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pcb fabrication Shenzhen,CN China,Low cost High quality PCB manufacturer,production manufacturing


Electronic PCB Assembly,EMS/OEM,SMT Production Line Contract Manufacturing Company In Shenzhen China,Turnkey Solutions PCBA Outsourcing Services
Express: PCB Fabrication // Assembly // Design
Professional: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // product development // Engineering
Low Cost: PCB Manufacturing // Assembly // Design // Components Procurement
Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 for PCB and SMT quality control

Turnkey Solution:
Customers just need to write ONE purchase order to PCBSINO for a complete engineering task, we will do the project management includes:
PCB Circuit Diagram Design/Layout
PCB Fabrication
Component Procurement
PCB Assembly / PCBA / Pick and Place Surface Mount / Quality Manufacturing

PCBSINO (YISI) inc. is a contract offshore outsourcing manufacturer, offer outsourcing services, company locate in Shenzhen, CN China, focuses on the PCB prototype or mass production.
Design Capability:
The electronic design is called a schematic or circuit diagram. It is constructed in CAD format.At PCBSINO we use Protel, OrCAD, PADs,CAM350,Genisis... We have an experienced design house/ bureau be family with electronic projects, can do many product Research and Development work and PCB reverse engineering work. more . .

Express Electronics Manufacturing Services View assembly Line
We supply electronic manufacturing services(EMS): High quality Low cost bare PCB and PCBA to customers that requiring PCB fabrication and assembly.
PCB Assembly (PCBA) include through hole components PCB Assembly, SMT PCB Assembly,

----Electronics manufacturing have been the core business of PCBSINO from 2000.PCBSINO Sub-contract and Contract Electronic Manufacturing (CEM) Services also include part and full box build and testing, electronic design and component supply and kitting. Being a OEM electronics project supplier in Shenzhen, PCBSINO can procure the BEST and LOW Cost electronic components in Shenzhen,cn China for the customers, price much lower than Digi-key.

Our advantage: Sr. Engineer will go through the whole process: Design - component procure - PCB Fabrication - Assembly, we can make High Quality Data work, High Quality component,High Quality PCB, High Quality Assembly, and with these effort will come out High grade and reliable product.

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.Express PCB
.PCB Assembly
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pcb fabrication Shenzhen,CN China,Low cost High quality PCB manufacturer,production manufacturing
pcb fabrication,electronics printed circuit PWB fabrication,low cost Shenzhen,CN China
Printed Circuit Prototyping

PCB prototyping, when approached in an orderly fashion, is a relatively straightforward process to master. Assuming that the appropriate discipline is exercised, printed circuits can be fabricated with little or no environmental impact.
These two facts are at the heart of Green CirKit.

Fabrication is

We provide quality
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Note: The text is auto translated from the Greek version

source: Elektor

In this article we will discuss that take shape essential copper circuits via that are realized the electric connections between the elements. We will be reported extensively in the stages that it should follow the amateur but also professional electronic, in order that beginning from the theoretical diagram that has drawn in a paper it leads to what is known as printed circuit. You will still learn how it is manufactured anyone of pcb abbey or double aspect with simple and easy way. And all these following the directives that you we give below.

In order to is materialised a any printed circuit it will be supposed we begin from the designing of lines of interconnection of elements, we advance in their transport in films and we finish with the etching and the piercing of pcb. Firstly we will speak concisely for the stages of manufacture plake'tas. Then we will analyze the each one from them more extensive using photographs and drawings.

The artwork

The designing of printed circuit can become with one from the following ways:

With special thin felt-tip on rise paper or simple white paper.

With specifically designing tools (stencils) that contain islands and lines on rise paper from white paper.

With specifically design auto transferable stickers (letraset, magictype etc) in rise paper, white paper, and in special transparent gelatin.

With the help of designing programs that runs in computer, the known programs CAD, which offer facilities and crowd of possibilities.

This programs apart from the possibility simple (off-hand) transport in printer of spikes, have the possibility of printing out perfect in printers inject and laser. Certain of them have the possibility of transformation printed in form PostScript. With use of form PostScript exists the possibility of sending your drawing in special machines of photosynthesis that it is possible him they print in very high analysis in special film. In this way the final result does not have envy in nothing from a professional work. The method that has prevailed today because it has simplified all the stages is the last one. In case where the drawing of printed circuit is already ready (f.e has been published in certain periodical) then obviously we omit the stage of designing and simply we prepare the drawing for the final transport in pcb. Thus we can photocopy the drawing in rise paper or him repeat in films in some shop that has the possibility of production of special photocopies. Himself it will be supposed we make also in the other cases where the drawing has been made in paper.


