Rigid PCB
1 Types of Products HDL Multilayer PCB, Buried/Blind Via Board, High Frequency Board, Aluminum Base Board Flex-Rigid PCB,FPC, Teflon Board, and HDI
2 Layers 2-26(layers)
3 Max Board Size 450x660mm 18" x 26"
4 Min Board Thickness
4(layers)0.40mm 16mil
6(layers)0.80mm 32mil
8(layers)1.00mm 40mil
10(layers)1.20mm 48mil
5 Copper Clad(Max.) 6 oz(outer)/4 oz(inner)
6 Min line Width/space 0.075mm    3mil
7 Drill Size Mechanical (min) 0.20mm 8mil
8 Drill Size Laser(min) 0.10mm 4mil
9 PTH Wall Thickness 0.020mm 0.8mil
10 PTH dia tolerance ±0.075mm ±3mil
11 NPTH hole dia tolerance ±0.05mm ±2mil
12 Hole Position Deviation ±0.05mm ±2mil
13 Outline Tolerance ±0.10mm ±4mil
14 S/M Pitch 0.08mm 3mil
15 Insulation Resistance 1E+12Ω(Normal)
16 Test Voltage 50~300V
17 Aspect ratio 8:1
18 Thermal Shock 3x10Sec@288 ℃
19 Warp and Twist ≤0.7%
20 Current breakdown 10A
21 Electric Strength >1.3KV/mm
18 Peel Strength 1.4N/mm
23 Solder Mask Abrasion ≥6H
24 Flammability 94V-0
25 Impedance Control +/-10%(Differential)
26 Buried Via Yes
27 Blind Via Yes
28 HDI 2+N+2 4mil Via hole
29 Surface Finished ENIG,ImAg,ImSn,OSP,HASL
30 Materials FR-4 1, F4B ,CEM-1,CEM-3 Getek,Rogers,Aluminum Board,      High TG

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