894) Rigid PCB (1580) Single-Sided PCB (138) Other PCB & PCBA (888) Double-Sided PCB (485) FPC (424) Multilayer PCB (894) Rigid PCB (1580) Single-Sided PCB (138) Other PCB & PCBA (888)
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2 Matching ResultsLED PCB board
LED pcb board...
Vivalux Co., Ltd.

China Offline Aluminium sheet for PCB
Aluminium sheet for PCB ( entry) thickness 0.18mm, alloy 1100 H18 or H19...
Chinalco Ruimin Co., Ltd.

Min. Order: 18 Metric TonOffline
2 Matching ResultsPCBA
We can design and manufacture PCBA for appliances, toys and electronic products. We have SMT machines...
EnTech Manufacturing (Shenzhen) Limited

China Offline Communication accessories (PCB)
Specification:3 pin,4 pin ,6 pin, 8 pin...
Cixi Anshi Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. China Offline
CCL Plate
this material is made of paper and copper, made for PCB....
Wuxi Linlong Aluminium Co., Ltd.

China Chat now
7 Matching ResultsMultilayer PCB /PWB /PCBA with competitive price and high quality .
Competitive price,high quality and best service is always our promises!...
Shanghai Shininess Industrial Co., Ltd.

China Chat now
56 Matching ResultsMultilayer board
2-layer PCB board
2)board material:FR4
3)board thickness:1.6 mm
4)minimum hole size:0.4m...
Dongguan Greatta Electronic Factory

Min. Order: 1000 PiecesOffline
6 Matching ResultsTV mainboard
Our company produce TV chassis.We have the high quality and have good sevice.Hope can establish business relationship with you...
Foshan Joyoung Electronics Co., Ltd.

China Offline

26 Matching ResultsImmersion Gold Multilayer circuit boards
circuit boards Features:
1) Minimum line width and spacing: 6mil
2) Minimum hole size: 0.35
3) Board thicknes...
Wenzhou Oulong Electric Co., Ltd.

Min. Order: 100 PiecesOffline
7 Matching ResultsBoard Camera
Board Camera with Auto AGC, Internal Synchronization , Auto BLC, Low Power Consumption...
Sharpvision Co., Ltd.

China Offline
2 Matching ResultsTV PCB(for 14"~21" crt tv)
1.tv chassis/tv skd/crt tv/color tv;2.Toshiba solution for crt tv;3.size:for 14"~21"...
Guangzhou Huadu Hongxun Digital Electronic Factory

Min. Order: 5200 PiecesOffline
8 Matching ResultsFlexible PCB
FPC from 1-6 layers...
Xiamen Guangpu Electronics Co., Ltd.

China Offline

PCP ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. .......... Mysore
Products/Services : Manufacturers and exporters of -
printed circuit board assembly (pcba), smt and through hole assemblies.

? fine pitch smt
? mixed and through hole assemblies
? printed circuit board assemblies (pcba
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PCP ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. .......... Mysore
Products/Services : Manufacturers and exporters of printed circuit board assembly (pcba), smt and through hole assemblies

? fine pitch smt
? mixed and through hole assemblies
? printed circuit board assemblies (pcba)
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PCP ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. .......... Mysore
Products/Services : Manufacturers of printed circuit board assembly [pcba], fine pitch smt, mixed and through hole assemblies. our products printed circuit board assembly have been appreciated the world over. the product range includes:- fine pitch smt, mixed and through hole assemblies, printed circuit board assemblies [pcba].
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EAST INDIA TECHNOLOGIES ( P) LTD. .......... Greater Noida
Products/Services : pcba
pcb assembly

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PCP ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD. .......... Mysore
Products/Services : Manufacturer and exporter of fine pitch smt, mixed and through hole assemblies, printed circuit board assemblies (pcba)
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ESSEN ELECTRONICS .......... bangalore
Products/Services : Manufacturers & exporters of electronic component, electronics designing & processing, pcb & pcba, design and development of electronic and electro mechanical components. mix technology pcb boards assembly, others

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Products/Services : Traders & exporters of wiring harness, auto electricals, pcb assemblies, connectors & terminals, auto accessories, outsourcing, semiconductors, pcb & pcba, network engineering, software.

wiring harness
pcb assemblies
electronics& eletricals
auto electricals
auto accessories
magnets& ferrites
auto electricals & accessories
electronic & electrical components
pcb & pcb assemblies
measurement meters, instruments and industrial products
magnets & ferrites
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Products/Services : Manuacturers & exporters of
healthcare products:- mr coils - general purpose coil, ctl coil, head coil, torso coil, cardiac coil, shoulder coil, wrist coil, rf amplifiers, thermal printers for cardiology systems.

rf components:- amplifiers, switches, attenuators
voltage controlled oscillators (50 ? 3000 mhz),
synthesizers, optical receivers for catv applications.

rf systems and sub-systems:- testing of rf components and sub-systems, wireless products.

generic:- thick film hybrid microcircuit assemblies, pcba with smd, chip-on-board and through hole component technologies, mini-control ovens for temperature control of electronic circuits such as crystal oscillators.

services:- product design and development, manufacturing of rf products, systems, subsystems and components, manufacturing engineering, redesign existing electronic subsystems for performance improvement, functionality

correlation re.
cheap low cost pcb-1 chinese sourcing-2 china PCB suppliers-3 China trade wholesale-4 chinese manufacturing-5 circuit supplies-6 circuit board fabrication-7 Electronics circuit-8 Electronic contract manufacturers-9 Express copper pcb-10 etching pcb-11 flexible pcb manufacture-12 gerber viewer-13 multilayer pcb-14 made in china-15 make pcb-16 making printed circuit board-17 outsource manufacturing China-18 pcb prototypes-19 product prototype-20 pcb fabrication-21 pcb factories china-22 pcb service-23 pcb production-24 pcb prototype-25 PCB manufacturer-26 PC board-27 Pb-Free lead free PCB-28 Rapid Prototyping-29 supplier from china-30 sunstone circuits-31 contract assembly-32 circuit board repair-33 electronic assemblies-34 electronic assembler-35 electronic components distributor-36 electronics kits-37 electronic testing-38 PCB debug-39 PCB assembly service-40 PCB Populating-41 Turnkey OEM/ODM-42 PCB inspection-43 PCBA soldering China-44 surface mount SMT assembly-45 pcb rework-46 cable assembly-47 prototype assembly-48 3d modeling-49 basic electronic circuits-50 circuit diagram supplies-51 circuit designs-52 circuit schematic-53 design company-54 design engineering-55 design consultancy-56 drafting services-57 electronics consultants-58 electronics engineering services-59 electronics development-60 electronics hobby-61 electronics software-62 Electronic design house-63 electronic product design-64 electronic product development-65 electronic projects-66 electric circuits-67 electrical circuits-68 electrical engineering-69 engineering consulting-70 eagle pcb orcad-71 layout & rework service-72 mechanical design-73 pcb reverse engineering-74 pcb board design services-75 pcb designers-76 pcb layout services-77 product research-78 product design company-79 RF design-80 research and development-81 high speed pcb design-82 wiring schematic-83
Canton ICP 05039790
Copyright 2007 China-PCB Technologies Co.,Ltd. All rights reserved.
Electronic Product PCB Assembly Shenzhen China CN,circuit board PCBA PCB assemblies,high quality low cost