The transport of drawing of printed circuit above in pcb can become with a lot of ways mainest than which they are:

With direct designing of lines with special felt-tip indelible ink above in the copper surface pcb. This way is judged ideal for simple and small dimensions pcb or off-hand essays that should be printed out immediately.

With specifically auto transferable self-adhesive elements as films and islands that are stuck above in the copper surface.

With special self-adhesive artworks printed that is offered by certain magazines.

With the method that forecasts use of photosensitive special spray covering pcb (as the known Positive of 20 German company Kodakt Chemie or the Photosensitive of English company Electrolube) and film.

With special ready photosensitive pcb as f.e of German company Bungard. The pcb these even if they are more expensive than simple pcb have the advantage the perfect and uniform covering pcb with photosensitive material, thing that guarantees the perfect transport of drawing.

The two last methods in combination with the designing in computer give pcb high technical specifications.


The report pcb in UV light becomes in order to are burned that points that constitute the final drawing of printed circuit and will be supposed they are impressed in pcb. It is a process similar with that of appearance of photographic film. The report PCB in the UV light becomes in the interior of specifically shaped box where a special lamp of steams of mercury

that will constitute the final electronic diagram of connections. This solution becomes denser if is added extra caustic soda. Naturally this him you will make provided that the thickness of photosensitive surface is bigger than usual. Attention: this work is imposed it becomes with plastic gloves and big attention. The caustic soda is dangerous when it comes in contact with the skin.


The hour of etching is holiest for the amateur that makes this first pcb, after moment it sees his labours be rewarded. Sure it is not little you see pcb be created front in your eyes. The etching can become with four ways:

With solution of arid chloride iron in proportion 1:2 in water

With solution of chloride iron in proportion 1:1 in water

With solution of hythio salt of ammonia in proportion 4:10 in water in temperature 40 I C

With solution hydrochloric acid (2 parts) peroxide of hydrogen (perintrol 1 part) and water (4 parts)

Attention: the solution emit dangerous steams for the eyes but also for the breathing. For this reason the etching it is essential to become in open space (courtyard etc.) and never in underground or in space without good ventilation. Sure even if slow method is second. It presents the disadvantage however that where it falls this solution soils and does not leave with nothing or rather up to recently did not clean with nothing because henceforth exists in the market her dust company Bungard that will save your beloved shirt from his transformation in duster. Independent from this it is good you wear the old clothes and you avoid is poured the solution in the floor or in your skin. All the above materials you can him find in any shop of chemical products. Certain perhaps him you find also in shops electronic.


It specifically becomes with drills that accept small drills 0, 5 - 3 mms. In the practice are used drills 0,8 mms for the IC completed and drivers of elements, drills 1 mm for pins big elements, 1,2 -1,3 for pins, 1,5 for relay, switches etc and 3 mms for holes of support pcb. For better results, you can use special base of support in order to centered better the apertures. Also you can use special power supply that has the possibility of regulation turn drill but also his her force. PCB Fabrication
PCB Resource Center
An experienced PCB fabrication resource is a key building block for your electronics products. With Sanmina-SCI you get a single EMS provider dedicated to providing better manufacturability and collaboration. By relying on our global infrastructure and technical know-how, manufacturing your product with high quality standards, yet cost effectively, is no longer a challenge.

Whether you need 100 or 100,000 multilayer PCBs, we're right there to do the job and earn your trust. We have the expertise, technology, reputation and geography to ensure cost savings and increase time-to-market.

Our broad range of PCB fabrication options include:

Up to 60 layers
Board thickness from 0.015」 to 0.500」
Copper weight from 12 microns (3/8 oz.) to 343 Microns (10 oz.)
Aspect ratios over 20:1
Panel sizes up to 31」 x 52」
Large form factor and high-aspect ratio backplanes
Microvia laser and high-density interconnect (HDI) technologies
Embedded passives (ZBC?, Buried Capacitance?, Annular Buried Resistance technologies)
High-performance materials and composites
Signal-integrity modeling
High-speed 10Gps leadership through innovative engineering
Innovation. Deep technology. More than 20 PCB patents. Quality. Global footprint. Top-tier customers. As one of the world’s leading EMS providers, we offer intelligent solutions and work closely with you to raise the quality of your products while lowering cost.

