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PCBSINO China Component department is an independent electronic distributors worldwide. We stock thousands of Electronic Components, Semiconductors, Military Components, Integrated Circuits (ICs), Transistors & Capacitors. We also sell connectors, switches, relays, CPU's & hard drives. In addition, PCBSINO also buys excess stock and surplus stock from national/international companies.
PCBSINO professional in hard to find, long lead time and obsolete electronic components. our engineer is familiar with sourcing and purchasing processes.
Our fulfillment partner is ISO9001:2008 Certified industry leader with outstanding sales, customer service and quality control. Anything less than quality parts and excellent service is not an option.


through hole, 1/6W,1/4W,1W,2W..
through hole, 16V-1000V
A,B,C,D,E ...type
through hole,
Flash stock, flashstore,Original
kinds of...
low cost, stock, short lead time
male or female
Chinese brand or other brand
low cost, stock, short lead time
Cable assembly,
Customer order:
Base on customer order, like AV cable, USB cable..
Very low cost, High quality

Other Series about Resistors 431 8/1W.16/1W 0
Other Series about Resistors 503 0 Negotiated
High precision Chip resistors1206 1206 549RD 0.50
1/8W 1/8W Carbon Film Resistors RC0868K0JT 0
Metal Film Resistor MRS-25-2.74KΩ, PHILIPS 0
SMD 0805-180Ω,?- YAGEO 0 Negotiated 0
A-Type 9Pins 1/8W SIP Resistor Networks RAA09332G
7W Wirewound Resistors Flame-Proof RSS-7W-10KJ
A-Type 10Pins 1/8W SIP Resistor RAA10221G 0
0805 Chip Resistors-Thick Film 0805-4.99KΩ,?- Y
Metal Film Resistor RM04100KFT 0 Negotiated 0
0805 100RD 0.50- CASH SALE 13316811000 0 Negoti
Other Series about Resistors 2K 1206 0 Negotia
3W Multi Precision Potentiometer WXD4-23-10KΩ,
0402 Chip Resistors-Thick Film RC0402FR-0724R YA
0603 Chip Resistors-Thick Film WR06X4022FT WALSI
10W Cement Resistors RS10W330E00JQP LIKET 0 Ne
Thick Film Chip Resistor Networks YCN16-4101J SY
1/2W Carbon Film Resistors RC0212K0JT LIKET 0
B-Type 10Pins 0.2W SIP Resistor Networks RAB10473
PCB Mounting Carbon B2MΩ,-16KN-1/4W 0 Negot
Metal Film Resistor RM0463K4FT 0 Negotiated 0
Other Series about Resistors 130K 1206 0 Negot
Other Series about Resistors 220K 1206 0 Negot
Metal Film Resistor MRS-25-2KΩ, PHILIPS 0 Neg
KSS Cable Collect Tie PCT-140B 0 Negotiated 0
0805 Chip Resistors-Thick Film 0805-1KΩ,?- YAGE
KSS Cable Clamps (Paste) FC-2 0 Negotiated 0
1/4W Carbon Film Resistors RC043K00JT 0 Negot
Metal Film Resistor RM041M80FT 0 Negotiated 0
0805 Chip Resistors-Thick Film 0805-240Ω,?- YAG
Thick Film Chip Resistor Networks YCN16-4100J SY
High precision Chip resistors0805 0805 910RB 0.10
Metal Film Resistor RM0469K8FT 0 Negotiated 0
High Voltage Resistor RI80-1W-10MΩ,?- BANKER
High precision Chip resistors0603 0603 620RD 0.50
Other Series about Resistors 133K 0805 0 Negot
0805 Chip Resistors-Thick Film 0805-15KΩ,?- YAG
Multi Precision Potentiometer 1S/22HP-10G-20K Sa
Metal Film Resistor RM0456E2FT 0 Negotiated 0
Other Series about Resistors 90.9K 0603 0 Nego
Carbon Potentiometers RV24YN20S-B203 TOCOS 0 N
1/2W Carbon Film Resistors RC02160EJT LIKET 0
High precision Chip resistors0805 0805 2.4KD 0.50

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