PCBSINO Advantage:
PCBSINO Technologies was establish in 1990 in Hongkong City, and 2 years later (year 1995), it's PCBSINO (Shenzhen) YISI PCB assembly plant began production. From year 1990, PCBSINO has been, and will continues to be a market-leading supplier on PCB tmanufacturing,PCB Assembly, supplier of Electronic circuit prototyping and mass production, Turnkey Solutions. We provide unbeatable OEM/ODM customer services, convenience and engineering expertise to worldwide.

In PCBSINO, we thrive on PCB and Assembly Contract Manufacturing, PCBA Turnkey solutions . Bring us your project and we will partner with you, supporting you in reaching your goals.

PCBSINO Manufacturing line and components procurements team have many years experience, ensuring manufacturing work runs smoothly and efficiently, resulting in faster approval.

All of the pcbsino departments are designed and manufactured with great care and precision. Our customers benefit from our highly professional experience on PCB and PCBA assembly process.

PCBSINO mass production facilities can direct-ship products worldwide, ensuring that you receive your orders on time. We look forward to working with you, make what you need. Simply and Efficiently.

Electronics Engineering Expertise:
PCBSINO Engineering Department also can do many project Engineering work,,electronics hardware, software, circuit diagram,CAD services;