Sanmina-SCI PCB Technologies
Buried Capacitance?
With the continuous trend to smaller feature sizes and faster signal speeds, embedded passives are becoming more cost-effective solutions for improved signal integrity.PCB Fabrication
DDi’s industry-leading engineering teams can mobilize your successful project to meet your time-sensitive requirements utilizing multiple facilities outfitted with advanced equipment and technologies. Whether you have short-term delivery needs or are looking for a repeatable, high-volume manufacturing process, DDi can scale services to meet your project parameters.

Our recent acquisition of Sovereign Circuits strengthens our product offering by focusing on the military, aerospace and high-durability commercial markets offering rigid, flex and rigid-flex products and specialized technologies.

We engineer and manufacture highly complex, technologically advanced multi-layer printed circuit board prototypes on a quick-turn basis. Our advanced development and manufacturing technologies facilitate production with delivery times ranging from 24 hours to 10 days.

Additionally, we offer quick-turn pre-production fabrication services to our customers when they introduce products to the market and require larger quantities of PCBs in a short period of time. Our pre-production services typically include manufactures of 500 and money on a re-spin.

ISO 9001:2000 Certification of the company Quality Management System covers fabrication, assembly, and other electronics manufacturing services (EMS) that the company offers to its clients. We continuously strive to comply and exceed the standard, train our employees, and improve our processes for the benefit of our clients.PCB Fabrication
Midlands UK Printed Circuit Board PCB Fabrication, Printed Circuit Board Manufacture
>>More on our Printed Circuit Board Production services
>>Why Choose Clarydon from all the Printed Circuit Manufacturers?
>>More on our UK PCB Fabricator Company
>>PCB Prototypes UK, PCB Etchant Prototyping
>>PCB Manufacturing UK, Etch TQFP PCB, Via Impedance PCB

Clarydon Electronic Services have an excellent track record in PCB Fabrication. We are well known for the quality of our products and the reliability of our delivery times and have gained ISO9002 and UL approvals.

If you have urgent requirements our facilities allow us to respond and deliver quickly. We have the capability to produce complex or special boards and the capacity to surpass your expectations and be competitive with our charges. We excel at producing prototype printed circuit boards and the PCB Fabrication of them in Small and Medium volumes and large quantity pre production and production quantities. Lead times are flexible to your needs and compatible with forward ordering systems, JIT and MRP. We also offer Subcontract Printed Circuit Board Assembly. PCB Router Cutting Distances highly accurate. We have a indepth knowledge of Printed Circuit Board Material Properties.

Capability Standard
Board types Multilayer up to 24 Layers
Board Profiling
CNC Rout
CNC Score
Pierce Blank & Return

Minimum Trace width 4 thou
Minimum Track Width to feature spacing 4 thou
Smallest drilled hole 0.3mm
Material Thickness 0.35mm-6.4mm
Copper Thickness Up to 6 oz Cu
Max board size 560 mm x 420mm
Standard Surface finish Hot Air Solder Level
Alternative finishes
Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold
Electroless Tin Lead
Organic ( OSP )
Hard Gold ( edge contact )

Bare Board Test
Bed of Nails
Simultaneous double-sided flying probe test

Solder mask Photoimageable Resist with a wide range of colours.
Gold plate Edge connectors Touch Pads Online Services PCB Design PCB Fabrication PCB Assembly PCB Materials

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Hunter Technology's extensive PCB engineering experience can help compress the development cycle of your product, enhance performance, and reduce cost. We build at three facilities focused on: High Technology, Low to Mid Technology, and Military.

