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Harry Liu

Phone Number: +86 755 26691609

FAX Number: +86 755 26520869


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QQ: 443645591 (the Chinese MSN, download from: http://www.imqq.com/?lang=1033 )

Overseas Sales Office: ShenNan Huayuan B-8A,Kexing Rd., Hi-Tech Zone,Nanshan,Shenzhen,China
postcode: 518057



PCBSINO Headquarters // Market Department: ShenNan Huayuan B-8A,Kexing Rd., Hi-Tech Zone, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China

phone Number: +86 755 26691609-801

FAX Number: +86 755 26520869


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Assembly Factory Address information:

PCBSINO (Shenzhen) YISI Assembly Factrory:
Longbi Industry Park 11# Building,4th floor,Jihua Rd., Bantian,Shenzhen, China;