Fabrication Services
?Quick Turnaround; 24 Hours to 3 Days Based on Complexity
?nbsp;Thermal Management Solutions
?Valor Genesis Design Rule Check (DRC)
?Gerber to CAD Netlist Comparison
?Prototype to Production Quantities and Virtual Manufacturing
?Net List Testing: Flying Probe and Bed of Nails
?TDR Testing for Impedance: Single Ended & Differential Pairs
?Engineering Support Services for Impedance Modeling, SI, and Fabrication
?Design Rules
?Layer Stack-Up and Special Materials Consulting
?nbsp;Large Format Custom Backplanes

?2 to 44 Layers
?Impedance Modeling and Layer Stack Up Generation
?Controlled Impedance: Zo, Zd and Rambus
?Trace Widths Down to 3 mils, Spacing Down to 3 mils
?Blind & Buried Vias and Microvias
?Materials: FR4, STABLCOR, Teflon, BI, BT, Polyimide, Duroid, Thermount,
Rogers (All Materials),
?High Temp Epoxy, and Low Loss Epoxy (FR408, N4000-13 & -13SI, N6000SI)
?Composite Boards: High Speed Material (Teflon)/ FR4 Combined Materials
?Gold Body (Hard and Wire Bondable), Ni/Pd/Au, Entek, HASL Surface Finishes
?BGA, Micro BGA, COB, SMT, PTH, & Edge Plating
?Heatsinks, Metal Core, Cu/In/Cu, Cu/Mo/Cu

?ISO 9001 and 9002 Certified
?Mil-PRF-55110 G Certified
?UL Certified You are here:
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Printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication services design and fabricate circuit boards. They differ from electronic manufacturing services, which populate and assemble boards. Although capabilities vary from supplier to supplier, printed circuit board fabrication services perform activities such as PCB design and layout, prototyping and production, and testing and evaluation. Some PCB fabrication services offer just-in-time capabilities. Others specialize in single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, or flexible boards. Board components are mounted with either through-hole technology (THT) or surface mount technology (SMT).

Design and layout services include component selection as well as layout and manufacturing techniques. Layout includes setting the footprints or pads, where the parts will be soldered to the board. Supplier may also be capable of creating Gerber Files; the file set that fabrication companies typically require in order to proceed with the process of physically creating your boards. Also included is the needed fabrication and assembly drawings showing the board

services offer just-in-time capabilities. Others specialize in single-sided, double-sided, multi-layer, or flexible boards. Board components are mounted with either through-hole technology (THT) or surface mount technology (SMT).

Design and layout services include component selection as well as layout and manufacturing techniques. Layout includes setting the footprints or pads, where the parts will be soldered to the board. Supplier may also be capable of creating Gerber Files; the file set that fabrication companies typically require in order to proceed with the process of physically creating your boards. Also included is the needed fabrication and assembly drawings showing the board dimensions, hole sizes, board thickness, multi-layer stack-up and parts placement. Supplier may also be able to assist in upgrading or redesigning, re-evaluating or modernizing existing board layout to increase performance and/or reduce manufacturing costs. A supplier capable of prototype quantities has capability for quick prototyping and small run board production for testing prior to bulk manufacturing. Suppliers often offer very rapid turnaround. A supplier with production quantities service has equipment, staff, materials etc. necessary for large production runs of PCBs. A supplier that has testing and evaluation has quality assurance or test processes are in place to ensure quality on all manufactured or assembled boards. In some cases, suppliers also provide quality / testing documentation and/or testing services for other components / parts. A supplier offering PCB assembly has staff, equipment, materials etc. on hand to assemble components to boards. Just-In-Time manufacturing capability of PCB boards in order to reduce need for inventory maintenance.

Quality requirements met by suppliers of printed circuit board (PCB) services include CE, CSA, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, MIL-SPEC / STD, and UL. The CE-marking is a regulatory community sign that has to be obligatorily affixed on industrial products conforming to European Union standards. However, the CE-mark is not yet a quality mark. The CSA Mark may appear alone or with indicators. If it appears alone, it means that the product is certified for the Canadian market, to the applicable Canadian standards. If this Mark appears with the indicator "C and US" or "NRTL/C" it means that the product is certified for both the U.S. and Canadian markets, to the applicable U.S. and Canadian standards. In 1987, International Standards Organization (ISO) 9000 standards were developed to ensure that companies' products and services have consistent, documented approaches that meet the European community's quality requirements. ISO 9001 sets out the requirements for an organization whose business processes range all the way from design and development, to production, installation and servicing. ISO 9002 is for an organization, which does not carry out design and development. It does not include the design control requirements of ISO 9001 - otherwise, its requirements are identical. Some suppliers may be capable of manufacturing boards that meet MIL-SPECs or MIL-STDs. UL Marks are used only on component parts that are part of a larger product or system. These components may have restrictions on their performance or may be incomplete in construction. Products intended for Canada carry the Recognized Component Mark "C."


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